Byebye Dashi Panda!

Hey guys!  Did you think I ran off into the sunset and never came back to post?

Well, I kind of did, haha~  Just got back from spring break a few weeks ago, and I spent it in the sunny happiness called California.  I went on the beach for maybe two hours, and now I have a shorts tan already =_____________=  Durr, NOOOO.

Anyways, you know how I kept talking about that new blog I never seemed to actually be working on?  Well, I finally decided to switch to a Tumblr platform.  It requires less typing and time, haha~  Let's see how this works out; you are now welcome to join me while I adjust and venture out into the next stage of my life!  Thanks Dashi Panda for serving as such a nice space for my college musings.  I'll miss you :')

See you after the jump!

shadowrote said...

oh no, so this will be left out forever? :( see you on tumblr then

Wendy said...

Hi! Sorry for the hiatus-- but I will be coming back to Blogger, but it will be called something other than DashiPanda :D