Buzzbrews Kitchen Review

Yes, I still frolic around town finding restaurants to try for fun :)  And this post is for BuzzBrews, a bar and 24 hour restaurant serving grub and breakfast all day and night!

I got the "Californication"-- veggie crepe with fruit and toast

The toast was nice, especially with the jam that had big chunks of real strawberries!  After noshing on crepes in St. Louis, I can't really get too excited over the one I had at Buzzbrews.  The skin was a little too thick and plastic-y, and it didn't have too much flavor.  To be honest though, I wasn't in the best of moods when I had this meal (hmm.. seems like I haven't been in the best mood for a while now.. must fix!).  But I was also craving sweet, so maybe that's why hehe!  Also, this crepe didn't have meat, in case anyone was curious~  Also, I don't like cantaloupe.  Why did I order this?!  XD

My eating buddy for the day, Derek, ordered the Pit Griddle Toast-- which is basically ginormous slabs of bread pan fried beautifully with egg mixture on it and sprinkled with pecans and buttery awesomeness.  (I'm pretty biased towards sweets :D)  It comes with maple syrup, but its flavor is fantastic on its own.  The two pieces of french toast come with bacon and eggs your way.

Buzzbrews Kitchens
4334 Lemmon Ave
Dallas, TX 75219

And yes, I still bake!  .. although rarely.  With anatomy over, I plan to pull that back into my life!  ^o^  

Slab of banana bread, anyone? 

Someone wanted this photo up again without the random whiskers and scribblings I put on it a few posts ago, haha!  Here you go:

Happy faces coming soon!