New times and family time

Mornings waiting for the sunrise on the balcony are serene..

(Those are my extra rectangular feet dangling on the balcony! :D)

So is enjoying a home cooked meal (yay for slowly improving cooking skills, haha!)

Exploring the area by trying out restaurants with new friends,

Michelle and Dana at Tampopo

Nomming on Texas classics when meeting up with old friends,

Eric and Jeremy at Whataburger

Derek trying Korean Juk for the first time

Trying out crazy concoctions at the State Fair,

Sharing fried cake balls with Aurelia

Fried Oreos, anyone? :)

Karen, Tom, and Shelly won a dragon!!

Waiting in line for fous corn dogs

This one is jalapeƱo and cheese, mmmm~ ^o^

Matt trying to get Gee to eat chocolate bacon and jalapeƱos

And attending our school's Oktoberfest celebration for some good old bratwurst and yodeling are some of things I've been up to recently!

Meep?  o.o

Who says medical school is the worst thing ever?  I'm happy and (hopefully) healthy, so let's keep it that way!

My parents even came for my White Cost Ceremony :)  it was a three person slumber party, hehe! Last meal together until thanksgiving! My parents cooked everything ^^ thanks for coming~

There's a little of school life!  :)  Hopefully some bits about social life coming soon, haha~  ^^