Biking to Bay Area Park

I went on an adventure to Bay Area Park!  I would usually ride the bike on the sidewalks flanking the roads, but I decided to risk it and delve into Brookwood neighborhood (have no idea how to navigate around in there).  It was a cloudy day, but still a nice one, and I passed by the church too~

It was really quiet, with only a few birds chattering in the background.  I set the bike on the road behind the church and tried pushing away the thought that it felt like I was in an eerily quiet scene of a horror movie.  >_<

Empty silent road

The noise my bike makes is kind of scary here, haha!

Blue skies engulfed by gray clouds

I popped out of Brookwood onto the main streets and pedaled cautiously across to the other side.  Then I passed the bridge and saw a police man walk and stand in the middle of the road to stop a red SUV.  He then motioned for the car to follow him with his hand.  I'm suspecting another officer down the road had told him the car was speeding!  Whew, good thing I was on a bike.  There was no way I could get a ticket!  .. unless I was going to slowly??

Anyways, I rode in a circle around the park and saw the dog park for the first time.  I should take Balto and Bacardi here!  It's too far to walk them here, but maybe a car trip would do.  Then they'd be able to run around with some other doggies^^  Bacardi would probably bark her head off though >_>

I stepped off the bike and walked along a bridge near the back that I've never been on before :o  Quite pretty ^^  I just gazed around the scene and watched a crane ever so slowly walk a few feet, while fish sporadically jumped out of the water.  A bird with a huge beak (like a pelican) kept swooping across the lake and belly-flopping.

The only sound was the rippling of water, fish jumping, and belly-flopping ^^

Does anyone else see frog legs here? :P (hint: it's made of wood)

On my next long break, I plan to rent a kayak and go exploring!  It's safe, since it doesn't lead to the ocean. How do I know?  Google Maps!  :P

I walked off the bridge and went to visit the geese and ducks on the other side of the park.  There were only a few of them, unlike the flocks and flocks that used to chase me when I visited with my dad many years ago.  Ahhhh, scary geese >_<

But now since I was wearing jeans, their bills didn't scare me >:D Mwahaha!

Silly geese!

So fat, tee hee :3

Nearby, I saw some ducks pecking at bird feed someone left on the floor.  Maybe the ducks had watched the dogs walk around in the park, because one of them kept wagging its tail while it was eating!  :D

My food...  *quack quack*

The clouds were blocking more and more of the sky, so I decided to head back home.  Yet another independent adventure!  Just needed epic music playing in the background ;) 


Ending on a bittersweet note--  I got my stitches off and was told that there's nothing to worry about (except for scarring, durr) :D  Whoo!  .. but then was told that I can't swim again until it's fully healed which takes "several months."   I knew last year that afterwards I wouldn't be able to do more "physical" stuff like supporting heavy weights, rock climbing, or anything needing the left hand like that for a while, but swimming??  It's supposed to be low-impact!  Haha, it's really a super small sacrifice for what I got in return, but still, I always really looked forward to swimming last semester >_< (it's the only sport I can play, haha~)  *slightly very sad*