Three cities in a week

Welcome to my story of three cities.  Not two cities, because then that would just be launching into the opening of The Tale of Two Cities... it was the best of times, it was the worst of ti-- Oh gawd.  Haha!  

First stop!  St. Louis!  Where?  Dewey's Pizza on Delmar.  Dewey's makes their own crust and you can order their pizzas half with one item and half with another variety!  We got half "Green Lantern" (mozzarella, mushrooms, artichokes, pesto, and goat cheese) and half of the seasonal special which was inspired by the philly cheese-steaks~ :3

Bright and airy!  Filled up quickly when it hit noon

Dewey's makes their own pizza dough!  It's light and airy (just like their interior, har har)!

You get to watch the workers make your pizza!  This one's most likely ours :)

It reminds me of a life-size Lunchables pizza kit *heart* :P

Don't mind the kid in the background, just looks at the pizza!

I liked the Green Lantern better than the philly cheesesteak one.  I guess I was craving vegetables!  ^_^''  I like my pizzas loaded... and I mean LOADED with vegetables :)  What makes Dewey's stand out (other than being pretty and having interesting / half-half options) is that the crust is really unique, not dense.  Although it's thinner than the usual crusts, it's not a crispy flatcrust crust.  You just have to try it- I'm bad with words ;)

Dewey's Pizza
559 North and South Road 
University City, MO 63130


Hey, hey!  Look who it is!

It's Derek!! :D

That's right, and we're having Yumilicious frozen yogurt in Dallas.  What's that?  Did I hear a huhhh?  I apparated there for the weekend... *pop!* ;)  No idea what I'm talking about?  Go grab yourself a Harry Potter book, asaps. :)  Anyways, Derek picked me up from the airport after 9pm, and we went to have froyo.  Haha!  :P

Pastel-colored mochi!

Sooooo, I'm usually a froyo purist.  Unless I'm eating froyo for a meal, I like my desserts sweet and simple.  But then again, since when is dessert *not* sweet?  So.. Um.. I like them simple ^_^"'  Usually, I skip the topping line completely, but since Derek swore by mochi thingies, he piled them on top of the cup we were sharing.  Thannnk goodness we were sharing, or else I'd probably end up eating a gallon of the stuff myself.  Mochi on froyo is indeed delicious! :D  

There were quite a lot of people there for being almost 10pm (or past 10pm?  I don't remember), but Derek said that this place was even better than the Pinkberry across the street!  There were a lot of toppings, including pomegranate seeds!  Must have been a hassle trying to take them out of the fruit, haha~  Condensed milk was also offered (which Derek squirted on, and which I have no idea why you would want condensed milk on top of yogurt XD) They had an interesting flavor called Mango Habanero, which was sweet and creamy, but at the same time... spicy.  @_@  So weird!  Pretty good!  But I don't like when my froyo bites at me.  It's supposed to go down smoothly with a smile :D

If I visit Dallas in the future, I'm definitely visiting Yumilicious again!  They even have... FREE WATER on the side!!  O_O  *ten thumbs up*  haha~

3800 McKinney Ave
Ste 160

DallasTX 75204

Donuts!!  omgahhhh *drool*

I like donuts.  Do you?  Actually, you don't even have to answer that.  Because EVERYONE likes donuts.  And also because you'd be talking to your computer / phone screen, and I won't be able to hear you anyways (unless you comment *nudge nudge ;P)!

Welcome back to St. Louis!  These donuts are in the bakery case at Schnuck's grocery store.  Every time I go to shop, I *have* to stop by the donuts and cookie section-- makes me happy every time I see a sugar frosted sweet :)  Kind of reminds me of when my parents used to buy one for me every time I went shopping with them.  I'm not sure if it was just them spoiling me or them bribing me to go with them shopping, but good memories!  Maybe that's why I like grocery shopping a lot now-- conditioning~ :P

Rilakkuma bear says hi hi :D

He also has a secret.  If you open him up (don't worry, not surgically of course!   He's a bento / lunchbox!), you'll find BABIES.  AHHHHH!!  Male pregnancy?  Nope, haha~  It was Jeff's birthday, and during the summer I remember us talking about bento boxes and how they were soooo cute.  We both said it'd be awesome if someone ever made us one, so I attempted to give him a bit of awesome by making him one a few months later on his birthday.

Now that I think about it... this is a pretty light lunch for Jeff XD

Baby panda bears and bunny! 

The pandas are just rice balls with seasoning with nori eye/ear/mouths, and the bunny is actually a hard boiled egg!  They're resting on a spring mix salad with carrot flowers :D

And below that compartment is a giraffe hiding in fruit!  The giraffe is a toothpick, hehe~  So cute :3  And I have the hardest time peeling oranges!  I bought 5 oranges to prepare for the bento, and I peeled 3 of them so badly that I ended up eating them myself... not that I minded of course! XD  I was just getting worried that Jeff wouldn't have any oranges to eat, haha!


Hungry?  Yeah... well, I am.  And I just finished my bowl of canned soup for lunch.  Canned soup is *so* good, you just don't know, so don't judge!  :)  I'm also very lazy to cook sometimes.  So a picture to chase away any growing appetites you have!  

A worm!

