Tonsillectomy: A recovering adventure

Tonsillectomy!  According to Wikipedia, it's a three thousand year-old surgical procedure.  O_O  What in the-- how did people recover without dying??

Anyhow, it's a simple procedure where one's tonsils are removed.  If you open your mouth and look wayyyy towards the back towards the throat, you can see the uvula, which dangles downwards by itself.  Then on the sides, you'll see tonsils (that is, if you have not taken them out already)!  The tonsils catch foreign bodies and bacteria before they go into your body and do some more harm.  Tonsillectomy is one of the most common surgical procedures done on kids, so the thought flatters me that I'm still a kid ;)  Haha, juuust kidding.  It's also done for adults, but the recovery is much rockier than those young whippersnappers that can just bounce back!

Also according to Wikipedia, tonsillectomy can cure obstructive sleep apnea and snoring!! @_@  For me, it was for swollen tonsils and I got sick pretty often.  Not majorly, but I would always have to sleep off a fever or something of the sort around once a month.  I hope the tonsillectomy can ward off similar spells and snorrrinnnggg!!  Hehe, I don't think I snore, but I breathe really loudly due to my slight asthma.  Also, my parents tell me that sometimes I'll stop breathing for a while only to resume breathing as if I'm about to die of asphyxiation any moment.  So sleep apnea, begone!  No more of that eerie silence when people think I ceased to exist and right before they want to check to make sure, I come back to life with a huge NYAKKKAGUHH!!  (It's very hard to type out snoring sounds :P)  Don't I sound like the *best* person to sleep next to?  XD  I'll wake you up every 5 minutes with my loud breathing / apnea / not to mention drooling, hahaha ;P

I initially planned on getting my tonsils out in STL during Thanksgiving break while I was still in school.  That way I could spend my winter break doing things more fun that passed out on the couch! ^_^  But thank goodness my parents persuaded me otherwise...  I don't know what I would have done without their care :')  This post has been automatically scheduled to publicly publish Wednesday, a full week after my procedure!  It will just be a little diary of my tonsillectomy recovery, so that I can look back on it later and appreciate how fortunate I am, as well as give others an insight of what to expect after the procedure!  The average recovery period is 2 weeks, but let's see if I can get back on my feet more quickly! :)


Day 0-  Operation day

I wasn't allowed to drink or eat anything starting midnight preceding the procedure, and my surgery was scheduled for 10:30am.  Oh my gawwwwwd!!  For those who know me well, the first thing I do when I wake up is find some food to satiate my grumbling tummy-- perpetually hungry, the little guy is!  :P  So the night before, I was gorged on my last feast of veggies at 11pm.  Then when the clock struck 12am, no more fluids and food in :(  ... except for the fact that I accidentally swallowed half my Listerine mouthwash.  =_=  I was like, Noooooo, total fail!  Haha~  But I was so full from my almost-midnight veggie snack that my tummy was still satisfied the next morning.

My dad took the day off from work (So nice :'D!) and drove me to the surgical center.  I wasn't nervous at all, just mostly that I wouldn't be hungry any time soon XD  I used the restroom near the waiting room, and when they called me to the Pre-op area, they explained some things and requested a urine sample.  =_=  Doooooh!  I *just* peed, hahaha!  It took a very long time for me to come out of the restroom :P

I wasn't allowed to wear anything except for my cotton underwear and an apron thingie that covered most of my body.  I thought that was really weird... I got my wisdom teeth out my senior year in high school, but I wore everything going in.  Wonder why this is different?  I thought it might be because I might bleed everywhere and ruin my clothes, but when I woke up later, I couldn't see any blood on my apron thing :o

Anyhow, so after I climbed into the little hospital bed, my dad was allowed to sit in the chair by the bed.  We met the doctor, the nurses, and the anesthesiologist; all were really kind and warm.  The anesthesiologist was a funny guy too~  He welcomed me saying, "Soooo, we're taking out your tonsils today, eh?"  And I replied, "Yay!"  *hands up in the air*  He chuckled as he scribbled down something on the notepad and said, "Maybe not...  it would have been better if you got these out a long time ago when you were littler."  Hehe, I dunno, something about him made me think he's one funny dude~  :3

