Happy turkey week!

Hope everyone is having a great turkey week (Happy Thanksgiving!) :D  This was my first Thanksgiving with family in four years, so it was a nice change of pace.  Definitely a much needed break! :)

Daddy's fried rice *heart*!

This guy warmed me up inside and outside.  Thank you, Balto ^^

Can you see Bacardi trying to sneak a bite in from dinner?  Hehe~

For Thanksgiving, my sister came home and the family made lunch.  Connie made mac 'n cheese and green bean casserole, my parents made a shrimp dish, stuffed chicken, and veggies, and I made a pumpkin pie.  It was a square one, since I couldn't find our circular pie pan! 
My sister made Mac and Cheese for Thanksgiving!  Om nom nom, so good~

My lovely parents :D



Since I have told a few people, I guess I'll just go ahead and let everyone in on what's going on, haha~  ^^  I signed to an agency in Dallas in September for modeling :)  It's nothing fancy and nothing big-- In fact, they're more talent-based (meaning mostly actors and actresses!), but it's interesting and neat to see what actors do when they are rep-ed by an agency ^^b  There are things I'm not going to post, but I do think my experience is definitely not representative of how an agency runs... or at least how we interact with agents anyways!  More on that in the far, far future~

That said, I've decided I'm not going to pursue this too seriously any further-- definitely need to focus on life goals too!  It's tough, letting logic tell me what I know is right, especially when so many people laugh at me and expect me to fail.  Dreams are sometimes just dreams, I guess :(  I can still skip on them lightly, enjoy the experience, and have fun though!  Now, I am going to try just being regular me! :D  Let's try getting a fashion sense (that's probably the hardest thing for me to do, haha!), play with the hair a bit, and being a girl on a quest ^^  ... I also want to finally go to one of those Yelp Elite events hehe :P  Maybe I can meet food lovers like me too!!

Another sobering thought?  I'm super fortunate that my life is how it is now, but something from the past definitely hit me (again) and made me regret one of my choices.  Definitely a big life changer, quite possibly a future-changer too.  *But*, I'm going to type out a little phrase that has helped me get through past dips, and it also helped out a friend in need recently.  The silly thing is, Dr. Phil made this one haha!:  You may not always make the right choice, but you can always make the choice right.  That's what I'll do, and I'm going to make this one even better. :)


My sister and I watched Disney's Frozen today!  Kellogg's cereal was having this promotion, and I ate enough cereal to get 2 free movie tickets (woohoo! no extra effort whatsoever, being the cereal lover I am, hehe :3).  I thought the movie was great!  I laughed so many times, and I'm pretty sure the people around us may have been slightly annoyed ^^'' and I also cried :'(  Ahh, cartoons make me cry!

Mmm.. Who best to enjoy waffle fries at a movie theater?...

... than my silly sister? :)  Flash attack!

I'm really glad we got to hang out this break :)  We weren't very close growing up, so I feel like I'm getting to know her better.  Pestering her with random texts is starting to work, mwahahahaaaa!  ;)  I hope her schedule becomes more regular, so we can meet up even more often!  She's going to be my travel buddy *happy* :D
These are our attractive faces.  haha! XD

Have a great holiday season! ^^