Hip hip hooray! :D

I'm sick, I'm sore, I'm dizzy, but I'm one delighted little girl :)  Why?

I'm going to medical school!! :D

Yesterday was the first day of "pre-match offers" for the Texas medical school system, and I received admission email letters starting at midnight (when I was snoozing in dreamland).  When I was slurping on cereal and milk and checking my email in the morning, I spotted the two letters in my inbox that I wanted to see the most.  A flurry of spontaneous jumping around in my room ensued ^___^'

I told my parents and they're happy for me (yayyy :D), and I felt pretty good when they told my extended family in Taiwan.  They must be proud of me -^^-  My aunt and cousin sent emails of congratulations to the first family member not going into business (or chemistry and engineering as my parents).  Haha, I kind of think it's silly to feel giddy, since I haven't even had my first medical school class, but I'm still happy anyways  :')

Now it's time for me to decide if I feel healthy enough to go to class today or skip (it'll be my second time to skip class if I do D:).  I think it has something to do with not eating veggies for the past week, haha~  Or the fact that I was running in cold rain and cold wind moving stuff on Sunday for a while and got the chills :(  Ugghh, don't feel like getting out of bed... *wendy slug*

Also, I'm so spoiled... in more ways than one ^^b