LOL Tournie & Night Market

Quite a few bits of things from STL to post~  Let's begin with the on-campus LoL tournament and AAA night market!  ... but first, a picture from the iPhone!

I didn't know the battery would turn red.  AHH my iPhone looks so angry at me for not keeping it charged :(

Jeff was playing in a LOL tournie, and he made it to finals.  We ventured into the arena~

Totally tempted to steal this poster

Debra and Josh among the spectators

Jeff's team concentrating..

Until we go and attack him!

LoL friends :)  And champions!  They won!  Congrats~

Then a walk back to the South 40...

Oh?  AAA Night Market is just getting started!

Lots of familiar faces selling yummy foods to promote their cultural groups

And cute ones noshing on nom noms too :3

TSO sold bubble tea!

WU Cypher performed their annual mock battle

Lots of shows for people to enjoy while enjoying the street / nightmarket-like atmosphere

And enjoying freshly made food

Here's TSO's stewed pork, made by head chef XY :)

Trying out new foods is fun :D

Here is deep fried tteokbokki drizzled with gochujang and honey-- nice ^^

Also, I was organizing my photos and files, and I found this video that I made last winter break.  Did anyone want to see Balto and Bacardi in live action?  Here they are! ^_^  My brother and sister~