Venturing out for fish, donuts, cupcakes, and burgers

Wheww... lots of stuff happening / has happened this month!  @__@

From the title, it sounds like a mishmash of random stuff-- not too appetizing put together :P

I'll briefly rush through it with you :)

Overly plush and humorously stuffy (to me) interior of Bristol Seafood Grill

... so many random mirrors that I got lost finding my way back to the table from the restrooms (which had a living room inside :O)!

Waiters walk around with a tray of complimentary freshly baked biscuits to go with softened butter. Yummy! 

Their specialty:  Crabcakes.  98% crabmeat + 2% bread crumbs to hold it together.

Served with creole remoulade and mango mayonaisse + apple root slaw.

I highly recommend this if you like crab.  There's not a huge flavor punch, but it's like *pow*!  Crab! :P

King Salmon, green beans, and lobster mac 'n cheese

Grouper, brussel sprouts, and lobster mac 'n cheese

Closer look at the grouper and sprouts

The mac n' cheese looked really yellow, but it only had an extremely light cheese flavor.

Lobster was prominent, and the macaroni was pretty good in general ^^b

I thought it's pretty fun to explore and find places like this, since we felt really out of place as everyone was much older, and the host was wearing a full tux :P  The food was delish and our waiter was soooo friendly and suave, haha :D  Definitely recommend checking Bristol's out! ^^

Bristol Seafood Grill
11801 Olive Blvd
Creve CoeurMO 63141


...  o_o

... o___o

Welcome to Jon Donut!

Although this place looks strange,

I really looooove their donuts :D

They're known for their apple fritters!

And of course I had to try them (plus a few more, hehe)

No worries, didn't eat the whole box-- I bought some for Daniel and the girls back at home base :)

Daniel's donut of choice:  Original glazed.  Boring... ;)

But he said it was *so good*!

My apple fritter was probably 29384293 times better-- SUCH A HAPPY TIME IN MY MOUTH @_@

Daniel was laughing at me because I was so happy and acting like child (and that's different than normal? ;P)

Peanut, coconut, and an apple fritter to go~

Based on my experimental observations (which is looking into the box every time I go into the kitchen XD), the girls liked the coconut donut the most, then the apple fritter, then the peanut.  Anna loved the apple fritter, although Elaine said it was way too sweet!  I tried a bit of the peanut and coconut, and I like the apple fritter better.  But I also like glazed / frosted donuts more than donuts with actual toppings on them ^^

Jon Donut's owner is super nice :D  And although the donuts weren't labeled (nooooo), they were muy delicioso!~  The shop with its bright yellow sign is located in a semi-sketchy area, but the place is friendly.  I will definitely go for another donut run in the future... but I don't know which donut I would choose, because I would want to pick the apple fritter! D:

Ooh, and I am so proud of myself.  I am a new Yelper (whoo hoo!  Will probably not be too active-- I like reading and uploading photos more than reviewing :P), and I posted the store hours to be reviewed by Yelp staff.  They've been verified, so here's the official (very weird) opening hours of John Donut!

Mon-Wed 11 pm - 12 am
Tue-Thu 12 am - 12 pm
Thu-Fri 11 pm - 12 pm

John Donut Co
1618 S Broadway
Saint LouisMO 63104

Oh no's!  I said I would make this a fast and furious post, right?  Eeeep, okay let's stick to that :)

We found this nearby!  More about this in the future (hopefully ^^'')

I made lemon bars for the gals and the guys :D

Except I used jumbo eggs instead of large, and they turned out more solidified than soft and sticky than I would like.  I still liked them though!  I think I ate 1/5 of the pan XD

Boxed up for friends :)

Jilly's Cupcake Bar!  Huh?  It's not a cupcake, but it is a sample of their brunch offerings

Side seating area near natural light offered as well as tables (lit by tinted lights x_x)

Hehe, groggy Daniel.

Thank gosh he didn't eat that much, otherwise I would be tempted to eat 5 plates instead of 2 plates :P  I already eat pretty slowly, and he waited for me to eat my second plate XD  San-Q, patient one~~  The food is good, but I think the atmosphere kind of ruined it.  A buffet is a buffet to me, and the trays were full of mushed (although yummy) foods.  Very little veggies and a very sad-looking fruit salad :(  

Hmmm, a very concentrated Wendy on her 2nd plate * nom nom nom*

Daniel taking very attractive photos of me =_=  I still think I can pass as a guy at certain angles XD

But let's talk about Jilly's CUPCAKE bar

They won the Food Network Cupcake Wars... look at their army of endless soldiers! @_@

Another day I came by myself and managed to take one hostage :3

And I looked extremely weird taking 29323 photos at the side seating by myself

November's seasonal special:  Pumpkin Pie cupcake (with a mini slice of pie on top!)!!

