A little stranger on the way to school

I had a lot of fun this past Tuesday! :D

*press play*

Whyyy, you ask?  Well, Irene already headed back to school, so the day before she left, I called her when I woke up.  And that started our afternoon hang out ^^

"Sorry, I just woke up..."  I managed to say coherently.

"Me too," her voice replied.  I glanced up at the clock-- 11:40am.  Haha ^^'  "Sorry if you can't hear me I have my retainer on."

I squealed, "Me tooooo!"  Haha, so funny  :3  We were both sleepy heads, and I made her decide on which restaurant we were eating at, telling her to surprise me when she picked me up. :P

When she pulled up, we both still didn't know where to go, so we decided to drive down the road and see what inspiration would come.  After talking about how both our parents are picky about eating only Asian cuisine and don't like to experiment with other culture's foods, we decided to go to Mogul Indian Restaurant!  I hadn't been since I ate with Claire and Irene our senior year in high school, and I remembered how I burned off all my taste buds because the food was so spicy @__@''  (but hey, my spicy tolerance went up! :P)

We parked into the plaza near our high school and realized that..  Mogul's disappeared??  Luckily, Irene just upgraded to a smartphone, so she searched it up quickly.  The restaurant was actually on the same road, but farther down.  When we walked in, I was pretty impressed-- it used to be such a dark and small restaurant in the corner of a plaza best known for the Petco, Jack-in-the-Box, and Popeye's there.  But now at its new location, it was fit for even a wedding banquet!  Still a bit dark (mood lighting?), but pretty! :D

The waiter pointed us to the buffet line in the back.  Irene says that most Indian restaurants always have a lunch buffet instead of a sit-down lunch.  Is that true?  I've only heard of Indian buffet here in Clear Lake... at this restaurant :P


Hehe, Irene's excited too!  Oh I just realized we both were wearing orange that day~

My favorite Indian dish is the spinach and cheese thing.  So good!  Irene said that it was good for helping keep the spiciness off her tongue, since it is made of dairy.  Mmm, everything was delicious, and I didn't think anything was too spicy to handle O_O  definitely enjoyed brunch!  Irene and I inhaled triangles of naan too.  Unlike the ones they serve at WashU (which are crispy, my goodness), they were super soft <3

For dessert, we experimented with a cheese with cream dish and another one of carrots and spices.  There was some spice that was overpowering for me in both dishes.  It was good, but the after taste wasn't for me @_@  I pushed the carrot dish towards Irene, and when she nibbled at it, her face scrunched up, and she said "Well, that's one ethnic-tasting carrot all right."

I burst out laughing, haha sooo funny! XD

Mogul Indian Restaurant
1055 Bay Area Blvd
Houston, TX 77058

So after stuffing ourselves, we went to GameStop, where she traded in Zelda's Skysword (already finished it!!) for Metal Gear 3 (or something like that).  I told her that I hadn't been in this store since we went together in high school :)  

Next we stopped by a fabric store.  Irene actually made a few of her clothes before O_O  We were there because she needed fabric to make a sash/belt for one of her skirts.  *amazed*  It was funny, because I told her that I hadn't been in that store since high school either!  She laughed, saying that she must do the same things all the time!  ;)

Looking like a model~

So many fabrics!

Then we went to a store I have never seen before.  It was a.. um.. parts store?  They sell all sorts of parts for computers, circuits, etc.  and Irene picked out a single 10ohm resistor.  When we walked to the counter, the cashier looked amused that we only bought one, and he said it was seven cents.

I asked Irene what it was for, and she said it was for something she was making her boyfriend back at school.  She was planning to make a mouse that glowed the more you clicked it and the light would slowly fade after no one was touching the computer mouse.  SO COOL!  It's amazing that she can actually build stuff, right?  And she's going off to work after college as an engineer!  As of yet, I feel like I have no useful skills in my trade to use in the field.  Unless it's menial labor ^^'

Irene drove me back home, and we hugged good-bye.  It'll be at least until summer until I see her again!  We both agreed that both of us pretty much "go off the map" when we're at school.  No one knows what we're up to until we're all reunited back at home.  :P


I hopped onto the "big" bike Wednesday.  It used to be the one I could never ride, because my legs couldn't touch the floor.  But now, it's so much easier to ride than the mini-mountain bike!  :D

My mission was to deliver the Box Tops I had collected the past semester to my elementary school.  So thirteen box tops sat in my side bag while I rode to the school.  It's been a while~

I learned how to ride the bike without hands over the summer ^^  so with super smooth roads in the neighborhood, I tried it out.  And I rode halfway to the elementary school without hands!  *super proud*  :D  I must have looked super weird though, since my hands were stuck out on the sides for balancing. :P

On the way there, I saw a huge white squirrel.  Well, I thought it was a squirrel, and then I realized it was a doggie!  "Cute..." but then I realized it didn't have a collar, so I hopped off the bike and walked back.

