It's Friday, Friday~~ (Well... it *was* Friday, haha)

Yesterday, a few of you were probably thinking, "It's Friday, and Wendy didn't post her first "Friday Funday" or whatever thingie like she said she would!"  And you're right-- but I have an excuse!  I was out all night (literally) and didn't come back until morning, so I didn't have time to spend some quality time with my computer ^^'

Honey Bunches of Oats cereal to start the morning :)  So bright and happy!

Anyone know that I usually rave about eating cereal?  My day will turn upside down if I don't start the day with a bowl of pure sugar (I eat all the kiddy and sweet ones!) :P  Another thing I realized this year, is that I ABSOLUTELY love frozen yogurt (and ice cream, but frozen yogurt even more so!).  It used to be, "I really like," and now it's "I can eat this for dinner three days in a row."  Have I tried that?  Noooo, but I've eaten it for dinner every Friday for a month before! :D  Yogurtland has become my favorite in Dallas (mostly because that's the only one I ever eat, hehe~), and yesterday they had banana bread and oatmeal raisin cookie flavors!  I ended up getting banana bread and peanut butter...

which leads me to:  I ABSOLUTELY love peanut butter (or almond butter) sandwiches!!  Almond butter more so, but that stuff is crazy expensive @_@  SO GOOD.  It's so strange how I would rather gobble up a peanut butter sandwich than go off campus to eat lunch, but it's just so darn good :')  Maybe it's my innate medical school student attempting to save me money, haha~  So cheap, convenient, and delish!

Why am I rambling about food?  Well since I posted something earlier in the week, I can excuse myself for this food-filled post (Yay!), hehe~

Okay, some food pics that were just *waiting* to get on this blog, but I felt sorry for my readers since I always force feed y'all food photos :P  So a little bit of Dallas for you!:

Beef noodle soup from King Noodle restaurant

Frozen dumplings for weekend lunches (haha~  I like making it look fancy :D)

Some Dallas BBQ with a friend visiting from Houston-- creamed corn!  *heart*

Experimenting in the kitchen-- random tofu dish!  With steamed rice ^o^

Venturing out to try my first Dallas food truck (The Butcher's Son)

Voodoo Tots-  tater tots with braised beef, onions, curry powder~  Mmmmm!

What I usually have with my ultra delicious peanut butter sandwiches- fruit!

... adds some color into my monotonous brown-looking sandwich / lunch :3

Anyone understand how Apple knows where I'm headed towards?? ._.

It's kind of weird, because I never set any home addresses or anything, and it always tells me how long it takes to get to school on the weekdays @______@

And yes... I have an 11 o'clock alarm.  Why?  Because I was sleepy after eating breakfast, so I took a nap XD

Finally, an uber cute photo:

This is Hyung's kitty-- Boba!

I bet he's super spoiled, what a cutie ^^

Josh said...

yo yo i think we tried icecream every night for dinner..for like 4 days? or was it 3? LOL my memory so bad. -__-
wat about the jellay?? no jelly wit ur pb sammie? =O haha cheap nuts. I had that for high school for like a month. yum
pixor 1: King Noodle. tite!@!@! name for a restaurant
pixor 2: pretty fancy
pixor 3: dat creamed corn.
pixor 4: looks like a typical dedee dinner hahaha
pixor 5: like seoultaco yee
pixor 6: alot of stuff in one pix.
pixor 7: healthy healthy

iono, maybe the map setting had ur school as your home destination hahaha. =P
gah, im too young to raise a kid yet..