The nurses put an IV drip into my arm, but they both commented that the veins in my hand were uber tiny, so they went ahead and stuck it into the vein at the joint connecting my forearm and arm.  Oof.  That actually hurt, but I guess it's because they just punctured my vein.  It was uncomfortable if I moved my arm at all, so I  just let it sit there.  Then they put some antibiotics into the IV line...  Ohh, for those that don't know (I just Googled this, haha), IV stands for IntraVenous.  Makes sense now, right? :D  Well, they injected antibiotics into the IV line and asked me if I felt any flushing.  I replied, "No," but after a few minutes I felt some flushing... but I didn't think it was that important *and* it was in an embarrassing area.  For those who took Anatomy with me this semester, it was at my S3 dermatome.  Hehehe!  And for those who didn't, I *think* there was some flushed feeling around my butt crack.  LOVELY! 

... don't you love reading my blog?  ;)

Random picture of Balto and me to ward away awkwardness!  :D:D:D  (Lots more of these pics later~)

I asked my dad to help tie up my hair, and he obliged.  It was kind of nostalgic, as Daddy always tied up my hair in a ponytail when I was in kindergarten.  I still remember me watching Sesame Street and eating breakfast when he did so.  I asked him what I used to eat for breakfast back then, and apparently it was lots, and lots of blueberry Eggo waffles.  Mmmm!  Totally remember now!  That was before I upgraded to Aunt Jemima's french toast *heart*!  ^^  The nurse helped me put on a blue shower cap, and the anesthesiologist came back, explained some more stuff, asked me to sign some papers. 

He explained that the first injection of anesthesia sometimes caused amnesia, meaning that I may still have a chance of remembering what goes on after the injection.  They would wheel me into the back, ask me more questions to verify some information, and then insert a second dose of anesthesia into the IV.  After the second injection, there should be a 0% of me remembering or feeling anything.  O_O  Wow, so amazed!  My dad and I nodded, and after the anesthesiologist put in the first dose, he said I should be feel it in around 20 seconds.  I joked around and pretended to pass out right when he said that, but I began counting to twenty.  At 17 seconds, I told them it was starting to take effect because the nurse in front of me just split into two @__@.... and after that, I guess I slipped into darkness.

...  mumble, mumble.  Uggh, someone's forcing my mouth open.

... there, that blood spot...  I'm chattering my teeth and my throat hurts.  My first thought when I woke up was, Dear God, what did I get myself into

I didn't remember anything at all after the first injection, so I guess I'm just weak sauce against anesthesia.  My second thought was, Is this what Roofies does to people?  Haha~  =_=''

The nurse was really patient and kind, slowly waking me up and trying to make me drink and chew on some apple juice / ice mixture.  In my mind I just wanted her to leave me alone, because opening up my mouth alone had some great pain repercussions for my throat, and the ice burned going down.  But I knew all this was just to help, so I obliged and attempted to to spit everything back out ^_^''  

The nurse and anesthesiologist checked the area a few times, and I heard them say that there was a spot of blood that should be going away.  But finally after maybe three rounds of force-feeding the apple juice / ice mix, they agreed that it would be okay.  I remember them saying after the procedure, patients stay in the recovery room for around an hour, but I felt as if it were only ten minutes.  The whole time, my teeth were chattering; I forget if I was cold or not, but I definitely was worrying if I was damaging my teeth and wished I had my retainer on, haha!  :P Oh the weird things people think of...

Once I was cleared to go, the nurse helped me put on my clothes and navigated me into a wheelchair.  Yayyy, my second time in a wheelchair!  Haha, what fun~  I remember sitting in the chair and then magically our CRV was in front of me.  When the nurse helped me get out, I attempted to say "Thank you," but I only heard myself go Dankkk before my breath ran out.  Apparently, the nurse is really good at understanding post-tonsillectomy gibberish, because she said "your welcome." :)  I really appreciate everyone's patience and kindness-- it really helps when I'm all groggy and in the what-in-the-world-is-going-on state.  :D

I don't remember the drive back, nor do I remember if my dad said anything, but I do remember half falling out of the passenger seat and shuffling my way into the house, past Balto and Bacardi, over the dog fence in the kitchen, and then plopping in a face-plant position on the sofa in the living room.  I think my dad grabbed a pillow for me and spread out a blanket on me too ^^ 

