Unexpected Spring

Why harro guys!  :D  I've been hiding for the past month or so.  It's been a rocky, bumpy, slightly un-enjoyable time, but I'm back!  And CHIPPER THAN EVER. HA. HA. HA.  (very unforced laughter)  XD  Hehe, but yep, back to regular life! ^_^  I'll try hard to make what's left of senior year something I'll cherish forevahhh!

I've also been hibernating.  See the outside world?  *points to the window*  It's gray.  It's dreary.  It's downright stay-inside-and-nurse-a-mug-of-hot-cocoa weather.  On weekends, I'll wake up, eat breakfast, glance outside, and declare it a nap day before crawling back into bed and falling asleep again! :P  But anyhow, enough rambling (do you miss my ramblings?  :)  *ramble ramble*), and on to the post!

St. Louis weather...  It's the end of March, and it's still chilly!  Just a few weeks ago, campus looked like this:

And me fumbling through the snow on the way back home was not very graceful either!  Snow!:

To sum it up, listen to the snowman I made :D

Yes.. I used a carrot for its nose, coal for its eyes and buttons, and sticks for its arms ;)

It's cooooold!


On one fine spring day (err,Spring starts on the 20th) winter day, the weather deities decided to be merciful and bestow a lovely, sunny day upon the city.  Which meant I was one happy little girl when I could WEAR SHORTS AGAIN, HAR HAR HAR!! :D:D:D  My legs felt so freeee~

Daniel asked me if I wanted to go to the STL zoo, which I thought was very random, but I was definitely happy that he's planning fun things ^_^b  

Parking was a crazy ordeal!  We ended up parking by The Muny and walking over, because cars were backed up as far as the eye could see.  Who knew Forest Park could hold so many vehicles at one time? @_@

I got to see this guy again :)  Long time no see!

Shuffle on through the viewing tunnel~  *shuffle shuffle*


And that, my friends, is how my future swimming pool will look like when I grow up.  Sea lions included.  Haha!  Just kidding~  :P  I actually think the lichen and moss on the rocks would freak me out and cause me to cry or scream every time my foot slides along their slimy surfaces D:  Ahhhh!  But I really like how blue and fresh the water looked!

And we walked along a side of the zoo that I never realized existed!  Tigers!

There were giraffes and zebras, lots of birds, and a bunch of other cute animals.  Lots of them were smelly D:  We left radiating the stink of pooh belonging to pampered animals..  Yucky!  But I'm sure *everyone's* pooh smells bad, so just enjoy the sights, right?  I can imagine more than one person face-palming at my musings over pooh ;)
Ahoy there!

It's-a-red-panda-oh-my-gawd!  ^_^  SOOO Cute!  Like a kitty~

It was Daniel's first trip to the STL Zoo, and the first time I got to see ALL of the animals :D  I'd like to say it was a successful trip :3

"V" for Victory!!

Afterwards, we ran some errands and then went to Tortillaria in Central West End for dinner.  We totally demolished the chips and salsa before our fish tacos came out.  But when we saw our fish tacos, we were quite happy!:

Fish tacos?  YAYYY!

I got 2 tacos, one original and one Baja style ^^

Daniel likes the original, but I like the Baja better!  It tastes more fishy, but I guess that taste can turn people off.  Also, we eat a lot ._.  Spying on the table beside us, I saw the people only eat half their salsa and chips and barely making a dent in their extra serving of guacamole, and then leaving a half-eaten taco and a side of refried beans.  Haha, Daniel and I are fatties~  That just means we enjoy eating! ;)

I really enjoyed the nice weather and outing with Daniel.  So fun!  Hope the sun and warmth comes back soon, this Texas girl doesn't like the cold, boo hoo hoo~  :(

A big meal after a big, fun day.  Thanks Daniel! :D

Also, I'll be posting about my spring break trip soon!  Stay tuned ^o^!

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