Starting the "What's going on Fridays!"

Heyyyyy~  :)  I'm going to start popping up here once a week to do a little blurb about what's happening!  Hopefully that will keep my presence around here a bit better than before, where I'm absent for a looong time ^^'

For now, my parents are visiting me today!  We have the "White Coat Ceremony" tomorrow, where all the first-years get their white coats after a month of studying and taking exams and stuff :P

Today we went to the ophthalmology clinic and dilated our friends' eyes to practice using the equipment.  It's *so* much easier with dilated eyes!!  I'm so happy that I could actually use the scope-- makes me feel competent, haha~


Josh said...

yeee updates. post pixorz of your white coat ceremony!

Wendy said...

No pics! Well, not until I go back to my parents and transfer the photos myself from their phones :P I'll post other pics instead!