Home again

Hey guys!  After running around Asia, I'm finally back at home :)  It was an awesome trip-- got to sight-see until we were all worn out, tried our hands at new foods, and partied the night away ^^b

I still have 2 or 3 more posts from WashU college life to put up!  And after that, I may be starting a new blog (gasp!) in accordance to the next part of my life.  It will probably be more short-post based (instead of my long ramblings... didn't think you'd miss that, eh?? :P) to save time in order to follow my other dreams!~  Asia trip pictures will be posted there spontaneously too :3

And just a picture to keep us all happy~  My sister and I ended up having almost identical sunglasses!  She treated me to crawfish and crabs (taught me how to crack both open, which proved to be a useful skill in Thailand), and we hung out with her friend too.  I picked plums from the plum tree in our backyard with Balto for part of my breakfast :)  What a life!  That was before the trip-- still tons of adventures and experiences coming ^o^