Taiwan 2012: Day 3 (Girls go shopping!)

Day three, a short post!  Daddy left for Kaoshiung to meet some buddies, so Connie and I wanted to take Mommy out to play with us ;)  We started with a massive breakfast as usual:

What's this?  Milky pineapple!  It's very sweet with less of the tart, acidic tang :D

Potstickers (锅贴) from the place we bought the green onion pancakes

Wow, the store selling the green onion pancakes and potstickers really has it going!  Their food is delicious and fresh-tasting-- totally amazing!  I'm not a big fan of dumplings in general, including potstickers, but these were big, juicy, and crisp :3  Nom nom!  Sooo yummy ^__^  Even though meat for breakfast is a strange concept for me, the dumplings hit the spot :)

Annnnnd yogurt to help with digestion!

How come Asian plain yogurt tastes so much better than plain ones in America?  I remember going to China and tasting plain yogurt at a hotel's breakfast, and then I came back to the US and bought a huge 32 oz. tub of plain yogurt from the grocery store.  After a huge bite, I pretty much keeled over and died XD  The plain in Asia is mildly sweet... *just* sweet enough!~  :) 

When we hopped off the bus onto the street, the first thing my mom wanted to do was to go into the shopping mall and eat.  Hahaha, sooo typical XD  So we went to the food courts and picked a place!  I got the kimchi tofu soup, yummyyyy ^_^  I was really craving some tofu, and theirs was nice and soft.  Although Taiwanese food is cheap, the food court has a lot of AC and service workers whisking away your trays every five seconds, so the prices are more expensive than, say, your $1 bowl of noodles on the streets.  The kimchi tofu soup with a bowl of rice was around $6, I think, but it was super delish~!

A mom with food is a happy mom ;)

Mom's seafood soup!

Connie went with the bibimbap.  It was colorful and pretty!  I'm not sure if any of our dishes were "authentic" Korean, hehe~  When I was explaining what dukbogki was to Connie, the store man person kept staring at me.  I'm guessing I pronounced it correctly!  :P

With our tummies full, mmm~  it was time to go *SHOPPPPPINGGGGG*!!  Nyahahaha~  We went to another clothing store where Connie died of boredom waiting for me.  Except this time, we went to the basement level where all the shoes were!  So many shoes! @_@

This is half of the floor :3

And these are my happy shopping buddies! *heart* ^_^

Connie ended up buying some super bright red shoes, and we also both bought a pair of gray shoes.  I always wanted to try high tops, but I worry that I wouldn't be able to pull it off ;P  Meh, last year to try anything crazy fashion-wise, might as well play around!~

Can you spot Connie and Mommy? :)

When we arrived home, both of them collapsed on the bed and went to sleep.  Haha~  They weren't used to walking, especially in the heat, but I was trained by St. Louis! :P  It's fun hanging out with Connie and mom :D