Later that evening, my mom came home from work, and I heard bits and pieces of their conversation.  Apparently the pain killer I was prescribed is super strong, close to morphine.  My dad had to drive to two different pharmacy locations to find it in stock, give a copy of his driver's license, and sign a bunch of stuff before being able to take it back home.  Hopefully I don't have to use most of this painkiller, because after I eat it, the world starts spinning within 10 minutes.  @___@  *kerplonk back onto the couch!*

My dad put a wide basin near the couch, and I heard my mom ask what it was for.  The nurse told him that I might throw up if I was swallowing too much blood.  My mom joked that I've been upgraded from a bucket to basin :P  The story for that?  Well, when I was younger, I got sick a lot.  Like... super often.  I think most of my child hood memories from kindergarten and elementary school are waiting for my parents in the nurse's office.  Or one time in kindergarten, my teacher helped support me while I puked every few steps to the nurse.  Ahh, fond, fond memories~  Ew, ew, ew.  Anyways, so at home, I got my very own designated bucket to vomit into, YAYYY!  It was blue and sturdy, and I remember it being by my bed quite often.  Anyhow, once I got to high school, I could hold puking until I ran to the closest toilet, so that blue bucket is now a fading memory.  But this basin... is this supposed to be my next fond memory?! XD  The good news is that I didn't puke... yet.  Well, I'm pretty sure I won't! ^^b

My parents gave me a cup of Gatorade with a spoon, and I was drinking the Tropical Twist flavor.  By the time my parents were getting ready to sleep, I had fumbled my way towards the restroom to brush my teeth and realized that my lips were stained green.  My eyes instantly enlarged with disbelief, but then I realized that I was *not* becoming a zombie and that the green was from the Gatorade.  Whew!  My eyes went back to teeny tiny size as I groggily got ready for bed and pushed a retainer into my mouth.  Blahhhh beddddd...  The lights were off, and my parents told me not to fall on my way to bed, but I couldn't reply with words so I nodded in the dark.  Once my head hit the pillow, sleep overcame me~

Day 0 diet:  Gatorade.

Day 1
Awake!  My mom was getting ready for work, and my dad had taken yet another day off to take care of me (:') so spoiled!).  I heard my mom drive away, and then I got up to take off my hard contact lenses.  By the time I managed to do so and walked into the living room, I was pooped!  I made myself comfortable on the couch and cradled another cup of Gatorade in my hands, feeling silly that I had to drink it with a spoon.  :P

I took my meds: the painkiller and antibiotic, and then I was tired and ready for bed again.  Haha, I have a feeling my recovery is just going to be me sleeping 24/7~ ;D  The most important thing for me to do is to keep hydrated as well as keep the throat area moist.  At first thought, that sounds easy peasy.  My nickname is "Hippo" for a reason!!  But it actually took me all day to finish 2 liters of Gatorade.  I'm not sure if that sounds like a lot of Gatorade to some or not, but I pretty much usually drink 1 liter of water with every meal.  Swallowing is a very cumbersome process right now D:

Before the operation, I asked the surgeon if he could take pictures of the tonsils after they were removed from my throat.  He asked if he could text them to me, and then I replied that I didn't have a smartphone yet *hinting look towards my parents, hehe*.  So he gave my dad the picture I'm guessing when I was knocked out and rambling on my wheelchair.  My dad was bringing me the picture, but I waved it away.  I don't wanna look at it until I'm fully healed!  :P

I feel like a narcoleptic dog.  I'll get up and walk to the kitchen, find something to get excited about, and then a wave of drowsiness instantly attacks me.  Then back to the couch for a fifteen minute nap, and the cycle repeats.  ^^''  Or I'll perk up and listen to my parents for 1 minute and then almost fall asleep in front of them.

I remember being all giddy when I scooped out some vanilla bean ice cream and plopped the spheres of ice cream into a bowl, and then after I finished the bowl I decided I no longer like vanilla bean ice cream.  How can that be?!!  Alas, must be my current state.  =_=''

For dinner, my parents made an ultra delicious meal (every meal is an ultra delicious meal!!) of Mapo tofu (my favorite!), eggs and tomatoes, and sauteed potato leaves.  Oh my gawd.  If not for my tonsillectomy, I'm pretty sure I would have annihilated 3/4 of dinner without anyone's help!  *sigh*  I looked down at my bowl of steamed egg and chicken broth and then back towards the food.  My parents laughed, telling me that I had a good appetite.  :P  But I want mapo tofuuuuu! D:

To please myself, I ate two ice cream bars after dinner.  One a creamy coconut flavor, and the other a matcha green tea with red bean flavor.  Both were delicious.  :D  There's no way I'm going to lose weight over this recovery period-- I'm practically eating sweets all day! XD

Day 1 diet: Gatorade, water, vanilla bean ice cream, steamed egg with chicken broth, milk, few bites of baked Japanese yam, popsicles.

