After Dark 2013

Another post from St. Louis!  This is After Dark!


Waiiiiiitttt!!  *zip, pause*

Hurh?  I got a few questions from a blog reader (yay!), and I'm going to go ahead and answer them here. ^^b  I thought it would be an invasion of privacy if I posted their questions (just to be safe!), so these are answers to questions people can't see, hahaha XD  Begin!~

I'm not from China, since I was born in the United States, but my parents are from Taiwan.

Yes, I did graduate from that school, went to college, and now I'm going to medical school. :D  In the US, we don't graduate from universities as a doctor.  It's a two step process: first go to college, then apply and get into medical school (then graduate... as a doctor!!).

Aww thanks!  :)  I like to swim and dance, and would like to think and hope that I'm pretty good at swimming, but I haven't swam competitively in 4 years, so I'm no where as fast as I used to be.  I like to swim for fun and keeping in shape though.  As for dancing, I still have a lot to learn!

I'm 22 years old (probably much older than you thought I was, right? haha~) and no, I don't currently have a boyfriend.  

Okay, let's continue to After Dark!!

What's that?  Basically a photography conference full of learning.  It's a national event where photographer gurus come and teach their passions to others.  Photographers (I think there were more than 400?) who want to learn pay big bucks to attend for a few days, and they, as well as a bunch of models, fly in from all over the country.  One of the coordinators contacted me, and luckily, I was still at WashU in St. Louis at that time. :)  

Information session

Daniel took me to the information session in downtown.  After Dark was hosted at the Union Station hotel!  It was pretty big inside @__@  This information session was pretty cool; I got to see how coordinators organized and planned things out, and we were all assigned days and times.  The event ran into my classes, so I couldn't attend for 2 out of the 4 days, and I went at night after my classes.  Looking back, I should have skipped those classes (seeing as how everyone does it on a weekly basis, haha!) and embraced the opportunity!  I worked during the later hours ("After Dark," right?) where pretty much only studio work could be done, but I actually love, love, love natural lighting.  Playing around in the hallways with natural sunlight seeping through the curtains would have been awesome.  At least I know now!

Here was my name tag~

They were setting up studio pods for the next day.

The hotel had a lot of space, like this pretty hall of shops

And this one by the windows.  SUNLIGHTTT

This is what the hotel entrance looks like, just like a castle!

Random pictures of tulips from campus (no idea why these pictures are here XD)

But campus is quite pretty during the spring semester ^^

This is the After Dark.  There's an interview in the middle.  I was featured in it twice; can you spot me? :D

Pretty exterior again~

This was my first modeling event, so I had no idea what to expect.  Darn it, so should have went to all four days-- it was a lot of fun!  I love being all dolled up with the hair, the dressing up, and the makeup.  It's like playing pretend in front of the camera :D  I'm sure many people don't know what an event like this is like, so here are some pictures to share with you ^^

Makeshift makeup station, haha~

People would sit and listen to a mentor before testing their skills.

All sorts of gizmos and gadgets

I actually liked listening too!  .. although I couldn't understand some of the stuff they were saying ^^''

Here was a snack bar for those who didn't have enough time for meals!  So nice of them :)

I met this girl while we were doing makeup together.  She's gorgeous!  I couldn't stop sneaking looks at her through the reflection in the mirror :P

The makeup artists were awesome too-- they even did hair too!

Here's my hair!  All this with a straightener.  How is that possible? @_@

Back into the ballroom for shoots!

So a lot of it is trial-and-error for the learning photographers.

They'll have a model and take some shots with some settings,

review their shots and see how they can improve,

and then continue to take more shots.

I've never seen this thing before!  I think it's an extra large reflector, haha~

I was totally amazed by the backdrops.  The floor looks like real wood!

And always wanted to play with a ring light!  These things are so awesome and fun!  But they hurt my eyes XD

For the days I went, I went at around 9pm and stayed until 2 or 3am.  Daniel picked me up both days, and I'm super thankful!  He even had a test that week too.

This is how many bobby pins the makeup artist put in my hair ._.

Daniel falling asleep while reviewing his notes...  Thank you, thank you, thank you~

Here are just a few pictures from the event.  I talked with these photographers personally, so I feel like these pictures mean a bit more to me :D

(Photographer: Stacy Lahti)  Haha, my signature green jacket on campus.

(Photographer: Richard Sturdevant)

This was one of the mentors (head honcho guru teaching everyone else)!  I'm so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with him ^^

(Photographer:  Brian Poon)

(Photographer:  Connie White)  Adieu!

After Dark was tooooons of fun, definitely had way too much makeup on (not used to it :P), and I hope I can continue to model in the future!