Stormy nights

It was 1:30am, and my parents had gone to sleep several hours before.  I sat in the computer room and heard the dog fence fall in the kitchen.  :O  Oh no's, Balto is trying to escape!  So I jumped the fence blocking me from the kitchen and see Balto cowering away from the fence and Bacardi looking up at me with her tail between her legs.

"What's wrong, girl?"  I pat her head while she looks at the floor, and then I pick up the fence and lean it back to its original position, before hopping back over to the computer room.  Some scuffling noises make me look back towards the kitchen.  Bacardi's attempting to nose her way towards me by knocking over the other fence, when I hear half muted thunder boom in the distance and rain drops beginning to fall.

Ohh..  Bacardi's deathly afraid of rain.  I pick up the fence to let her in, while Balto observes us from the kitchen.  Trying to not make him jealous, I try to talk sternly to Bacardi in front of him, but she just lays down on my feet.  I look at Balto from the corner of my eyes.  Still watching~ haha >_>''

I sit back down at the computer, and Bacardi finds the smallest, coziest, and "safest" area in the room to hide from the thunder:  the leg room under the desk.  When Balto finally walks away, I reach down and smooth down the fur on her neck and give her an Eskimo kiss.  "It's going to be all right, kay?"  She looks back up at me with big, brown eyes, as if she was trying to see if I was lying.

Another round of thunder echoes, and she hides back towards my feet.  I can just imagine titans battling it out up there.  @_@  So epic.

Balto's so manly, hanging out by himself in the kitchen and giving out occasional sighs.  I wonder why Bacardi's so scared of rainy days?  Maybe I should drag her from her usual hiding spot (under my parents' bed) to sleep next to me tonight?  The weather forecast says it'll be thunder-storming all day tomorrow.   Poor girl~  But I'm actually scared of dark and gloomy stormy days too :P  There was a really bad one when I was in high school, on a day when both of my parents were out for the whole day, and it was just so dark outside with the rain pelting down.  Depressing almost, so I pretty much turned on all of our lights inside!  The thunder was so violent, that the house would shake >_<''  So I spent the day sitting in the kitchen with Balto (before Bacardi joined the family), hugging him and laughing nervously every time the lights would flicker.  :D  Ahh, good memories.. but maybe that's why I prolonged rainy/gloomy weather in St. Louis make me sad?

On the bright side, my dad's going to be singing about how great the plants must feel after a year of drought tomorrow ^_^