Tonsillectomy continued...

Yay!  If you thought the previous tonsillectomy was interesting, then this post...  will, uh....  I like dogs.  Yes.  I am glad you liked the previous tonsillectomy post!  :D  Read on!

Day 4

Lazy day at home... until Nellie stopped by!  I haven't seen Nellie in a while, and we talked for a bit on my yacht.  That is, the sofa that has been my refuge for what feels like the past 23982984 years.  ... I just realized every time I try jamming my fingers onto the number keys to type random digits, they always look the same @_@  ...  Anyways, my mom suggested we go to get some froyo, so YAY!

Dun na na na na na na na... Tutti Frutti!!~

Yep yep!  Surprisingly we have a Tutti Frutti in the Clear Lake region, and I was shhhoooo happeh :)  We walked in and I tried pretty much 3/4 of the flavors and then filled up my cup.  So fun!  Maybe one of the reasons why self-serve is so enticing is because I feel as if I wield SO MUCH POWERRR in my hands!  YOU!  LEVER.  I know you're trying to pop back up into your resting position, but I'm going to wring every  last bit of Oreo-flavored goodness out of you!  WAHAHAHA!  *feels invincible*  And then the toppings bar is also at my mercy, so I guess my froyo visits are like... therapy. :D

Holy hot dang!  So many toppings!!  (Also.. Nellie ish so pwetty ^^)

I can't believe Nellie is younger than me!  We're childhood / family friends, and her older sister and my sister were best friends growing up.  So while our sisters had whatever-older-sisters-do playtime, Nellie and I would play PS1 or Nintendo :D  Fun times~  Anyways, hearing her stories from Georgia Tech was really cool, and her personality is so great ^^  So warm and friendly-- she really made my day!  But anyways, it feels like she's a year older than me or something (she even drove us to Tutti Frutti because I can't drive right now :P)!

Day 4 diet:  Gatorade, water, Taiwanese sun cake pastry, Vietnamese crepe and shrimp dumplings, froyo, ice cream, popsicles.

Day 5

Not much exciting news... unless you want me to comment on the weather. :D  In that case.. IT LOOKS LIKE THERE IS A TREE IN MY BACKYARD!  ... I can't go outside, remember?  Oh the froyo outing?  That's because my parents *specifically* gave me permission~  Yes, yes, I listen to my parents like a goody-two-shoes.  But what if I disobey, step foot outside, and fall into a random pit full of spiders?  Then I would curse myself for not having listened ;)

But I can amuse myself too.  Made banana bread and cinnamon rolls for my parents!  Every time I come home, my parents will show me something that they have accumulated and cannot finish, expecting me to magically make it disappear.  This time?  My dad pulled out a bag full of frozen bananas... like 15 of them @_@''  They were overripe bananas that my dad chucked into the freezer.  Also, a pound of pecans!!  Hmm.. what to do...  bah-nah-nah..  pe-cans.  Chocolate chip oatmeal pancakes!  Obviously.  Ha!  Just kidding, but I *do* want to make that sometime~  But banana bread with pecans it is!

So when 15 frozen bananas are left to thaw on the counter, they look like ugly sea cucumbers melting in goo =_=  I was not excited to play with them.  Haha~  And I've never used that many bananas in a single loaf, but I couldn't throw any disgustingly melting bananas back into the freezer, so you know what?  I mashed all 15 bananas and attempted to use it in a *single* banana bread loaf!  You want me to use these bananas?  Well, I hope you enjoy a punch of banana in every bite!  ... Actually, I bet it was more like eating one banana in every bite ;)

I didn't know how much flour to add, so it was just playing around and it ended up SUPER moist!  Like.. falling apart moist!  It came out of the oven piping hot and steamy, so after cooling for a measly 10 minutes, the glorious loaf was sliced into wobbly bricks.  We ate it with spoons as part of our dinner, and my dad was so funny--  he said he really loved it and wanted to eat it while it was fresh out of the oven, so after he sneakily ate three more pieces, he sprawled out on the couch and was like, "Can't... think..."  :P  Hehehe~

Should have added more pecans, but next time!  Also, I cut back on the sugar in the cinnamon rolls for my parents.  I took one bite and placed the cinnamon roll back down, looked around, and then walked away XD  But my parents thought the sweetness was just right, so they've been reheating them for breakfast, thank goodness!  Definitely not sweet enough to satisfy *my* sweet tooth.  *imagines my tooth on a throne yelling, Rejected! and having the cinnamon roll being dragged away by the guards*

Ain't purdy, but darn delish!

Day 5 diet:  Gatorade, water, red bean soup, steamed bun, salmon, soup with tofu, banana bread.

Day 6

Christmas day!  I made my parents breakfast while they went out for a morning walk, spent the day with them, and then helped prepare a Christmas dinner.  Which was pretty much like any dinner-- om nom nom, food coma-worthy!  Connie came home for dinner, and then we sat in the living room, talked / stared at computer screens until 2am.  For my going-to-med-school / Christmas gift, she got me... AN iPHONE 4!!!!!!!  O_________O  That is the first push towards what Debra calls, "the dark side."  :P  But our contract doesn't end until February~

I gave Connie a Nike Fuelband.  She was really excited about and happy, so that made me happy :)  My parents bought my sister a new computer, and I didn't get anything... as expected ._.''  but it's all good; I get free room / board / food while I'm in Houston for break, I guess~

Day 6 diet:  Gatorade, water, red bean soup, banana bread, somen noodles with tofu, cooked down potatoes and carrots in curry sauce, eggplant, salmon, popsicle.