Day 2
I was up at 4:33am, but stayed in bed until my dad's alarm rang for work around 5am.  I rummaged through the pantry and found a canister of old-fashioned oats.  Hmmm... Let's try that!

So for the first time in my life, I made oats on the stove instead of just adding boiling water or zapping it in the microwave!  Making it with milk definitely makes it super creamy.  I sprinkled on some brown sugar and stirred in some cinnamon for taste...

And now I realize why oats are the ultimate healthy food.  On first bite it was pretty good; my growling stomach was calmed.  Then it took me a freaking hour and a half to finish 1/2 cup dry oats cooked in 1 cup of milk!  XD  Takes too long to eat... Haha!  I had to chew the oats carefully to make sure everything was mushified enough to pass the tonsil area without ripping any of the protective membrane that is supposed to slough off by itself naturally.  (Random tidbit, but did you know it's "sluff" off instead of "slow" off?  I thought it was pronounced "slow!")  Maybe because it was the painkiller too, because halfway through the bowl of oatmeal, I had to lean back and take a break.  Ughh... too tired.  After stirring up the mush several times and lifting the spoon towards my face a few more times, I felt like I just ran a marathon! 

I almost pushed the bowl away from me when there were 5 spoonfuls left, but I reminded myself that I did not want a pock-marked husband when I grew up, so I forced myself to finish the rest of the oatmeal.  (For those whose mothers never told you, it is a Chinese saying that moms tell their daughters: your husband will have one pockmark on his face or every grain of rice you don't finish from your bowl.)  Blerghhh!!  And now I have decided that I no longer like oatmeal.  Hahaha~  

Both my parents had left for work, so I decided to amuse myself by making cake balls!  I think these were the second (or first?) cake balls I've made...  but I randomly revised the recipe, so they became cinnamon cake balls with almond coating.  I wonder how to make them have smoother coats-- maybe I should pour the coating instead of attempting to roll the cake balls in it?  Hmm, well, I will await word from my mom on what her coworkers think about them the next day!  When I come back home, I bake treats for my parents, their coworkers, and the people that go with my parents to the temple. :)  It's a time to experiment and have fun in the kitchen! ^^  Although my mom's always going about how I should stick to recipes that I've tried before in case they fail.  But meh, how else will I ever get to try new things? :D

For now, it hurts to laugh.  My mom was trying to show me something on the computer and some sketchy pop-ups materialized.  She frantically tried to click away, but it would keep popping back up, and then she mumbled "Ahh, running away, running away" and shut the entire Google Chrome program.  I don't know why, but I thought this was hilarious and I almost ripped my stitches or whatever trying not to laugh too hard!  :P

Then after dinner, my mom decides to tell me a whole roundup of jokes, and I struggled not to laugh to hard at all of them.  I thought one was particularly funny and cheesy!
Two men bumped into another while walking on the sidewalk.  One of them immediately apologized and said, "I'm sorry."
The other man says, "I'm sorry too."
The first man replies, "I'm sorry three!" 
Confused, the other man retorts, "What are you sorry for-- I'm sorry five!"
Hee hee hee!  *laughs gleefully*  I kept laughing and told my mom that if she kept spewing out jokes, then I would blame her if my stitches exploded and I bled to death.  My mom was super excited to tell me the others and was like, "OKAYYY, no problem!  *attempts to start next joke*"  But then I just buried myself underneath my cavern of blankets to get away from her, hehehe :P

Also, it hurts to yawn.  So boring people, go away!  ;)  Nahh just kidding.  Good thing I'm constantly snoozing on the sofa, or else I'd be yawning and yelling "OW!" all day~  ^^''

Annnnd it hurts to burp.  Meh, I guess this one should be useful in curbing my unlady-like burps at home :P  I wonder if my STL friends have heard me give loud burps in public, but I definitely know my lunch crew at Clear Lake know of those...  I was the crowned victor!!  Bwahahaha!~  *relishes victory of the moment*  But anyways, most of these burps are just all the air I've swallowed while keeping my fluid intake.  I don't have much solids in my belly.  Actually, I looked at my figure in the mirror this morning and kind of freaked whenever I tightened my abs, because I look like a stick.  Like... literally a stick.  My skin color is tan-ish, brown-ish, and my tummy looked so unnaturally skinny X_X  Ewww... Okay, went right away to the kitchen and pulled out a banana to chow on!~  Food keeps me full for a really long time right now, probably because I don't move at all and that chewing is too troublesome for me.  Ho hum..

