That hurt, she thought, concentrating on taking one step forward at a time.  Telling me that I probably thought you were worth nothing...

The first time my heart felt tight and actually ached.  I was a shell, and it was hard to breathe.  The first time I felt like my world was going to end because I caused tears to flow.  The joy I had making someone happy just by showing up.  The first time I could hold a hand in public or take a hug without pushing away in embarrassment or in fear.

And you still think I didn't feel anything for you?

She walked away, only aware of the cars racing towards her when she was already several steps into the road crossing.  She hurried to the nearest sidewalk.  

I can never do anything right.

Wetness.  The girl looked up at the gray clouds overhead as stray raindrops danced lightly on her skin.  They added to the ones of her own that were threatening to spill over.

Perfect.  I deserve this.