Day 7

It's a boat!  Nope-- it's a yuan bao, a form of ancient Chinese currency!  But made of bread :D

Inside is a sweet coconut mixture!  This bread was from Six Ping bakery- super cute and surprisingly yummy

It was massive too, probably the size of both of my fists side by side!  I made oatmeal raisin cookies for the first time (I think!), and the recipe was pretty good~  Suuuuuper chewy and soft *heart*!  It spread out a bit too much for some cookies, but I might have been greedy and been making the cookies much bigger than a teaspoon-scoop :P

I also used the last bit of the batter to make some 3 ginormous cookies XD  They were ridiculous (and hideous!), because they spread out even more!  Since they spread out thinly, they cooked faster and so were crispier.  Weird... super chewy.. but crispy at the same time??  *mind blown*  My mom snatched these up because she likes crispy things!

This KitchenAid mixer is one of my best friends :D

Cookie, cookie, cookie!  OM NOM NOM

Fresh out of the oven

My parents really liked them!  I packed a dish for my mom's coworkers, and the rest are for my family to eat.  My mom requested me make another batch to take for her friends this weekend too :)  yay!  And we now have our first official cookie jar in the history of forever:

Day 7 diet:  Water, banana bread, steamed bun, soup noodles, Asian sweet bread, bite of an oatmeal cookie, beef stirfry, sauteed zucchini.

Day 8

I can do anything you can do, but bettahh!!  No, you can't~

Yes, I can!  Because I can open my mouth *allll* the way opennnnnn!  La la la-somehow-that-rhymmmmmmes!~

That's right!  I can open my mouth all the way *excited excited* and that means... I CAN EAT ANYTHING, BWAHAHAHA  *delirious*  Well, popcorn, chips, and flaky things that can scratch up my throat is a bit off limits.  But I'm a mushy-fan, so not like I eat those things often ^^''

This morning I realized that some of the white stitch/whatever thingies fell off.  But then I also realized that the other parts are sticking into my esophagus uncomfortably.  It's like I need to swallow something that isn't going down!  @_@''

As for what I did today... I made oatmeal pancakes!!  Er... well, more like oatmeal on a pan!  hehe, I didn't add enough flour, so it was mostly just oatmeal and raisins held together by an egg mixture :P  I didn't add much sugar either (it was sweetened by honey), so it was savory as opposed to sweet.  It looked and tasted super healthy.  My dad took one bite and asked, "did you put salt in this?!"  Hahahaha ''XD  Ahhh total fail!  BUT I WILL MAKE GOOD PANCAKES BEFORE BREAK IS OVER *shakes fist in the air*  Just watch me.  :)

My dad went to buy work shoes and I tagged along with him.  Afterwards, I went grocery shopping with him!  Grocery shopping is *so* fun when you take the time to look at everything!  So many new products to browse through :D  And I bought so much stuff too~  Literally spent 15 minutes in the ice cream aisle, and I walked away with Reese's peanut butter chunk swirl ice cream!!  @__@  *drools*  I put it in the cart and told my dad that I was deciding between gelato and ice cream.

Why didn't you get the gelato?  he asked.

Um.. because it's expensive and comes in an itty bitty container.  I don't know if I'll like it, so what if I can't finish it?

I'll help you finish it. 

Really? ._.  *blank stare*  My dad *never* encourages me to get something expensive and trivial as ice cream.

He nods.  I run back, fish out a Banana Chocolate Swirl gelato from the frozen section and skip back towards the cart with my new prize.

My dad looks at the gelato and back up at me, Where's the gelato?

This is the gelato!

Oooooh.  Gelato.  I thought you meant enchilada.

Haha, we both really, really love enchiladas, and it turns out that he thought I was going to get enchiladas!  But once he realized it, I asked him if I should go put the gelato back and he said it was okay.  So this marks the first time I've ever bought gelato from a grocery store!  AND IT LOOKS DELISH.

When we got back, I ate lunch:  :D

And black specks in the vanilla bean.  YESSSS

I can talk, I can laugh, and I think the only thing left is yawning.  SUCH A PAIN.  Can't be bored or sleepy, which totally fails :P  And I can't go run outside with Balto yet, because heavy breathing might irritate the area :(  6 days, and all this will be over!  I think my overall experience with tonsilectomy was a mild one.  Like.. *super* mild.  I only was in intense distress the first day, but I pretty much slept it off.  Then it was just sleep, sleep, don't move, sleep, go senile for a few more days, but I started eating (cheat eating!) like bread only two days after the operation (not supposed to be, I know ._.'').  And that's when I'm supposed to only be drinking fluids.  Whew, thank goodness my pain tolerance in that area is pretty high.  Out of the 60 merpedine painkiller pills I was prescribed, I only had to use 4 or so.  :)

Guess that pretty much ends my tonsillectomy recovery!  Since... I have...recovered!!?  That sounds weird :P  Back to regular blogging-- I'm no longer under house arrest and can start hanging out with my friends tomorrow!  ^__^  Lots of pictures to follow :D

Debra said...

HAHA so funny how your dad thought gelato was enchilada! They are almost the opposite in everything~

All the baked goods look so yummy o.o

Glad you are recovered (!!?!?!) from your tonsillectomy! Cannot believe your sister got you an iPhone though... I am crying inside... ;__; haha it's okay. My dad just bought an iPhone 5 today D: but he has been using an iPhone since forever.

Wendy said...

My dad actually read this post and asked me if I was making fun of him ;)

Yeah! Connie also gave me her old (1st of 3, haha) iPod Nano, so I just accumulated 2 Apple products in the last month.. not to mention that our family has an iPad too. @____@ I foresee someone getting a Macbook in the future~!

Banana bread looked like a mud brick!! And sanks for your well wishes, hope you are enjoying break! :D