And so it begins

First off, I'd like to show you an ad that I thought was really nice:
"What makes Dad so cool?  He's the swim coach, best friend, [can't read]-maker, bike fixer and hug giver-- all rolled into one.  Or two."

This family looks so happy, don't you think?  They're not hurting anyone, yet this ad received a backlash because it featured a gay couple.  In fact, it was on national news.  *sigh*

On other news, I downloaded a program last Wednesday.  You've probably heard of it before; it's called "League of Legends."  Haha!  I played last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, but I abruptly stopped on Sunday.  Got to exercise self-control, yeah?  ;)  So far, I've only really played Ashe and like her the best.  I love her icy blue elemental abilities!  ^__^b 


Alex's order of spring rolls!

That can only mean one of two things:  1)  I went to a Vietnamese restaurant (... to buy a loaf of bread, bread, bread XD) or 2)  I made spring rolls for a potluck.  But in this case, we went to Little Saigon Cafe in Central West End for lunch on Friday!  We sat outside in the sun, and although I could feel myself tanning (Nyuuuuuu~), the meal was quite enjoyable :P

Both Alex and Jeff said that their orders were good.  In fact, Jeff even ate his mushrooms *gasp*, so I'm guessing it was *really* good, haha~  The lighting's kind of harsh, since we were directly under the sun.  Hope these pictures are okay though!

Jeff's tofu and veggies

My pork with vermicelli

The red-colored meat is apparently pork belly, but I had no idea.  I could tell the fat content was pretty high, since it was extremely juicy.  The other meat was um.. pork XD  and both were delicious!  I liked the vermicelli noodles with the sweet chili sauce, but I'm not exactly sure what I was supposed to dip into / pour the sauce onto ^^b  This was the first time I've had vermicelli noodles in a long, long time, because I got food poisoning in Houston when I ate a huge bowl of it.  ._.''  But no incident this time, so hooray!  :P

Little Saigon Cafe
10 North Euclid Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63108

An accidental creeper photo of Alex, haha!


Alex (another Alex!) has a German shepherd puppy named Annie!  She's soooo cute, but since she's in the teething phase (losing baby teeth), she bites anything and everything.  I've seen her twice, and both times I left with red bite marks on my hands and arms.  That's okay, but I just noticed one bite from the first visit is starting to scar T_T  Nooooo, don't want scars!~ 

Annie and her daddy, Alex!

I love how one of her ears are always flopped forwards and the way she romps clumsily around *heart* ^__^  She's like Balto!!  Tee hee hee~  I remember training Balto-- oh er, okay, "training," because Balto is still the most mischievous boy I know! ;)  Anyways, it's very nostalgic watching Alex and Jeff attempt to train Annie.  :)  Alex and Betty are her parents, so I guess Jeff's her uncle!  :P

Also, Betty left some blueberry muffins that looked really good:  :D  I met her at the swimming pool, and I just thought that was really coincidental and funny :)  She's so nice-- Annie's lucky to have both of them as parents!~  ^_^b

Betty's beautiful blueberry muffin


Okay, back to food! :D  Book took me grocery shopping and I got to see him driving for the first time~  :P  Hahaha, I guess it's not bad, but he has a lot to get used to.  Driving rules are different in Thailand, apparently ^^''  We dropped groceries off at my place and his place, picked up Josh, and went to Winslow's Home for dinner!  YAYYYY!!

Welcome to Winslow's Home

I've never been to Winslow's, but we pass by it every time we head to Olive.  David recommended their greens to us, and it's been a restaurant on our checklist to go to for a while.  And it was finally time to be adventurous and try it out!  :D  When we stepped in, we all paused to take in the environment.  Well, actually, Book and I stood their in awe while Josh bent down to tie a shoelace :P

It's a very quaint and country-like atmosphere.  The walls are lined with cookery and novelty items for purchase, some very random, like headphone jack splitters.  There is also a section of candy sold by the piece, which added to the "Mom and Pop" feel ^^b  The opposite wall from the entrance is split between the place where you order / open kitchen and a refrigerated section of ice cream, gelato, pies, quiches, parfaits, and all sorts of goodies made by either Winslow's or one of their farmer partners.  Ahh, the gelato came in little packages that looked so tempting to buy!!~ @___@  *drool*  Only had gelato once in my life, and it was chocolate hazelnut.  I wonder what other flavors taste like?

At first we hovered around the front, unsure if we were to be seated, but then eventually wandered towards the wall with the menu and cashier.  The menu is handwritten and their supper selection (served 5-9pm) seems to change daily.  Breakfast items like the Breakfast Sandwich that Josh ordered are available throughout the day.  I was tempted to order a Torta Bastilla off the breakfast menu (they had a plate of it up front to show you what it looked like!), but I fell for the chicken pot pie instead.  Mmmm.. pot pie...  They gave us a number and we got to choose our own seats.  Right by the window, yes!

