PL4Y Showcase

PL4Y Showcase-- 'nuff said! :D  Awesome dancers, great crowd turnout, and tons and tons of Kpop~  The people next to me kept turning to glance at me, because I was yelling my head off.  So much, in fact, that I lost / hurt my voice, and my voice teacher was not very happy about it the following week :(

Lots of people excited!

The line up

DUC commons is PACKED!

People are even watching from above ^^

Here's Michael being tech-director :D

And Elaine, Debra, and Anna open with their dance!

Can you guess who these girls are?  They're SNSD! :P  Super colorful pants @_@

Sojin, Kim, Kelly, and Jessica!  So photogenic, all of them :3

Awww shoot, this was all swag~

Sensasians guest performance

Yubin singing solo-- very nice to listen to :)

Work it, Shelby!

Hehehe, Kathee and Ruding look like they're having a blast XD

and so do Debra and Anna!  Tee hee~

Kekeke, Elaine laughing her head off~

Oh snap... BAP is here...  Go Libby!

RWARRR!!  I can't believe Brandon choreographed; so cool!

Tee hee~  Picture of Ray and Hassan :)

I wanted food, and I saw dancers at Subway :P

Shannon singing!!  Wow, everyone's so talented ^^

Hehe, Olivia and Sojin! :D

Why is Sojin so much taller than me? @_@

:D  Debra and Sojin (Sojin's everywhere!)

Random picture of me that I found on my camera...  STILL THINK I DON'T LOOK LIKE "L?!"

I'm, like, *gasp* need waterrrrrrrr, hahaa~

For your reference, this is "L" from Deathnote :P

Elainey-pooh also got a new camera that weekend; we have the same exact model-- twins! ^^b