Nom nom for the last day

Haven't had a post that's full of food recently~  So here's today's serving! :D

Last week, my dad and I ate together at Nu Cafe in Chinatown.  We peeked into the store 10 minutes before opening time at 11:20am, but the waitress said they were open.  The picture of the beef noodles was really enticing, so I ordered that, while my dad ordered the "3 varieties" rice.  That's three types of meat: pork, chicken, and Chinese sausage. 

We were the only ones sitting in the restaurant, since usually people don't show up in Chinatown until noon and later, with peak times around 1pm.  So the dishes were out quickly, and both of them looked delicious! ^_^

3 Varieties rice.  It comes with veggies and an egg!

Beef noodle soup

The noodle soup was delicious!  A big serving of noodles with lots of tender pieces of stewed beef.  The flavor of the soup was just right too, kind of spicy.  Nom nom nom!~

Nu Cafe is also known for their erm.. milky ice/snowflake ice?  Two men came while we were eating, and they ordered a portion to share.  I heard them saying it was really good and flavorful, and that the "small" order was quite big.  I kept wanting to look at the ice dessert, but every time I looked, the man facing our table was always looking straight at me x_x'' Durr. I must have looked like a creeper, haha!

Nu Cafe
9889 Bellaire Blvd
Ste 112A

HoustonTX 77036


What's this?

It's a shot of a mountain peaking out of clouds while I was on the airplane to Las Vegas!  :D  Isn't it cool?  The clouds just covered everything!!

...  Did you really believe that?  I said this post would be full of food, and I'm not twenty-one yet, so how gullible are you? ;)  It's actually a piece of pork sticking out of some rice porridge.  I took this during dinner at home, and my mom thought I was nuts.  :D  Doesn't it look like a mountain though? ^^

If you see me a lot at school, then you probably know how much I talk about my parents' cooking.  Or maybe not?  I feel like I think about it every day, although I'm not sure how much of that leaves my mouth!~ Anyways, if you ever wondered what type of meals I dream of while I'm at school, here's a sample of one of our more simple meals:

A family dinner :D

Rice porridge is pretty common at home.  I used to dislike the stuff, but it's growing on me ^^  Then there's... going from the top clockwise: mantou buns 馒头, daikon radish cake 萝卜糕 (the type you get at dim sum), Mapo tofu 麻婆豆腐, cauliflower, and Chinese broccoli 芥兰. 

Mmm, I love vegetables and tofu!  The radish cake was pretty good too, although I can only eat a few pieces at a time (so creamy!).  When we set the table, I told my parents there would be no way we would finish all of this.  But when we finished, there was only the daikon radish cakes left!  :P  We are very good eaters, haha~

Too bad I can't eat my parents' dishes at school :(  Now I'll have to resort back to my staple meal:  rice, eggs, and broccoli, haha!  *every day*


My last day in Houston was spent with Connie!  My parents and I drove to her place to deliver a bike.  I had made a blueberry dessert and cheesecake, so I took some to her

Blueberry dessert?

Next we headed off to Lucky Pot in Chinatown!  (Notice how often I go there? haha~)  We haven't been to that one, so it was a first for all of us.  Each of us picked a dish, and they all ended up being dishes we would never prepare at home ourselves.  Good teamwork!

Bamboo (front) and steamed eggplant (back)

Steamed eggplant

Fried belt fish

Spicy .. pork.  Haha

Green beans with bits of pork

Lamb with cilantro

Lucky Pot
9888 Bellaire Blvd
Ste 158
Houston, TX 77036


And of course, going back to WashU wouldn't be complete without a bread run!  My sister helped carry the bread trays I wasn't holding onto :P    

The selection wasn't very much, and they didn't have the flavors that I planned to get for each person today.  (I wrote up a list in November of which breads I wanted to buy, haha~)  But whatever, bread will always be yummy, and these babies are fresh!

These cute things are destined to St. Louis!

Debra said...

HAHA you're so silly Wendy! I actually thought the pork was red bean though. And then I got really confused because I was like, why is Wendy talking about clouds and flying to Las Vegas without explaining the picture. And then I got it!! Haha so funny ^^

Woooah when you put everyone's bread together like that, it's so much!! Ma fan ni, bringing bread to all of us <3