Om nom noming my way along



Nom nom nom??

Haha, other than enjoying sounding like Cho-gath, I also like to eat!  And of course this post will be *another* entry about food.  But to break the mundane, I think this doggie is so cute!  It’s carrying a stuffed animal in his mouth.  :3  I actually saw him and his owner walking along when I got off the metro train, and then I pulled out my camera to snag a shot.  While I was attempting to snap away, both of them turned around and looked at me while I was still thursting the camera towards their direction!  Haha, sooo awkward, but then I said, “ Your doggie is SO cute!” and nonchalantly started to try taking another picture, haha!

What do you think when you hear “Half and Half?”  Most WashU students think of the midnight snack of fried chicken tenders and a wallop of freshly dunked (in a vat of boiling oil) fries.  But thethere’s also a Half and Half around the Calyton area that serves up breakfast (and lunch) favorites!  I love the atmosphere in there: bright, cheery, and a great way to start the morning... or cheer on the day during lunch. :D  

Half & Half!

This was after a lot of people left!

I liked stalking the other table with the mirrors on the wall XD

While we waited for our food, Daniel and I started playing around with the camera and took ten bajillion stalker photos of people.  I bet the owners thought we were really crazy, haha @_@’’  Well, we are... :P

There were a lot of people as usual, but we were seated within maybe five minutes or so ^_^  The food comes out in a reasonable time, and I just think *fresh!*  and *yummy!* when the plates make a satisfying dink on the table.  :D  Nom nom!


Salmon Hash...  look at those eggs!  Beautiful :)

As usual, I suffered from a bout of extreme meu anxiety, and so Daniel narrowed it down by telling me to order something sweet.  He went with the Salmon has with hollaindase sauce, while I chose the more girly-happy “Clara Cakes”!  That turned out to be pancakes with mascarpone cheese, pecans, and raspberry preserves, Mmm mmm!~~ ^_^

Huge tower of deliciousness

A close up.  Just because I want you to be absolutely ENVIOUS of my lunch, mwahahaha ;)

Wow, so delicious!  Words cannot describe  @_@  Well, I usually think raspberry tastes quite like crayons, so whenever something raspberry amazes me... it’s quite... AMAZING.  Haha!  ^_^  But every time I used my knife to slice off a fluffy chunk for a bite, the mascarpone sauce and rasberry juice would ooze on out with majestic elegance.  Whee!  Even Daniel said the Clara Cakes were better than his salmon hash, although he really enjoyed that too :)

And of course it was all gone when I finished :3


Lunch with Elaine and Daniel at the Cityhouse Creperie in Clayton!  I think Clayton has some of the greatest restaurants to go to near school.  This was probably my fourth time here, but as usual... every visit makes me food coma due to intensely satisfied taste buds and as Daniel says, likely 5 lbs. a sugar in each bite!  Haha, not really, hopefully ;)  

St. Louis brought me my first experiences with crepes, and I like them sweet, although savory ones are still yummy.  They just remind me of wraps and taste like non-crepe-thingies.  Also, I'm always tempted to buy one of their muffins or cookies, but I'm at a *creperie*, so of course I can't, right?  :P

Elaine showing off her savory buckwheat Shady Oak crepe!

A close up on that, please :D  Oh my!

Also, if anyone noticed, I'm taking pictures with my Canon Rebel t3i now!  So that means like... almost no editing or color correction!  Hopefully better quality?  I'm still learning (loooots to learn too!), so I predict that my pictures will slowly improve :3  Bear with me while I'm learning!

My sweet Monte Carlo (strawberries, coconut & pecans with manjar blanco sauce)

What's manjar blanco, you ask?  It's a caramel-like sauce, but it's actually really a Peruvian chocolate sauce!  Anna actually recommended the Monte Carlo to me, since she ate it the past Sunday.  She thought it tasted like peanut butter :D  And I guess it kind of did?  Mmm, but my mouth just said YUM *chomp* so I don't really know~  Har har har~  Mmmm, and the whipped cream on the side was too cute to not eat (does that even make sense?  Ahh, evil brain), so that disappeared along with the crepe as well.  

Daniel poking at his Lox and Dam (smoked salmon) crepe

Oh gawsh, I'm getting hungry just typing this post up!  Daniel was really satisfied with his salmon crepe, and I'm glad, since it was his first time here.  Yay!  Success~  Elaine also had her first savory crepe this time, and she liked it, although it was kind of silly, because she essentially dissected her crepe by scraping all of the Harvarti cheese off to the side XD

Cheesy remains of Elaine's poor crepe!

It's weird to go off campus to eat during a weekday, because my brain is tricked into thinking it's a weekend until class begins in 10 minutes or something, but it was fun ^^


So back at Quad Point (what the girls dub our apartment as), we have a Restaurant List stuck to the fridge.  It's a long list of restaurants of restaurants that we want to visit in the future with a blank box next to our names.  Five Guys burgers was one place that a lot of the girls haven't been to, but a few of us checked that one off recently!  And who better to take to a fast food place than Daniel when he recently showed me a hilarious food commentary on Youtube about it? :P  

I was pretty pumped, since we pass by it all the time when we go to the Galleria, but no one ever wants to eat fast food (well, I *doooo*, but I usually prefer my veggies, nom nom!)!  When I walked in, the first thing I noticed were the free peanuts!! was how everything was so red and white.  Wow, these guys really try coordinating colors.  Even the restroom had red paper towel dispensers!  Also, random, but I love how some restaurants are moving towards automatic paper towel dispensers... so sanitary! :D

Late burger crew... POSTURE!!  *intense urge to whack right guy on the back*

Suuuper friendly employee :D  Hai there!

