Finals are descending upon us!

Readings week-- either a few days to play or lock yourself in your room to study XD  Depending how good you are at cramming (I am definitely the latter~ :P)!  I made a batch of Nutella Rice Krispie treats...

I *never* buy Rice Krispie as my cereal, even though Book and Josh swear by it D:  The only thing the cereal does is go "snap, crackle, pop!" and then they go mushy and soggy in your mouth with very little taste.  I even gave the Chocolate and Frosted versions a try, and they were both no-go's.  The only time I buy a box of these strange little puffs is when I make Rice Krispie treats :)  This time I was trying something new: adding Nutella and mini-marshmallows into the mix!

Making these is fun, but stirring the sticky lump into a somewhat homogenous mixture is definitely a workout!  Haha~  I cut these up and packed some for the apartment, the boy's apartment, and the Dorchester bunch.  Within 24 hours, the treats inside our kitchen were annihilated O_O  And I haven't even given the boys their share yet, haha so funny!
Packed and ready to go!

While I'm used to baking goodies for my friends (more to de-stress than anything else ;P), I was pleasantly surprised with someone teaching and making me dinner ^o^!  Daniel and I took a trip to the Dong Dong Korean mart on Olive.  I loooove going there, because there are so many things I've never seen before!  I could probably could spend an hour browsing through the aisles, but I'm sure the owner would think I am up to no good -_-''  

Anyways, we Daniel made soondubu jjigae (soft tofu stew) and kimchi pajeon (kimchi pancake)!  I felt very helpful useless, because I probably only chopped green onions and kimchi. XD  We ate this meal at Asian Kitchen last week, and I think I just extolled their kimchi pajeon a million times over, so maybe that's why kimchi pajeon was decided upon for dinner! :D

Danrolllll heating up the kitchen :D

Dropping in green onions into the stew

Ignore the non-photogenic-ness of the stew!  Lookie, a sun! ^_^

Flipping over the pajeon

Tadaa!  Kimchi pajeon :3

Now I know how to make both!  :D  Yayy, so happy~  What a nice way to fuel up for finals week ^^  Daniel is so nice, tee hee~  Now I feel like I can ace my nutrition exam tonight!! (9^o^)9

Meep meep!

Remember those?  Kind of random, but they're almond mice cookies I made, I think last winter, not sure!  But it's fun browsing through pictures of all the things I've made before ^^

Since I have enough ingredients to make half a batch of the Rice Krispies treats, I'll probably do that again this week :D  Great way to use up that cereal, since there's no way I'm going to be eating the stuff for breakfast!!

Good luck with finals everyone-- winter break is right around the corner!! ^^b

More of this coming your way-- watch out! ;)

Debra said...

Sadness, I only managed to gobble up one of them - the last one in the tupperware! It was delish ^^ but apologies for not washing the tupperware afterwards T__T

Wendy said...

Haha, it's okie ^o^ Ahhh, hope this time's batch isn't too fail... I know you like toasty/crispy/crunchy, but Rice Krispies are supposed to be soft and fluffy! XD