Chuga chuga choo choo~

I’m currently working on putting together pictures from my recent trip to Chicago (first time everrr!).  My last week at lab for the summer is this week, so I’ve also been working on a presentation I’m giving on Wednesday, so it’s been taking a while to update the blog~  Afterwards, get ready for a vicarious walk through Michigan Avenue in Chicago in my next post!  :D

When I found out we were planning to Chicago, I think I was like this! 

Haha!  This is when I went to Local Harvest Cafe (LHC) with Betty, Alex, and Jeff.  I don't know why I was trying to attack Jeff, but he must have said something really funny :P  Also something random, I like pork chops a lot!  I think the first time I had pork chop as a huge slab of meat (and not cut up) was in college, maybe even this summer!

That one piece of pork chop is usually more meat than I eat in a week or two @_@'' so much... I realized that I'm nearly a vegetarian, haha~  :P

Okay, time to work on that presentation ^_^b!