Happy 21st, Daniel!

After going to the AC to swim, Jeff and I went to Snarfs for dinner.  It was my first time, and I was looking forward to it after watching the other Jeff (Daniel's summer apartment mate) chow down on a Snarfs sandwich with au jus!  We each had a smoothie before hand, so our 5'' sandwich was more than enough.  Mine was roast beef and provolone, pretty yum yum!  I like the crispiness of their bread :)

I accidentally deleted my Snarfs photos D: (*Edit*: Ooh, I found one!) Nyuuu~  but the sandwiches consist of a pale bread that's thinner than Subway's, and they are toasty and crisp as well as chewy.  You can add toppings like onions, tomatoes, lettuce, mustard, etc. for free.  They forgot to add mustard to mine, but it was still good ^^  Snarf's offers 5'', 7'', and 12'' subs, and I heard that their specialties (which are only available in 7'' and 12'') are terrific :D  Soups, salads, PBJ's, grilled cheeses, chips, and ice cream are available too!  

Roast beef and provolone (with tomatoes, grilled onions, and lettuce)

Snarf's Sub Shop
6301 Delmar Boulevard
St. Louis, MO 63130

Daniel's 21st birthday was on Thursday!  After eating at Snarf's, we went to Starclipper in search of a present.  I've never been inside before, and who knew that comic book stores still existed?  Really cool!  I have a set of Miyazaki films that Daniel's watching, so I when I saw a cute Totoro cell phone / key chain thingie, I thought Daniel could have his own Totoro!  :D  Hehe, and a donut eraser for Totoro to eat when he's hungry :P  Forgot to take a picture of Totoro, but I'll still be able to see him around ^^b

The day of Daniel's birthday, Anna and I prepped the fruit, and Josh came with the whipping cream and helped glaze the kiwis.  It was my first time to make fruit glaze, and I'm glad it turned out so well :)


Cake in the making

The night before, I attempted to make a fluffy Asian cake base, but I didn't have a scale, so I was guess-ti-mating how much things were in grams.  *What does 80g of flour feel like to me?~*  Haha, soooo fail!  It turned out to be a pancake, although a quite tasty one at that!  ;)  So I found a recipe which I had all the ingredients and made that.  It turned out sweet, but I left it overnight to cool and a crust formed on the outside and the insides were a little tough.  It's probably because I overmixed the batter @_@''

Daniel's fruit cake :)

Once the cake was frosted, we headed off to Drunken Fish in Central West End for Daniel's dinner.  A lot of people were there, and Anna and I snuck the cake into the restaurant and asked the waiters if they could put it in the fridge while we were eating, and they agreed.  Then we walked in and joined the rest of our friends ^^

Maryland Plaza in Central West End

Maryland Plaza has a butt-load of restaurants, and the fountain place is so pretty ^_^  The big building in the back is an expensive, luxurious condo place for people who want to live in a district full of outdoor and sophisticated dining :)

One of the courtyards we passed by

The Drunken Fish menu had so many rolls that deciding what to order was difficult @_@  I wasn't that hungry, so I ordered a salmon roll, which was simple and plain... but filling ;)  Anna realized we didn't have candles, so we walked to a nearby grocery store to buy some and a lighter.  I love walking in the evening when it's not too hot and looking at the restaurants :D  So funnnnn!

Meanwhile, our buddies were having a good time catching up with one another.  When we came back, David, Jae, Shuran, Lucy, Margaret, Daniel, Josh, and Book were all talking about League of Legends.  XD  Poor Sean, must have been waiting for Anna to come back and save him from the madness~ :P

Josh taking pictures with his phone XD

Birthday boy being goofy

It's Book!

Hehe, notice the elegant way Anna holds her wine glass :)

I tried taking a picture of the other side of the table, but the sun was going down and so the lighting was terrible... they all looked like dementors from Harry Potter @_@''  Our food came all at the same time, and by then the sun had set.  It was silly, because our waiter, Dillon, said "I hope you are enjoying your food... if you can see it."  Exactly!  We asked to light up the candles, because seeing the sushi rolls was quite difficult~ 

Salmon roll, nom nom :D

Although my parents raised me to fear raw fish, I'm starting to grow on it!  Don't think I can ever just eat sashimi by itself, but it's not as scary when it's inside my roll.  :)  After we ate, the servers took out the cake with our candles on top (they are all so nice!).  Although I failed when trying to make a fluffy Asian cake base, I thought it was really funny that the random substitute recipe turned out with a corn-bread texture.  Gritty.  Hahaha!  I should have just forgone the cake, but it's the thought that counts, right?  ;)  Good team effort cake team, Anna and Josh!  :D  I hope Daniel enjoyed his birthday evening with his friends!

Happy 21st Birthday, Daniel ^^

Drunken Fish
1 Maryland Plaza
St. Louis, MO 63108

Debra said...

The cake looks amazing!!! Like one of the professional fruit cakes you find at Asian bakeries. Hmm next time we should try going to Drunken Fish at Happy Hour instead, that's when their rolls are half off I think (but I've never gone T_T). I'm surprised so many candles can fit on the cake, it looks like it's glowing :D Cornbread cake is also tasty, yummmm . That sounds so good right now. D:

Wendy said...

Thankies ^^ Anna and Josh helped make it!~ Anna requested 21 candles on the cake, and the waiters put them on for us. :)

Oooh, yeah let's go! I'll get one of their specialty rolls, because they look prettier. But I bet Taiwan's sushi is 100x better than Drunken Fish's and much cheaper too!

Hmm.. does cornbread exist in Taiwan? I know they sell the little cookie/bread street snack things in the shape of ears of corn! :D

Debra said...

Hm... I'm pretty sure sushi rolls are an American invention. x.x Taiwan's Japanese food is more "legit" (er... I may have no idea what I'm talking about) but at Japanese places I usually get eel on rice. ^^ That's definitely a lot cheaper here than in the US! Here is was about $10 but in the US I know it's always around $18, which is such a ripoff.

I've never seen these ears of corn cookies, but either Taiwan doesn't have cornbread or they only exist in "American style" restaurants, which I haven't been to yet. :/

Can't wait until you get hereeeee!!!

Wendy said...

Me too :) But it's pretty quick-- already almost July!