September chill

And before I realized, the weather turned to favor long-jeans~  St. Louis' sleepy, dark mornings don't really invite starting the day in shorts :P    But they *do* welcome hot meals with friends! :D  Om nom nom!

Daniel took me to Companion, a little Panera-like cafe just in Clayton, for lunch on a cloudy day.  

We ordered the "Pick 2" option.  The Fa La La La La (turkey and cranberry) sandwich and chicken (?) soup for Daniel, and a roast beef French dip with a spicy turkey and vegetable soup for me.  It was my first au jus sandwich ever, and I loooove dipping the sandwich in!  It makes everything super juicy :3

My sandwich is so much better than Daniel's, and he knows it :P

How do I know?  We split (yay!) sandwiches~

And my cornbread was super delish~  Om nom nom~

All the diners in Clayton are always dressed so nicely-- likely from nearby office buildings

And these are the students of WashU!  Haha, lunch with Josh and Daniel at Stanley's on campus ^^

I tried the Chipotle chicken (new this year), and it was pretty good, but not *amazing* ^^''

Random picture of a very random bike.  Explanation please?  @_@

September is also time for the AMC Banquet!  Freshmen are bribed with a free Asian dinner provided by many cultural organizations on campus.  The idea is to get them interested in applying to be freshman execs :)

Lonnnng line to get in

XY says gimmee!!

Haha, TSO served crispy chicken this year-- suuuuper peppery!

But so addicting... haha, so sanitary (no worries, this was *after* everything has been divided ;P)

Ta daa!  Ready for serving

Sooo goood, although I still think they could do with a bit more meat! ;)

Kicking off the school year with the meal-get-togethers of the summer, Jeff and I went to Nippon Tei for dinner!  It's a Japanese fusion cuisine restaurant, and it looked pretty fancy when we walked in.  The waiter served us complimentary edamame beans while we waited for our food.  Do you squeeze the beans out one by one or just bite and pull? :O  I do them one by one!

Mirrors all around~

The miso soup was really flavorful and delish, probably my favorite from all the places we went to thus far :D

I had a hard time deciding what to order, because everything sounded delicious!  Jeff helped me pick something, and I am glad it ended up that way :D  The sweet sauce hit the spot, although Jeff said the scallops were definitely overcooked, as they weren't "melt-in-your-mouth" tender.  They were chewy, but I've never had perfectly-cooked scallops, so I still thought it was yummy :3

Scallops and Japanese eggplant.  SO GOOD.  and SO MINEEEE, haha~

Jeff's Grilled Salmon

Jeff really liked the salmon, and I think it was grilled nicely-- the skin was crisp, but the meat wasn't dry at all!  I also thought it was amusing that the rice was such a spherical shape... ice cream scoop?  Ahhh, typing this up makes me hungry D:
Fellow foodie photographer

Whee!  Glad that Jeff decided on Nippon Tei!  The food was great, and we got to talk about some random things while I pondered how scallops could be cooked non-chewy :P  Nippon Tei also offers sushi and traditional Japanese dishes, but their fusion selection is pretty extensive too.  I want to try them all, haha!

Nippon Tei
14025 Manchester Road
Ballwin, MO 63011

And how do you finish off a Japanese dinner?  Mochi?  Green tea?  Green tea ice cream?  

NO!  FROZEN CUSTARD.  Haha, well, I absolutely loooove custard, so it just had to be that way XD  Although we were both shivering coming out of Nippon Tei, we went to Sheridan's afterwards.  Sheridan's is a chain store with multiple locations, and they sell not only frozen custard, but they also serve a breakfast and lunch menu as well as lattes and hot chocolate :O

But I'm here for the frozen custard.

Hehe, so I've always gotten my custard as "cement," which is when the toppings are mixed along with the custard, and when you flip the cup upside down, nothing falls out.  Maybe I like it because of that reason?  *remembers Jeff freaking out when I shook my frozen custard cement multiple times upside down just to test* :P

But it was time for a culinary adventure!  And I ordered a sundae (toppings on top) with HOT FUDGE.  I've never had hot fudge before, as common as it seems...

Gimmee this again, please, with a cherry on top? ^o^


The only one problem I have with sundaes with hot fudge is that it melts.  I don't like my custard melted, boo hoo, but when the fudge went into my mouth, I smiled.  It was so rich and thick, and suddenly my melted custard wasn't so bad *slurp slurp* XD  But after I quickly inhaled the fudge topping, there was still un-melted custard on the bottom for me to enjoy ^_^

This is where your custard is prepared!

Jeff got a Buck-a-roo:  custard with strawberries, bananas, AND hot fudge!

Looks pretty good, ehhh?

Now that I know that all of ya'll want a frozen custard, I will attempt to run to the nearest frozen custard place and get one myself =_=''  Hehe~  I'm not an expert at frozen custard, so I can't say if Ted Drewe's is better or whatnot.  Both were yummy, but I think Ted Drewe's gives more for the money.  So next time you're in the need to cool down from the summer heat (or for some crazy reason are craving frozen custard when you're shivering in the cold), check out Sheridan's, one of the many fro-custard places in St. Louis :D

... do they have frozen custard in Texas?!  I just realized I'll be graduating soon and going away from STL... and the frozen custardddddd  *freak out* XD

155 Hilltown Village Center