Starting off with Debra's Birthday!

What's this??

The little bee on the bottom left is just a *SMALL* hint ;)  It's honey comb!  Like.. really... honey comb @_@  This local chunk is soooo sweet.  I ate a bit, and my throat nearly died of sweetness overload.  Pure. Honey!~  Anyways, just thought that was pretty cool, since I had to spit out the waxy stuff.  Cool to know that bees labored over this and I'm eating all their skin cells and stuff.. YUMM!

What's this??

Ummm.. my hand is a hint?  If it's in my hand, it's probably food XD  In this case, it's a bread bun / mantou / 馒头 that we brought back from Taiwan!  This one's matcha green tea and red bean, and let me tell ya, the green tea... the flavor is definitely there!  It's aromatic ^_^  I don't like tea, except for green tea ice cream, haha~  But this was good until the end when the tea flavor was conquering my poor taste buds :3  I really enjoyed it though!  Why don't they make crazy flavored matous in Chinatown in the US?  I saw pumpkin, chocolate, and sweet potato flavored ones in the Taiwanese bakery where we bought this little guy.

What's this?!  Haha, it's like a game :P

This, my friends, is a thrown-together meal that's very common in my household.  It's called buy-random-stuff-from-Chinatown-and-throw-it-together-with-some-noodles-or-rice dish.  :D:D:D  And it's delish!  This time we bought some meat sauce and veggies from Shandong Noodle House and heated them before putting them on my favorite jajangmyeon noodles!  Oh so good :')  I like food.

And I won't be asking you what this is, haha~

But it's a Gundam!  This guy is also from Taiwan; he came in a gachapon - vending machine thing (put a coin in and twist) and needed to be assembled.  Fun fun!  I think this one's super cute :3

WHAT'S THIS?!!  Ohhh kayyy being too hyper @_@''

Friends back in St. Louis!  It was Debra's birthday and we went to Jimmy's on the Park :D  It was my first time there, and Josh always said the food was delicious~  Excited!

And so is Book.  Haha!  silly face~

Dinner is served prix fixe, meaning you pay a set amount ($25 here) for a certain number of courses.  In this case, you can get an appetizer, an entree, and dessert OR two appetizers and an entree if you're going to skip dessert.  But that's if bread pudding is listed under desserts at a restaurant, I have to get it.  Haveeee toooooo :D 

Crawfish soup... so flavorful!

Pork wrapped with bacon with hashbrowns and carrots :D  Yummy!

Super cute!  Both of ya'll~

Haha, Book is like "wait..." XD

The party enjoying edible spiced (11... or 17? spices and herbs!) crispy straws as appetizers

Book eyeing Daniel's food... even though we all ordered the same thing, haha!

Close up of my order ^^

Finish off with a raspberry-chocolate croissant bread pudding~

My pork dish and bread pudding were both super flavorful!  Each bite of the pork was pretty tender, and the hashbrown tasted nice and healthy, even though it smelled like one from McD's ;)  And the bread pudding?  Wow, delish~  I was tempted to pick up the plate and lick everything off, but I thought of my mom lecturing me to be lady like in public (although I do that type of thing at home, haha)~

I definitely wouldn't mind going back to Jimmy's On the Park :D  The atmosphere is nice (if you get to sit at a table with lights to see your food), and the food is obviously very delightful!

Jimmy's On the Park
706 Demun Avenue
Clayton, MO 63105

We headed back to headquarters and dressed up the cupcakes that Elaine and Anna lovingly made!  

Taro and Vanilla cupcakes :D

Then we ran over and sang our little girl her song :)

Hope it was a happy day for you ^^

Happy birthday to you~~

Happy birthday dear Debraaaa... yay!! ^__^

Afterwards, we played the new game Debra received, Apples to Apples!  There was also a book called Truth or Dare, which was a compilation of dares and truths to ask people.  Losers of Apples to Apples had to do either one!  Fun~ :)

And Apples to Apples all night long~


Another dinner another day!  Josh, Debra, Daniel, and I ran over to Macaroni Grill after we drove to Mai Lee's and found out that it was closed for the day (Noooooo!).  

Josh's dinner = spaghetti and meatballs AND a sausage pizza, no biggie ;)

Happy Debra!  :D  Enjoying her pretty dinner~

Daniel pointing... at something?  Shrimp portofino, one of his favorites apparently :)

My "Create-a-pasta"!  Whole wheat noodles with meat sauce, spinach, onions, and mushrooms

Annnnd I will never get whole wheat noodles again.  Haha, or maybe I should just avoid Macaroni Grill in the future.  I've been to this Brentwood location 3 times (all the times in my life), and each time I've been a bit disappointed with my experience.  I can't believe that the chef would willingly serve what I had for dinner if he tried it before the plate was whisked to our table.  The noodles were still clumped together and hard.  If the noodles were better, I'm sure dinner would have been yummy ^^''  I ate around the noodles, and left with the whole plate of noodles looking naked and quite sad XD   I thought it was actually kind of funny how Macaroni Grill and I never seem to smooth things over together, but I'm glad that the others enjoyed dinner :3  Maybe I should try another location just to make sure I don't sentence the franchise into my no-like list!

While my experience at a highly popular chain store was subpar, I had a fantastic lunch a few weeks ago on Friday with Sojin and Jeff at Holme's Lounge on campus!  I've never had a carvery sandwich there, and it was my first time.  The sandwich had SO much meat in it that I almost died.  Haha, not really, but kind of ;)  I chose honey mustard, and although I saw a lot put into the sandwich, I could barely taste it.  But I gobbled up the whole sandwich and felt like food coma-ing for the rest of the weekend.

I was so excited for this that I forgot to take a picture of Jeff and Sojin :(

No wonder Holme's Lounge is so popular!  The line is always so long, and we probably waited half an hour for food.  Or maybe it just felt that way while I stared at people frolicking away with delicious-looking wraps and sandwiches :P  Hehe~

On other news, I'm going back to Texas 3 times in the next month!  Maybe I'll get to eat Texas waffles at the hotels that I stay at :P  What are those, you ask?  Look at this (picture taken with my non-smartphone, indestructible Nokia bar phone XD):

Texas waffle!  Thick, fluffy, and drowning in syrupy goodness.  OM NOM NOMMMM

Waffles... Texas style!  Yeehaw :D

School was amazing the first two weeks, but now it's like I slammed into a brick wall and am still trying to take back my breath.  Sorry, I'll try harder~