Omgawd.  Frosting.  So bad, but so good *swoon*!  Sugar cinnamon coated frosting?!  *swoon + coma*

A little too much frosting on this one, methinks.  It was more mouthfeel than taste by the time I finished half the frosting on top!

And another day coming by myself-- Reese's Chunkage.  *o*

Moist rich chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting filling, topped with peanut butter and chocolate buttercream and chopped up Reese's cups.  ANNND there's a truffle in the middle.

Oh myyyyyy... This was like heaven dancing my mouth (and then my blood cursing swear words as its sugar supply soars beyond healthy limits =_='')!  I absolutely love peanut butter frosting, chocolate muffins, Reese's candy, and dark chocolate truffles.  This cupcake had all that.  Yep, I said muffin, and this is a cupcake, but the cake was very moist and kind of dense because it was so chocolatey!  The middle was like a Godiva dark chocolate truffle *heart*~

My Jilly's addiction could not have been too healthy.  According to their website, each cupcake is around *half a pound*, so uhm... yes, I ate a lot that week.  Hehehe, but I want to go again in the future-- gotta force a friend to eat something *super sweet* ;) and make him understand why I go on fervently praising the Reese's Chunkage cupcake every time I think about it.

Bottom line?  Try a Jilly's cupcake and you'll either be aghast about how sweet and unhealthy it is or fall in love with these sugar bombs like I did :)  But brunch is something I would pass up~  Good to try once though!~ ^^b

Jilly's Cupcake Bar & Cafe
8509 Delmar Blvd
St LouisMO 63124

Central West End's "Crepes Etc." for lunch!

Ooh!  Healthy stuff for a change!

And high-quality waters ^^  Elainey pooh's favorites in sight!!

And then my favorites and weakspot = extra ginormous cookies and baked treats (must be my inner Texan!)

Crepes for lunch!  Gelato-filled crepes with berries and cream on top.  

Don't look at me-- I like sweet hings, but that's someone *else's* food:P  After eating 2 half pound cupcakes that week, I really needed some salt in my system.  Usually I would have picked something like that though... looked amazing!!  Gelato inside also.. wow!

Eggs!!  See?  I'm being healthy ^^b  ... and those are crispy *potatoes*, not fries, nyahahaha~

I feel like I'm sounding like a 6 year old XD  Whoo, so funnnnn~  Nom nom nom~  The feta and spinach omelette was nice and simple with creamy eggs instead of being overcooked :3  The fries were really good too!  Plenty of savory flavor without hot sauce or ketchup~

I've been to Crepes Etc. before, but I got a savory crepe.  Their sweet crepes definitely look oh-so-good! ^o^  The omelette was a nice change, but if I ever come here again (without eating 23982938 lbs of sugar over the week), I will definitely order a sweet crepe!


My third time at Fitz's on the Loop!  Still haven't gotten their famous floats though~

The Sasha Burger with sauteed mushrooms and a side of baked beans

And this is what another burger looks like, yummy, right? :)

Random tidbit:  I no longer like pickles (unless they're *very* light on the sourness!).  :O


Okay, I'll fling one last event at you! :)  (Tiffany and Shannon will throw rice at you :D)

Jon's helping with our TSO eating contest!

Lots of food prep~

And we're making riceballs for our contestants

So nice right?  ... Look at Michael's devious face...

Ingredients don't look too shabby,

And even Olivia's eating one.  *Must* be good!

... Until Debra reveals what's *really* going on O_O

If you look closely, that rice ball will have both sweet red bean paste and wasabi inside!!  The rice ball round for our eating contest is like Russian roulette.  Everyone picks their own rice ball, but no one knows if it will be sweet red bean, savory tuna or pork floss, pure wasabi, or a combination :O  What fun to watch, mwahahahaha~  It was not my idea to combine flavors *shifty eyes*

Debra and Rebecca preparing Taiwanese appetizer round

Belinda setting up the free food for audience members

Wow!  Looks yummy!  I love century eggs, but I don't think I could eat a salty egg by itself O_O  *gulp*

Spicy hot pot-- meat bowl  (Looks good!)

Spicy hot pot-- veggie bowl (OMGAHH LOOKS GOOD)

And for the last round and our audience... steamed buns.

Only one food champ will arise...

Audience members in anticipation...

Wow!  So many competitors~

Go Taylor go!  Shaved ice round~

*brain freeze brain freeze*

Hot pot round!  ... Why is Kevin mushing up everything? XD

Crazy rice ball round

Prepare for victory.. I think Jag's eyes are so intense and pretty-- they're light amber! :P

The eating contest was really fun to watch :)  I didn't like it for one reason though...  it was too cold and rainy that night, so not a lot of people showed up and I got sick from helping move stuff from dorm to dorm and getting soaked :(  Still sick a week later, pooh~  *sniffle sniffle*