The candle that was on our table

While we waited, we wandered around to take a look at the shop area.  All sorts of stuff!  Book showed me a set of ninja gingerbread cookies :3  Hehe~  They don't put the price tags for many of the items though, so I'm not sure how many people just pick these things off the shelf and buy them.

The server came with our food and asked if we would like a water carafe.  I was so happy-- because they had a self-serve tank of water with itty bitty cups.  :D:D:D  Yayyy water pitcher just for us, mwahaha~  The food all looked beautiful, probably because they were placed beside a bed of greens ;)

Breakfast Sandwich

Individual Chicken Pot Pie

Josh and I both ordered a chicken pot pie, and he also ordered a breakfast sandwich to accompany his meal.  When the pies came out, they were super tiny and cute, probably the size of my curled fist.  It's pretty unique, because usually chicken pot pies consist of a bowl of chicken stew topped off with a domed layer of puff pastry.  Winslow's rendition is a totally enclosed oddity.  I was wondering how they kept the liquid-y part inside until Josh and I began digging into our chicken pot pies with our forks.  

The inside has "seasonal vegetables" with chicken and the savory taste really hits the spot!  But I agree with Josh in that one of the signature components was missing-- where is the creamy goodness of chicken pot pie?  Nonetheless, it was totally delicious.  The encasing wasn't made of puff pastry, but the pie crust had this pasty denseness that I really enjoyed ^^  Om nom nom, getting hungry while typing this!~

Tadaaa!  Inside of the chicken pot pie

Book ordered a pulled pork sandwich.  I liked how the bun was so poofy, super cute :)  The chicken pot pies and pork sandwich came with a side salad that was already tossed with a vinegar and oil dressing that worked well with the slight natural bitterness of the spring mix.  ^^  Book's sandwich came with a little bowl of ranch that was supposed to go on the pulled pork.  He liked his sandwich a lot and commented that the pickles were special.  I wonder if Winslow's make their own pickles?

Pulled Pork Sandwich

While Josh and I are slow eaters (annnnd Josh had both the pie and the extra sandwich), Book gobbled up his meal in no time.  He went back to the counter for dessert.  They had an assortment of pies, cookies, and bars.  Everything looked so good!

He came back with a slice of apple pie.  The top was totally covered in another layer of crust instead of a lattice pattern, but the inside filling looked really yummy @_@  But I was too busy working on my own pie to drool about the apple pie ;)  Book said it was really good, and when I asked him if it was one of the best apple pies he's had before, he just said he can't remember.  Er.. so I guess that means it's really good, haha!

Apple pie

Winslow's Home is definitely a place you want to visit at least once.  If not for their delicious food, at least for the atmosphere!  I bet it's a great place to relax with a book and one of their coffees or to catch up on some stories with some friends.  I definitely want to come back to try that Torta Bastilla or their supper specials!

Winslow's Home
7213 Delmar Boulevard
St. Louis, MO

Josh couldn't finish half of his chicken pot pie, so we got a little box to go.  Somehow he had room for dessert though!  We went to Tutti Frutti, a new frozen yogurt shop that opened on the same street as Winslow's Home this month!  We were excited, because Anna raved about their taro flavor :3

Book entering Tutti Frutti

The outside seating was totally filled, and the inside tables were half-filled.  We went in and wandered towards the self-serve machines, and a huge line soon formed, stretching from the counter to the restrooms in the back.  The whole time we were there, the line never shortened, because more and more people kept flowing in.  Gosh, Tutti Frutti is so popular o_0

But after I sampled 4 flavors (Taro, Almond, Pistachio, and Tart), I knew why!  Their froyo is so dang delicious!~  I also enjoyed the taro flavored one the most.  But this one was "soy taro," meaning they used soy milk instead of milk.  It was extremely creamy *heart*, and also soy-based also means lactose-intolerant people can enjoy this without taking those Lactaid pills :D  

Josh is one of many waiting to gobble their desserts

If I remember correctly, Tutti Frutti sells their froyo 42 cents per ounce.  Don't quote me on that though ^^''  Gah so yummy, can't wait to go back!  They have a lot of toppings, including the usual fruit and candy bars, but nothing really out of the ordinary (like fruit tapioca or mochi).  They had 3 types of Ghirardelli sauce (white chocolate, chocolate, and caramel), which I thought looked pretty cool together.  Anyways, Tutti Frutti definitely has some unique flavors to check out, so stop by during the summer to cool down!

Tutti Frutti
7708 Delmar Boulevard
University City, MO 63130