Happy 2014 ! :D

I was surprised that my layout images were still in tact-- guess those were saved somewhere not on my webclient ^_^  The images that you see now are the ones that I've been uploading to Google's server, but the 5,000+ images I was talking about before have now disappeared with the expiration of my domain / web-hosting services :(  But next time I will just upload them to Google! *lesson learned... the hard way boo hoo!*

I know there's no excuse for the postponement (is that a word? @.@) of a blog revival, but I've been mad busy!  Last winter, I frolicked around NYC's streets and raided several bakeries and dessert shops (Momofuku's cereal milk soft serve ice cream, anyone??!  My favorite foods combined!! :D).  Those photos will be posted in the future for your vicarious enjoyment.  Coming back to school still recovering from the additional 5 lbs I gained (guess that's what I get for eating cookies for breakfast and lunch and then ice cream for dinner...) and lack of good quality rest the last week of break, it's been kind of difficult trying to get through the week while being slammed with tests and materials, as well as embarking on a new project on the side, hehe~ ^^''  I haven't been able to exercise at all, except swimming twice... and the last time it was outside in 19F weather where the ice on my kick board froze over-- pretty sure that's how I got sick the following week!

The new camera came in, and it can take better / less pixel-y pictures than my iPhone!  I'm excited!  Just have to get used to walking around with a bulky, heavy camera again though -_-  Spring break plans are in the air, but a whiff of it says I'm heading West! :)  SO EXCITED YAY!  But until then, don't expect too much activity~  byebye!~

shadowrote said...

Long time no see, Wendy :) You are getting prettier day after day !