Happy holidays at home!

Quick note!

At the end of this year (December 31st-ish), a lot of the images on my blog will die.  Er, well, you won't be able to see them.  I'll be in the ultra slow process of transferring files and whatnot to a new file hosting client, blahblah, basically-- until I finish moving things, many images will be lost for a while :(  I hope to be able to move all of them so that Dashipanda will still be an enjoyable blog to peruse through and for others to experience some travelling and eating adventures.  However, I started the blog in college, and there are A LOT of photos.  I'm not sure if I have the patience to redo *every single* darn image URL.  I should have thought of that before *doink // face palm*.  But in the worst case scenario, Dashipanda will just have my rambling words and that's it.  :(  I'm going to get a new blog domain and start afresh, so there will still be new uploaded photos there ^^b

Okay, end of quick note, begin the long note!


WHOO!  I AM SO PUMPED! :)  Wendy is so happy-- a break without having to study!!  Now I'm talking in 3rd person, great... 

After dropping Aurelia off at the airport, taking out the trash/recycling, and packing up, driving back home was kind entertaining-- I totally love Chibi; he makes driving fun ^o^  Hugging me with every curve and sharing each little bump with me, haha~  Going over a little fault line is like ROLLERCOASTERRRR~~~ :P  I bumped into two major traffic jams, one at the Woodlands, and another uh... somewhere else ^^'  But I had an awesome array of songs playing, and it was a one person party inside.  Of course, I might just be in a terrific fantastical mood too.  Near the end, I made a planned stop in the Woodlands to visit a Culver's!  I've never been to a Culver's (it's like a homey fast food restaurant with burgers, fries, shakes, cheese curds, and frozen custard.  Oh my goodness,  so excited!  I miss Ted Drewe's and Mr. Wizards back in STL, and we don't have any good frozen custard places in my area.  The nearest would be Conroe or Woodlands.  I had a coupon for a free mini-concrete (yay for freebies!), so I literally walked in and then walked out with a cute little cup of happiness in my hands.  The manager kept looking at me, so I wasn't sure if he thought I was leaving without paying or if Asians aren't very common in the Woodlands .-.  Anyone looking Chibi's way would have seen me all giddy and smiling in the driver's seat.  I was talking excitedly to myself and Chibi, haha~  Ahh, old habits never die..

Anyways, the custard was delish!  Pretty much tasted like a McFlurry, but definitely more.. poofy.  I'm glad I made the visit, otherwise I would have never known!  Maybe on another drive back, I'll try the cheese curds.  I heard they're everywhere in Wisconsin-- little fried bites of cheese O_O  *droolz*

8800 Six Pines Drive
The Woodlands, TX 77380

When I arrived at home, I ran up to the door literally singing and rang the doorbell.  No answer, parents probably thought I was a solicitor.  So, *ring ring*.  Nope.. Okay, gotta pull a Connie and ring doorbells her way:  *spastically rings doorbell 23942398 times*  Still no answer D:  Whaaa?  I have no family?!

I entered through the garage, expecting Balto and Bacardi to welcome me with slobbery kisses and moo's (yes, they moo) of excitement.  Total silence.  Aww, where are my parents and my little doggies?  Chibi was sad too :(  Turns out that they went to pick up the doggies from the pet dentist, so I actually had time to put everything away and was playing piano when they came home!  Yay, reunited! ^_^

And of course, my parents fed me well.  haha, I am so stuffed x_x  Anyhow, got a lot of errands to run already =o=''  And tomorrow I'm going to the temple with them~  At least I have nothing to study for *so happy* !  Happy start of the break everyone!

And since I have no smiling pics for this post (too busy eating frozen custard and didn't think to take a selfie), here's a goofing-around pic from one of the shoots I did in the summer!  I remember it was SOOOO humid that day, and we were shooting in 99F @.@  Warmth sounds so foreign after the frost in Dallas this winter!  My mom said I'm too skinny now, and usually I think she just says that because parents like feeding their kids, haha ^^'  But this time, I think I definitely need to put on some more weight around my cheeks.. I was looking through some of my pictures where I could see my face, and compared to then, I look like a skeleton now x_x  Guess that just means.. MORE FROYO, MUNG BEAN SLUSHIES, AND GOING OUT TO EAT DELICIOUS YUMMY NOM NOMS FOR MEEEE.  I like caps.  I think they make me sound excited, haha :D
YAYY~~  Winter break-- let's hit it!