A return trip to Chicago

The windy city!  I visited Chicago last summer with friends, and this would be my second trip there ever :)

I went to a friend's formal event, and it was a lot of fun!  It was an awesome deal for the bus ride there and back, attending the formal (meal included!), and the chance to wander the streets of Chicago!  I totally enjoyed the exploration of the city more than the actual fraternity dance part :P  But even that was a nice experience ^^v  And the food was excellent, nom nom nom!~

So the bus ride there was purely napping purposes (I like my shuteye!), while the rest of the bus was passing Arizona tea spiked with some alcohol.  Mannnn, one of my friends that I met in Chemistry freshman year who I thought was hilarious already was SO funny when he's under the influence!

When we got there, I got to see the city again :)  Wow!

Chicago Tribune building

Yes.  Welcome to Conic Chicago.  Wait, no, it's "iconic," but I was standing in front of the "I."  I can be the "I!"  Har har har~ XD

We stayed at the Allerton Hotel which was right next to the busy streets-- perfect access :D

All of us tumbled out of the bus

HORSIEEEEE.  Okay, now we can go in, haha~

After settling down in our rooms, we went out in search of dinner.

How come St. Louis isn't like this?

People walking around and streets flooded with lights~

Giordano's!  What's that?  I'll give you a hint.

It's a restaurant.

That serves these.

BAM.  Chicago style deep dish pizza pies.  BAM.

Haha!  We were seated within 15 minutes, but we sat at our table waiting for the pizzas for a long time, probably more than an hour!  This was a "small" sized pizza, and the two of us didn't even finish it!  I ate half, and Brian couldn't finish his half, so he took the rest back to the hotel :P

I was pretty happy!  I liked this pizza better than the one we had at Lou Malnati's the previous summer.  It was thicker, fuller, cheesier, and each bite was another delicious reminder that food that taste that good is never healthy for you ;)

Fellow food photographer, yes!

Look at that cheese!  Mmmmm...


This was my window view!

The next day was free time before the formal, so that means EXPLORING!  YAYYYY *happy happy*


It was mostly walking around, which I love to do in new places.  When I go to Taiwan, I love walking around and just taking in the sights and window shopping.  Usually the people I go with get tired or bored, but it's something I really enjoy doing ^^

My friends always joke around with it being "Wiiiiiindy," so I guess this is my city! RWARRR :3

And it was actually still chilly in April!  I like the city backdrop :)

In the park!  Love Greek and Roman-inspired architecture.  Makes me feel like my art history minor is super special, haha!

The Cloud Gate!  Aka, the Bean.  Oooooh~

I secretly want to go up to the bean and lay down like the person in the corner, but I'm too sissy!

Maybe if I go again in the future, but that probably won't be happening-- I did so much during this trip! :)


Oh, this was a photo kiosk taking pictures of random people on the street!

We would try jumping in the air the moment they took pictures, but it never really worked, as you can see.  Brian hasn't even jumped yet!

So interesting that the subway is above the cars on the streets.


Haha, happy tourist!

There was a cultural parade that day, so lots of horses tied to buggies

Not too many people~

But there was a high school band!

Ah, Argo Tea.

Apparently it's a Chicagoan thing, and I love it!  I got hooked on their matcha vanilla chai tea sample and ordered one for breakfast (it didn't taste like tea, haha).

People watching~

Mmmmm..  I never drink tea, but this was a tourist thing to do, I suppose ;)

Next stop?  Willis Tower!  Formerly known as the Sears Tower.

There was a huge line wrapping around the block to go inside to visit the once-tallest building in the world!

What people go for is the Skydeck, which you'll get to see in just a bit!

Informational stuff that no one really reads, so sad!

This super fast elevator compared what level you were at with various buildings around the world!

Can you spot me?

At the top, I took pictures of the view!  Lots of buildings~  Everything looked tiny!

Okay, so here is where the fun begins, haha~

People wait in line to stand on a glass ledge, so it's like you're floating really high!

Like this!  And people obviously take pictures :P

My turn!

Whee, so cool!

Oooooh, so high.

I actually trust the building a lot, so this didn't give me any pangs of fear or nervousness at all.  In fact, the guy behind us in line was afraid of heights, and his buddy was talking him into standing next to us for a picture.  We talked and joked with him a bit, and then I jumped once just to be obnoxious and freaked him out XD

So funny!

This was the guy!  Wonder if he thought it was fun though?

Afterwards we continued to walk around aimlessly~

Haha, I think the statue looks more formal than he does, right?

Oh, and my first time at a City Target!

City Target stores are basically Target stores condensed into a smaller space for the city.  They sell more grocery and food products instead of other things like tires, etc.!

Walgreens also ups their game when it comes to big cities.  This one had a sommelier (wine expert) and wine tastings!   

Such weird architecture @_@

Lost!  Just kidding~

I have no idea what I'm pointing at.  YAY!

Another riverside shot ^^

Street performer!  He was really cool-- a statue until the beat began :)

I got a picture with him!!

I saw this and thought of Josh :)

Another pizza location!  Look at the line~

Another thing to try?  Chicago hot dogs.  I was way too full, but was also curious to see these.

Let's follow Brian into the store!  So many doggie pictures :D

Here it is!

Chicago hotdog.  Lots of relish and pickles @_@



Poor hotdog, it didn't know what got to him.  :P  I had a bite, not bad!

Another Argo spotted O_O

There's the hotel!  Time to head back and get ready for formal~

Waiting for my hair to dry after showering~
Too lazy / late for makeup, haha!

Brian showed up, and I thought his mohawk was hilarious-- like a shark!

Can you tell that I sewed the dress?

Not from scratch silly!  But it was a longer dress before, and I altered it to a short one.  So proud!  My sewing skills are nonexistent, and if you lift up the bottom part, you'll probably cringe at the spiderwebs of attempted stitches XD  But you can't really tell from the outside!

The event was held in one of the ballrooms.

As usual, I was offered drinks :p  But I don't like alcohol!!

Really nice setting~

And the view of the darkening city was nice too ^^

Still so bright!

This pretzel bread looked too fake and pretty @_@

Here was the menu!  I love food, haha~

I made some new friends too :D

I think most of the guys got the steak, it was really funny :P

I saw Ramita there too!

They look so happy together~  Quite goofy, actually~

Awesome travelling friend for the weekend! 


Manly entree, the steak.

He's so happy to be eating, haha~ :)

My fish entree with risotto!  Best things combined, ever.

Then the server added the sauce~


Want some?  Says the emaciated looking self XD

There was talking after dinner and then some goofy and silly dancing (mostly just watching everyone groove!)

Awesome few days in Chicago-- loved it!

Adrian Siaril said...

A very long post, Wendy :D
as an Asian you never drink tea before????? :0
I wish I could find the Pie Pizza somewhere else here in OZ

Wendy said...

Hi again! :) Nice to see you visiting my blog~ Sorry for the late reply-- I'm adjusting to my new life at a new school, so I haven't had much time to check back here.

I burned myself when I made tea for my parents when I was younger, so I don't like tea, haha ^^'' And apparently you can have Chicago or New York deep dish pizza frozen and air mailed :D But OZ might be a little far, haha... That's in Australia, right?~