Dashi Panda
and about the girl behind it! :P

Life... Happiness... and Food. What's there not to like? ^_^

Hiya, I'm Wendy :D  I named my pillow pet panda "Dashi," which means "soup stock" (which has been added to everything I eat at home since forever, om nom nom~) in Japanese! He's so fluffy, tee hee~

This blog (DashiPanda) was a journal dedicated to my college years while I attended school at Washington University in St. Louis, which was apparently the most dangerous city in the United States, according to the news.  AWESOME (*actually secretly freaking out*) :P

To keep up with me, visit my new blog (WendyNom) by (clicking here).  There will be a lot less posts due to a busier schedule as a student, but it's a way my friends can keep in touch and see what I'm up to :)

For breaks, I come back home to Houston, Texas! And yes, I ride horses to school, own 3 pick up trucks (Texas edition F-150's, yo!), wear cowboy hats and boots, and live on a ranch. I say "y'all" sometimes. ;)

My family- mom, dad, and my sister Connie- spoil me like no other. In turn, I spoil the younger members of our family, our siberian husky Balto and our unknown breed but adorable Bacardi.  
I've been mistaken to be a middle school-er, and some people that I meet don't believe that I'm a college graduate. But I take that as a compliment :D Enjoying life with a happy outlook is never bad thing!