Okay, so what do you think about dunking your fries into ketchup?  Good, right?  What if you pour in vinegar into that ketchup?  @_@  Durr... that's what I thought ;)  So Daniel told me that the best way to eat Five Guys fries is to eat them with vinegar-doused ketchup.

Five Guys had bottles of vinegar on site too :O

I thought that the sour taste killed my sweet ketchup flavor... I don't understand why Daniel doesn't like pickles, but he likes vinegar with his fries =_=''   But, cool experience, and even cooler that Five Guys has bottles of vinegar on the side for people to use... although I'm not sure how vinegar goes with anything served at Five Guys :P

Mwaharharharhar~  Smelllllll~

Unlike the very colorful bags that McDonald's hands their burgers and fries out in, the Five Guys' bag is a plain brown paper bag.  Maybe it saves money for not having to print out logos on their bags, but it definitely doesn't do a good job hiding how much grease is in the fries!

I like the thicker fries, but they were a bit bland compared to the over-slted ones at McD's.  (Yes, I'm biased; I LOVE McD's fries, even though I feel my kidneys dying by the end of a supersized order of fries! XD)

These are some rustic-looking fries, eh?

On with the burger!  I first ordered the regular cheeseburger, but then the cashier looked at me for a moment and said that the regular portions are half a pound patties, and the "little" burger is a quarter pounder.  Haha!  He thinks I can't finish a half pound patty... *evil snicker*  But yes, I ordered a "little" burger with everything on it, yummy!

When the food came, I was attempting to take pictures of my first Five Guys burger, and it took so long that I'm sure my foodie buddy was like "Oh... my gawd*.  :3  Haha! 

Daniel is happily starting on his cheeseburger

Hurhh?  Wai yu stop me from eating?  D:

Fine I'll take a picture of my own burger.  Look how fluffy the bun is!

The thick sesame bun made the burger seem like a little tower wrapped in aluminum.  It made me pretty giddy, because it looked so much more presentable than the smushed and flattened out buns of those double cheeseburgers that I love ordering at McDonald's!  I also like grilled mushrooms and onions.  I think next time I'll add A1 sauce instead of ketchup and mustard to make it have a little more zing~  Yayyy :)  Happy that I got to try Five Guys at last. 

Five Guys
1415 Saint Louis Galleria
Richmond Heights, MO 63117

...  I also noticed that I haven't been eating very normally recently ._.  Must start making my own dinners and eat out less!  For some reason, I really crave home-cooked foods, even if they don't taste as good as the ones at restaurants  ^_^''  Something about sauteed spinach and garlic with rice and eggs really hits the spot!  :D


Since Cypher Reunion two weeks ago lasted until late, dinner was also late..  We decided to make soon dubu jiage (tofu stew), and we finally sat down to slurp it up at almost midnight!!  Ahh!  My regular eating schedule has been turned upside down and gone bonkers XD  But I’m really glad we made it, because we didn’t really use a worded recipe, and I feel like I learned how to cook it well enough to try it on my own in the future :3  Also, it was dleish!  a bit spicy for me, but yummy nonetheless.  Yay!  My favorite Korean dish.  I would only change the tofu for a firmer variety, as our tofu turned into mush as we stirred it up ^^''  Haha!

It's 11:40... at night!

I wanted to make sukiyaki, a Japanese dish that I often order at restaurants when I get a chance.  It's savory and sweet at the same time, and the broth is very warming :)  And it has VEGETABLLLLES, yay!  So Daniel man-ed it up (tofu is his mortal enemy) and agreed to make it with me ;)

I was surprised about how easy sukiyaki is to make at home.  At restaurants it usually costs more than $10 a dinner and is served in a heavy clay pot or some type of earthenware, so I thought it was going to be complicated!  But it's literally just dumping everything into a pot and adding a soup to boil it all up :D

Instead of using chrysanthemum leaves, we used Taiwanese napa leaves.  You can substitute a lot of materials, like button mushrooms instead of shiitake mushrooms, so it's really flexible! ^^  haha, I'm basically advertising and trying to persuade you to make sukiyaki-- I like it that much~ :)

So many veggies-- I'm so happy :D

And tofu!  Whether simply boiled, steamed, pan-fried, or anything, tofu is so delish!~ I actually ate a few bites straight from the box!  Omgah, I can just hear my parents gasping and worrying about how I might fall over and die any moment from parasites D:  Understandable concern, but I was so hungry!!~   

Leftover sukiyaki for lunch, yummeh!

I think it goes best with a bowl of rice :)  Also... is the picture quality better than usual?!!  No lighting corrections, oh mah gawsh!  *excited*

... Meanwhile on the farm... ._.''  

As usual, I eat cereal for breakfast every single day (and never tire of it)!  Actually, it's more like... *wake up* and AHH SO HUNGRY!!  *scurry to the kitchen and pour some cereal*  Mmmm, instant satisfaction~  ^^
I know my lighting needs a bit of work here, but I can't get over how DELICIOUS cereal is and how the milk looks so creamy here :3  I drink 2%, so I bet whole milk would have looked even more luscious!~

Do you like my cereal bowl?  Monkeyyyy :)

Close up for Kellogg's Crunchy Nut (Honey Nut flavor) cereal!

Now I have the urge to just take pictures of every single cereal variety I eat, but I will graciously save you from that XD  And I only have four boxes of cereal in my closet now (down from 13, whoo!), and I *will* finish all of them before I go out and buy more.  Blah, such a bad habit: when I walk down the cereal aisle at the grocery store, my hands are just itching to fly out and grab the nearest box to take home =_=''  Haha~

Enough food for now?  I hope so!  But no worries, there's always more coming your way, I promise ;)  

... I really should start blogging about life in general, but it's so harddddd~