Spring Break- LA Day 5

Last post of the LA Spring Break trip!

Let's wait in line~

Waiiii do I have to wait in lineeeee

To get on the train, yo!

Yep, so everyone parks somewhere and then takes a train / tram to the Getty Museum!

This art museum is free for the public!

And it's huge!

Nestled onto a California mountain side

An actual, REAL Vermeer!! O_O  *remembers studying it in class*

Lots of school kids there too :)

The weather was so nice too~  Sunny and breezy ^^

Look at the view!

And the smog... haha~ =o=

Quite an amazing site for a Texan girl like me-- roads between mountains @_@

Pretty cool, eh?

Back to the center of the museum~

I ventured into the rooms to seek out my favorite section:  Greek & Roman sculpture ^^

Caracalla, how can I forget?  Suspicious and fearful of assassination, always looking over his shoulder

A mother dressed as Athena to protect her son~  Motherly love!

Looking Up!

Fountain thingie in the middle-- I like the infinite edge instead of gutters :)

There are also gardens!

But I didn't know how to get down, haha~  STUCK IN THE BUILDING NOOO

Standing in the shade made it feel 20 degrees cooler :P

Oh my gawsh, seeing all these works that I've studied before :O I don't think this one's an original either~

We went on a tour!  ... I ended up not listening ^_^''

This sculpture is made of wood with gilt gold.  Really creepily realistic!

Hyung is tired... needs a rest, haha!  (Actually, I was pretty tired too @_@)


Sean, Anna, and Elaine join in!

After the museum, everyone was starving!  So we found a place that Debra recommended (because Yelp recommended it, hehe).  It's called Lares!  Mexican food!  In California!  I'm so excited!  It must be great!  Okay, I'll stop with the exclamation marks!  Okay, no, really I will... haha~  It was so late, I think almost 4pm, so we were all about to topple over from lack of energy.

Cute outdoor dining

Rustic little sign

AND FRESH WARM CHIPS.  OMG.  *inhales whole basket*

Elaine so purdy~~~

The interior was really nicely decorated :)

Sean and some.. soup thing. (real specific, right? :P)

Anna and tilapia!!

Debra ordered burrito and taco :D

Wow, genuine smile O_O  Hehe, steak!  ... at a Mexican restaurant, durrr~

Had to put another one on, too cute!  :D  Oh, shrimp rice soupy dish thing.  Also very specific.  :P

BEHOLD.  MY LUNCH.  Chilaquiles ^^

Pretty much a delicious mess of tortilla chips smothered with sauce, cheese, and chicken :)  Super yum!  I love the combination of slightly crunchy and chewy, and of course cheese is always delish~  And who doesn't like refried beans?!!  You don't?  Well... TOO BAD  *steals your refried beans and eats them*  Om nom nom :3

After lunch, we headed to the beach for some nice sun time!  And then the world ended:

This is Anna and Sean on the beach.

Haha!  Surprised??  It's California and it's March, but it was soooo cool in the area for some reason, so the low pressure caused a lot of fog and cold drafts to roll in.  Thus, we were surrounded with an eerie fog that I could have sworn was the coming of a zombie apocalypse @_@''  But to the beach we went!  Go forth and conquer!

We look like we're fleeing from some far away land instead of playing on the beach XD

Beautiful and trendy beach styles, eh?

Even though it was cold (shivvvvver!), I was really happy just to see the ocean.  I don't know; maybe it's because I'm from the Gulf Coast, but I really miss seeing large bodies of water once in a while, especially after being cooped up in the Middlewest :(  Too bad we couldn't play in the ocean since it was too freezing... maybe in the future!  I walked and ran up and down a small stretch of the sand, because I would lose sight of the group~

We went to an outdoor mall (think of a multi-story mall with no ceiling), which would have been amazing in warmer weather, but with the fog enshrouding everything, it was cold and kind of gloomy looking.

But they had these really cool parking lights!  They would turn from green to red when someone parked into a space, so it saves people from driving around.  They can just look for green lights.  We watched a few cars parked with some "Ooooooh's" and "Ahhhhh's" before heading towards the mall entrance.  The lights change a few seconds after someone parks, so they're triggered by motion sensors.

How come Texas can't have one of these??  Oh wait, duh.  It's 108F during the summer.

Anna and Sean disappearing into the crowd

And pointing the way!  Or at the advertisement?  I don't remember.

Josh found his Taeyeon peas :)  Turns out they're from Toy Story!

The three gals buy the three brother bears from Brave.  Cute ^^

For dinner, we ate with Alex, a TSO alumni, at The Father's Office.  He said it's really popular, and the burgers are pretty good.  So off we went~  It's a bar / burger place, and you have to be 21 or over just to get in.  Our IDs were checked~

Ooooh.  Office...

And it's super dark x_x

Really crowded!  No one seats you, so you basically stand behind a table until they finish eating.  Awkward...  haha~

Alex!!  Wait, I can't see him...  One sec.

Alex!!  *blinds him with the flash*

*then proceeds to do it to everyone else*

The Father's burger

The menu is really limited, although there are steaks, appetizers, and salad.  Most of their stuff consists of the drinks, and people come here to hang out and yell at each other over the noise, haha~  Debra and I split a burger, since we were still so full from our super late lunch.  I like their bun-- it was really soft and buttery, dense and chewy.  The gruyere cheese, caramelized onions, and smoked bacon had a lot of flavor and hid the bleu cheese flavor (hooray!  I don't like bleu cheese) for me.  Noms!

Father's Office
3229 Helms Ave
Los AngelesCA 90034

Another trip to Boba Time!  I ordered something that wasn't what I thought it would be, but it was still yummy.  Fluffy milk ice!

Red beans and blueberries-- it can work :)

And I'm going for it...


I feel like someone's watching me!

Om nom!  Hahaha, Debra :)

On the way back, we stopped by a Korean supermarket.  Fun to walk around in, although not as big as H-Mart!

We were very amused at the cart escalator!

And that's it!  That was Spring Break 2013 in Los Angeles :)  Hope you were able to enjoy some of LA's locations through the post series ^^