Taiwan 2012: Day 4 (Meeting Dad and home-cooked dinner)

It's been a while since my last Taiwan post, yeah?  :)  So let's start back up with a normal, not too eventful day~ 

In Taiwan, if you order toast, you don't get a choice between white and wheat-- they only serve you a thick slice of milky white bread.  And I absolutely love getting it with the milky butter spread (奶酥), which gets crispy and extremely aromatic when toasted.  I got this a lot at a nearby bubble tea place in Houston, but the toast wasn't anywhere near as delicious!

Yes, today *is* a happy day.  Do you see the butter soaked into the bread?!  SO YUMMY NOM NOM

The cup of soymilk on the side helped wash the toast down.  Oh, so good!  Why I no have in St. Louis?!

After a lazy morning of sluggishly rolling around the house, it was time to go to the shopping area to meet up with my dad, who was just coming back from Kaohsiung (okay, no idea how Taiwanese pinying works... Gaoxiong is how it is with Chinese pinying!).  We met him at the bus stop, and being typical, my family decided to go to the nearby food court to eat lunch.  Haha!

I think I get my "menu anxiety" (no idea what to order when I sit down at the restaurant and take 29832 hours to decide) from my parents.  All of us walked around the food court three times, and everyone kept asking, "What are you going to get?"  haha!  XD  Finally we all decided on something~  Appetizers first!

Tofu strips with seaweed 

Cucumber salad with tofu noodles

Parents waiting for food!  My dad's talking about his trip~

My sister's Japanese combo with agedashi tofu and some type of rice dish (tonkatsu?)

Homestyle tofu with veggies and an egg combo for me~

Mom, Dad, and Connie enjoying a meal.  LOOK HOW MASSIVE MY TRAY IS! XD

Wow, my hair was so long (not compared to Connie's though)!  It looked like beetle pincers *pinch pinch* :P

My parents had enough excitement for the day, so they left for home.  Meanwhile, I dragged my sister around the shopping areas to browse, window shop, and flip through clothing.  Fun, fun, fun!  We visited a few bookstores that sold stationery and electronics too :D  Whee!  I love window shopping, because it doesn't even feel like exercising, and you get to see so many people, things, and concepts, as well as take in the sounds of talking and traffic and the aroma of fried street snacks or freshly baked breads from the bakeries ^_^

We got back in the evening, right in time for dinner (why are we always eating? @_@)  :D  Our oldest aunt and grandma were preparing dinner, and dinner with family in Taiwan is very different from dinner with family in the US.  With my parents, we cook up 1 or 2 dishes to go with our rice (albeit veryyyy delish dishes!), but in Taiwan, the table will be overflowing with different types of dishes!!  The amount for each dish is obviously less, but it's so colorful :O  Haha, I'm not used to having so many choices, because even after just sampling all of them, I feel like I'm ready to fall into food coma.

Auntie cooking up some greens, YESSSS

So many types of food @_@

Also, it's pretty funny, because I noticed that which end of the table you sit at determines which foods you get to eat, unless you ask the people on the other side to grab you something XD  Hehe!

After dinner, mom and I walked to 7-11 to grab something (I think yogurt for breakfast the next morning!), and on our way, there was a man selling birds near a food stall.  There were parrots and cockatoos!  So cute!  I wonder if they speak Chinese instead of English.  "Polly want a cracker" in Chinese sounds like "Polly yao chi bing gan," hehe~  so not used to that!

Lots of different types of birds!  I wonder if it's hard to make a business?