Just finished dinner, got to chomp on some cream of chicken soup, tofu strips, and  braised daikon.  Delish!  ... and don't tell my parents, but I also snuck in a few pieces of meat, mwahaha~  But definitely should keep away from salty stuff for now... After dinner, my throat tightened and it was hard to swallow even my saliva for a bit.  Got to fall back on the sweets I can count on!  *frolics towards the popsicles in the freezer*

Crap... I just finished the second to last popsicle D:  Nyuuuuuuuuu!

Day 2 diet: Gatorade, water, oatmeal made with milk, banana, whole baked Japanese yam, cream of chicken soup, tofu strips, braised daikon, a bite of tender meat, popsicle, ice cream with sugar cone.  ... This diet list is getting longer and longer each day :P

Day 3
The weekend is here!  That means my parents don't have to go to work and get to stay at home AND AMUSE ME.  BWAHAHAHA.  ;)  Juuuuuust kidding, but I do appreciate their company after a few days of just going senile on the sofa~  *drools*  @_@

Also, my dad likes playing with my camera and now wants to buy his own DSLR.  Haha, he doesn't even use his regular compact digital camera!

Assuming the waste-away-on-the-couch position with poofy coat!

Merrghhh, go away~  *attempts to hide face*

Best way to get away?  *hide*

But the car needed fixing, so they left early with the promise to come back in the afternoon.  I got really cold, so how best to pass the time than... jump is scalding hot water??? :D  Haha, I usually take hot baths in the master bathroom in the winter, and I just realized how silly it is.  The water is *sooo* hot, so much that it hurts when I stick my foot into it, but I really want to warm up, so I just slowly ease into the water with a long, "Owwwwww......"  I think it takes me 20 minutes to finally get in, ha!  Well, better that way than this one time when I was really young, and my sister and I were taking a hot bath together (Yeah, yeah, but we were *young* silly!).  She was kidding around and just pushed me into the water, and I think I almost became a human lobster.  My skin turns a super flushed pink color from the heat too @_@

Anyhow, taking hot baths makes me weak!  I told myself "No painkillers" today in order to avoid the crazy dizziness and lethargy.  But once in the jacuzzi tub, my body totally just relaxed and I just went all Blahhhh~   Seriously, people who like the effects of morphine should just go take a bubble bath =_=  I almost fell asleep...

YAY!  Yep, gotta have my cup of water on the side ^^

Since I got my tonsils taken out, I've been put under house-arrest by my parents; no sunlight!  D:  Nyuuuu, haha, but they're worried that I'll walk around and get something (like bacteria) caught in my mouth and into my healing throat, which totally makes sense thinking about how many things fly into my eyes on a daily basis =_=''  My dad offered me one of those surgeon masks to walk around in, but I'm pretty sure since this isn't Asia, I'd freak everyone out XD

But once my parents came back, they invited me... OUT OF THE HOUSE?!!  OHMAHGAWDWUT?  ... I just realized I'm starting to smoosh together my words when I'm excited o_o'' Anyhow, yeah!  Knowing that I can't chew anything (actually, I've eaten quiet a few things that require chewing by now, like this chewy Taiwanese flatbread sandwich with meat and cilantro sandwiched in between... not bad, eh? :P), we ventured off to the new-ish Orange Leaf in the area.  The location opened up while I was at school this semester, and it's the closest froyo place to my home.  Also, it was the perfect opportunity to introduce my parents to my obsession ;)
My parents at their first froyo shop!  I'm so proud :')  Haha~

Also, my dad liked sampling all the random flavors, but my mom was saying how it was embarrassing that he kept getting more samples XD  Turns out Mom's one of those people who will just get the froyo and try it for the first time after they eat it.  Dad and I are people who basically like eating a first serving of froyo by sampling *all* the flavors :P

:D  Mom's excited for her turn at the toppings bar!

