Spirit of Korea 2013

Still tying some loose ends from STL!  And I *have* to start it out with food :P  Yeah, I know the last post was "the last post about food," so there will only be a few pictures-- I'll spare you! ;)

Daniel taught me how to panfry salmon and make mashed potatoes!  It's really easy and pretty~

Looks normal, right?

Well LOOK AT THAT.  The skin is scored to let the heat distribute evenly :)

The small piece of salmon is my version of baked salmon.  I undercooked it, so it tasted like lox.. haha, fail...

SOK was upon us!

Everyone had been practicing and getting ready for the big event

And today was rehearsals!

But wait!  My attention-deficient self has to insert more random food pictures here :)

Homemade oatmeal raisin ice cream sandwiches

Super messy to eat ^^

My Mommy's birthday was then too!  Happy birthday!  Here she is with Bacardi :D

And... I like ice cream with chocolate goldfish.  It's vanilla bean!  SEE THE SPECKS?!

Here was the makeup I decided to use for the performance!  Do I still look Asian? :P

Lots of people showed up on SOK even though it was so chilly ^^b

But the band warmed us up~

And these two goofballs too :)

Performance order!  I was in #5 this year~ But I had friends in pretty much every dance! O_O

Also, Jeff's first dance was #2!

So proud of him :')

Korean fan dance is so elegant!

Here are some of the girls I danced with!  Yenlin, Laina, Elizabeth, and Jen ^^

Spam begins!  Elizabeth said that she was kind of mixed emotion-ed, because we practiced so much and the performance was only ~4 minutes long (and we only performed once), so I will make all the pictures worth the time! >:O  RWARRR  haha~  The pictures beginning here were taken by my friends, Elaine and Jenny :)

And begin!  Looks like we all have tummy aches XD

Work it, Elizabeth!

Jen totally rocked this part :3

Yenlin's super awesome moves ^^

Pictures here with the XL Photography were taken by Alex and Betty.  Check them out at their website (http://xuliuphotography.com/)-- they're so good! :D

Our friend, teacher, choreographer, and lovely Lilly :D

First time to meet Linda too~

Want to watch the performance?  Click this movie then ^^

Wheee!  Happy ^^  This was probably my last dance *sniff*  I'm glad it was a good one :')

WUCypher totally killed their performance too!

Why are they so cool @______@

Another dance, which was "One of a Kind," hur hur hurr~

Elaine also choreographed "Stop Girl," which was one of the most anticipated dances of the show!  Watching all my friends up there was so cool~  Awesome ^o^

Watch and be amazed by Stop Girl! (Movie^)

Elaine was also in Sojin's dance, a Sistar mashup that Debra also performed in.  Watch it below; I bet the crowd was going crazy, hehehe~

Click to watch!

Afterwards, the performances went back inside, and it was hectic!

Salmunori :)

And Daniel's dance, "Beautiful Night."  So hip!

Spirit of Korea was a blast-- I had a lot of fun, and I love girly dances!  Too bad I will no longer be at WashU to enjoy the next SOK, but this was a great way to end the year and my college career.  Hopefully there will be some fun dancing opportunities in medical school!

Next post?  CHICAGO.  Stay tuned~  ^o^