HAHAHA!  Omgah, I never ever say "lol," but I have to put it here XD  Do you remember the goofy picture my sister and I took last winter?  It made it onto Smosh!!  :D  We're under "18 Creepy People Looking Directly into the Camera!!!"  XD  Thank goodness it wasn't a solo picture of me trying to be regular-- that would have really crushed my self esteem.  Haha, oh dear, Connie and I are world-famous now ;)

people looking directly into the camera
Hee hee hee! >:D


Okay now to go on to more "regular things"~  Food!  I made a strawberry and cream pie for the potluck on Saturday, but I only managed to snap one picture in the faltering daylight:

While the pie is cooling :)

The next day, I wanted to use up the ingredients, so I made a strawberry banana pie!  I used a cake pan instead of a pie pan so I could stuff more things into the pie, and it ended up looking like a deep dish pizza with sausage on top XD  I liked the taste of this one though ^^  Bananas always make things taste yummy!

Today was my first time to make Thai food!  I attempted to make Pad See Ew.  There were no fresh rice noodles at the store, so I used dried ones instead.  They were surprisingly soft once I soaked and blanched them!  @_@  And so good when cooked with the soy sauce + oyster sauce + vinegar + sugar sauce!

I used Book's leftover chicken as the meat, added in a scrambled egg, and cooked it with some Chinese broccoli.  I was really proud with the end result!  Getting more confident about cooking ^^b

Also, which plate do you think works better with pad see ew?  An Asian bowl or a big plate that I think would work well with spaghetti and meatballs?

I couldn't decide, so I just put both up here XD    Yay!  I can make noodles now *nod nod*  (9^.^)9  Okay, I just wanted to write a quick post because I noticed we were featured on Smosh (tee hee!), but I promise a *super long* post is coming up about a new cuisine I've never tried before, an afternoon with sea lions, and a pretty well-known French restaurant! :D

sworly said...

making it onto smosh is quite... awesome? haha

happy independence day~

Wendy said...

Haha, I'm not sure if it's a good thing or not ;) Thanks though! I hope you had a great July 4th too :D