I'm going to try my chance with peanut butter cups and cookie dough... should be easy to chew, right?

I was surprised that my parents opted for toppings; everything's so sweet @_@

Nice outside seating to enjoy froyo on a lovely winter afternoon in Housto :)

Hrmmm...  Hey, orange jacket is back :3

*attractive chewing*  HAHA~  Hmmm.. will my mom like it?

... *more attractive chewing*  Ain't we purrrdy?  ;D:D:D

Nom nom, pretty good!~  My mom and dad *almost* finished their serving!

Dad:  "Okay, give me a smileeeee"  *awkward pause*

Dad:  "Stop looking so stern, okay?  Smile!"  *Mom looks exactly the same*  XD

I'm a little biased against Orange Leaf, only because in St. Louis, Chill and Tutti Frutti top the place easily.  But it's probably due to atmosphere and the fact that TF's froyo is soy-based ^^b  But I *would* like to note that Orange Leaf has some problems with the froyo texture.  I was really excited about the Oreo flavor available, but when it came out of the dispenser, it was so watery that it seemed as if it was melting already!  Also, the cookie dough looked so bland; I had to read the labels to make sure it was cookie dough!  It had no tiny, microscopic chocolate chips, and they were shaped as little pellets.  Meh, I'm spoiled with Tutti Frutti's *real* cookie dough chunks though!  Those actually come in the shape of cookies as if they're just about to be baked, and then you can break them up with the little tongs yourself :)

Other than that, I think Orange Leaf was pretty good, and my parents liked it well enough.  My dad was the one who wanted the Orange flavor, and then he was yapping about how it tasted bad the whole entire time ("Too artificial, aiyaaa!).  :P  My mom liked the coffee flavor though, which was way to coffee-ish for me @_@  I'm not a coffee fan though!  She also was disappointed that the wafer wasn't as crispy as she thought it would be.  For me, it was a mishmash of Vanilla, Spiced Oatmeal Cookie, Oreo, and English Toffee flavors!  The toffee is a seasonal flavor, but I was surprised how subtle the flavor was, yumm~  I like how OL is only a 2 or 3 minute drive from home, so hopefully we'll stop here more often!  .. but gotta check out the closest Tutti Frutti first XD

Orange Leaf
1606 Clear Lake Blvd
HoustonTX 77062

When we came back, our doggies welcomed us back, wondering where their family had wandered off to.  So we all decided to go for a walk!

Bacardi... looks funny :)

Balto can sniff the great outdoors!!

Lovely picture of Balto marking his territory :D  I love his tail!

La la la~  *Balto attempting to run after a squirrel*

Lovely afternoon~  Blue skies!  Clouds!  Warm-ish!  Texas!

Balto's taking a dump!  Hyu hyu hyu~  I think the bigger the doggie is, the funnier they look pooping ^^v

*Mom walks away with the dogs while Dad stays to clean up*

Husky lover :)

I actually Arthur at the basketball court!  It was totally crazy, because my mom was *just* asking me about him, and then we see him waving at us from a distance @_@  Haven't really seen him much since graduating from high school, so it was nice seeing him again, although I couldn't really talk and probably sounded really weird =_=''

Come here, mah babies ^^

Kids of the family! :D

I have tried many time to ride Balto, but I think I'm too big for him D:  He just sits down, haha!

Yer so cute, yesh you are *myu myu myu!*

And then Balto decides to wipe his drool on my pants =_=

But I still wuv him!  Let's get married!  :D:D

Balto:  *Wait, what?*  Jeeest kidding-- that'd be incest anyways ;)

Ahh!  His fur is so fluffy!  I like playing with his ears too; they're indescribable! ^w^

The walk kind of pooped me out, probably since it was the most exercise I have had since getting the tonsils out @_@  I spent the rest of the day looking up recipes and reading food blogs as usual before sleeping.  There was a Christmas party with the Clear Lake group, but I had to miss it, since I can't really talk and laughing hurts.  Hope I'll be up for a New Year's party though!  :)

Day 3 diet:  Gatorade, water, whole baked Japanese yam, banana, Orange Leaf frozen yogurt, Taiwanese sandwich, Vietnamese spring roll, red bean soup, vanilla bean ice cream with sugar cone.

Hoooookay, this post is getting crazy long, so I'm going to split this Tonsillectomy post into several posts :)