"Harro there, mister."

Sooo cute! ^^

The dog ran up to me, and I thought it was going to bark, but then it got distracted and started sniffing at the mulch of one of the trees.  Super cute!  I made sure it didn't have a collar and didn't know what to.  A lady in a truck passed by and rolled down the window, asking me what type of dog I had.  Not mine, I replied, but it doesn't have a collar.  She didn't know what to do either and drove off.

While I was still pondering, a familiar voice called out my name.  I looked up and saw...  Raina and Danielle!  :O  Haha, haven't seen them in forever, and Raina goes to WashU with me too!~  They pulled the car to the side of the road, and I walked towards them with the white doggie following me.

Danielle and Raina appear!  :D

Both of them are so pretty ^^

So soft ^^


Dog nappers-- cute :3

They asked me about the dog, and Raina asked a nearby neighbor if they knew who this dog belonged to.  Nada.  Hmm, we played with it a bit more, and found out the doggie was a girl ^^  Danielle named her "Snowy!"  Haha~  After a bit of talking and catching up (I'm so darn jealous of both girls; Raina went to Italy and Danielle went to Australia to study abroad! D':), we became expert dog-nappers and put Snowy into Raina's car.  I pedaled my way to the school and watched them zoom ahead of me.  Bye Snowy!~

It was 4pm, and no one was at the elementary school.  The front gates were locked.  Hmm..  I pedaled my way towards the back where the gym was and found that the door to the cafeteria was opened just a crack.  Perfect.  Mwahaha!  I locked my bike with a chain and entered.

Okay.. will do!

While muttering Mission Impossible's theme song under my breath, I peeked through the doors and saw a janitor leaving the cafeteria.  As the rolling diminished, I stepped into the cafeteria and peered around.  Wooow, I used to eat here!  With $1.50 cent lunches that included entree, 2 sides, and milk!  *amazed*  And then the stage where we sang for required music performances was still there too :)

I was a bit scared of exploring the school, since I technically wasn't supposed to be there, so I walked to the main hall (where the Main Office is!) where I remembered the Box Tops stand was located.  They added doors that cut off sections of the hallway @_@''

Oh.. I just realized, but are there two women on the left reflection? :O

I opened one door and tested if it was still able to open from the other side.  Nope!  Good thing I tried, because the other doors would have locked me in the entrance if I closed myself in O_O  *really felt like a secret agent!*  And it was sort of dark since everyone was gone.

Looking around, I was relieved to see the Box Tops stand relocated right next to the door.  I held the door with my foot and stretched myself over to place my Box Tops in.  :D  I felt very accomplished!

I walked back out and stooped over to unlock the lock.  ... but it wouldn't budge!  Durr.. I called my dad and asked him what the combo was, but he said the same exact number.  "Hmm, that's weird.  Let me drive over."  I hung up and laughed . Haha!  So funny, I rode my bike here, and now my dad had to drive.

After 10 minutes, I called home again, this time my mom answered.  "Still not there?  Let me check which car he took.. Gosh darn it, he took the small car!  Okay, here, I'll be there soon with the big car."

"Wait, Mom, why do we need the big car?"

"So I can put the bike in the back."

"No, I don't need help with taking the bike back, I just need to get the lock taken off."

"Yes, I know, so that's why I'm taking the big car."

.... Durrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.........................  ._____________.'' And that's where I get my lack of simple logic from.

I saw my dad's car pull up.  "Wait, I see Daddy.  Thanks Mom!"

My dad got out of the car and tried the same combo, but the lock wouldn't budge.  Finally we figured out that we were supposed to hit the lock super hard before it would unlock with the right combo.  Both of us gave an "Ohhhhh" of realization and laughed :D  I'm so spoiled to have my parents come and help me out with stuff like this!

15 years ago, I stepped into this school for the first time ^^

We left the elementary school together, and I took a different route home.  When I arrived at the driveway, he was putting the recycling bins onto the curb.  :)  Don't know why, but the scene of him standing in front of our house made me very happy ^_^


And if anyone is curious about what happened to Snowy, Raina and I both printed out flyers and put them out in the neighborhood, and Snowy was taken up by her owner the next day! :)  Raina's flyers were definitely cuter though ^^

Happy ending for Snowy!