Hurhh?  Yes, a worm.  (Why am I talking to myself super often in this post...)  This worm was hanging by a thread from a tree, and I baaaarely missed walking into it.  Daniel pulled it out of the air, and I forced him to keep holding it until I got a non-blurry picture.  Sooo funny, because it was getting closer to his hand and he was freaking out XD

Now with your appetites whetted or chased away, now we can go back to looking at food again-- yay!  My favorite ^^  Having heard about Pickle's Deli in Central West End quite often, I finally got to go there for lunch :D

Daniel and I did our usual order and split, so we both had half a philly cheesesteak and half a reuben with corned beef.  Their pickle spears aren't that sour, which made them taste really crisp and fresh! 

This is a cheesesteak sandwich.

This is a corned beef reuben sandwich on marbled rye.

This is what I ended up demolishing.

Simple sentences make me sound retarded.  I think they are very hard to use.  But they are the *only* sentences I am using for my research poster.  That means I think my research poster makes me sound retarded.

Haha!  Anyways, I really like marbled rye bread.  I'm not sure if it's just the mental influence, where the swirl of the bread just makes me all giddy or if it actually tastes better... probably the first. ;)  Both Daniel and I agreed my reuben tasted better, although the cheesesteak was SUPER meaty and flavorful too!

Oh yeah, the big sandwiches were made quickly, and the deli was so popular that the line stretched out the door while we were eating!  Lots of people from the medical center were eating lunch there.  Super yummy!

Pickles Deli
22 North Euclid Avenue #105
St. Louis, MO 63108

There was a doggie waiting for his owner outside!  He looks like Bao Bao, but a much fitter version ^^''

Little guy just chilling by Einstein Bros ^^

Unknowingly situated in the onslaught of a wave of people

So stoic!  He just sat there as everyone walked by him, so cute :D


and then a few seconds later, he morphed into this! O_O

AHH!!  What's going on?  Hehe, nah, this is Balto, my husky, back in Houston!  I went back to Houston last weekend for three days :)  And as usual, I always hang out with my doggies in the back for just a bit.

which makes them HAPPY! :D:D:D

No worries, this is a toy, haha!

Bacardi is so cute, very handsome (yes... handsome.  I mean, it's a *mustache*!)

Durr hurr hurr XD

Lion King?

I think it's funny when all three of us lay on the grass and start falling asleep.  It's like I have a brother and a sister to play with, and we can never fight with one another XD  Well, Bacardi and Balto fight often, but I can't really do anything except run towards them to initiate a game of tag ^_^  Aww they are so cutie cute cute *mushy baby talk here*. :D

Oh, and I woke up early one morning, so here's just a random park in my neighborhood :)

If I'm in Houston, I go see the whole family!  So it was lunch with Connie with Mom and Dad at Hokkaido.  I think it's the usual place we go to now, hehe~  I feel like I eat the most out of my family.  Actually, I KNOW I eat the most =_=''  So we ordered a side of grilled saba fish for each of the four of us.  Then we shared grilled squid.  My parents and my sister then shared two sushi rolls, while I had the bento special of the day (omgah, I love salmon *hugs a slimy fish*)!  Granted, I don't like tempura, so that was given away, and everyone tried a bit of everything in the bento, but I still felt like a piggie :P

But oh my gawd, I love fish!  And grilled saba is the bomb!~~

Saba fish grilled to crispy perfection with a salted and juicy meat :3

Pretty sushi rolls that the three of them shared.  So artistic :D


Guess where I am?~~

Back to St. Louis!  Now WHERE AM I IN ST. LOUIS, EHHHH??  I'll give you a few hints.  

Hint #1:  Here is a look at the counter by cashier.  Therefore, this is food-related (haha, worst hint ever!).

Hint #2:  Here is the logo reflected off the window behind Daniel

Hint #3:  I'm concentrating *really* hard on something

Did you guess it?  It's Tutti Frutti!  Omgah, yes!

That was my dinner Tuesday night after my exam.  It's taro, banana, and pumpkin frozen yogurt topped with cookie dough, cheesecake bits, brownie cubes, and chopped Reese's cups.  And it's DELICIOUS.  Oh yeah, there are blueberries in there, but I've decided I don't like fruit in my froyo :P

While I was piling on the goods, I joked with Daniel that this was probably not the healthiest dinner I could have.  The owner heard me and said, "Well, actually, most of our flavors are only 30 to 40 calories each, so it's actually healthy!"  I glanced down at the spoonful of chocolatey, peanut buttery Reese's cups I was about to dump into my quickly growing tower of dessert and checked myself before I started laughing at the absurd idea that I was eating something healthy XD  Yes, froyo is healthier than ice cream, and definitely healthier than frozen custard, but I'm dumping candy into it too, haha! *heart*  Instead I replied with something also true, "Ooooh, wow, that's awesome!  I love frozen yogurt!"

HEALTHY?!??  Hehehehe... that means I can get *more*, right?  *evil grin* >:D

Okay, well maybe Daniel's froyo could be considered healthy.  It has more fruit!

We actually stopped by Tutti Frutti again last night, but they switched out their taro and banana flavors for pina colada and tropical sorbet.  I was stunned-- no taro??? My life!  My love!  My-- but then the manager quickly told me, before I almost hurled myself out the glass window onto the sidewalk one inch below floor level, that their supplies were later and that taro would be back around Tuesday before.  Haha, so yay!  Tutti Frutti is still my favorite froyo place!  I think without the taro flavor, I might visit Chill more often ^_^''

Also, if you show your student ID on Wednesdays, you get 20% off!  Otherwise, students from WashU can nab a 15% discount with their ID any day of the week!  More excuse to grab froyo *heart*  :3