Happy Valentine's!

Hey guys!  Since a few days ago was Valentine's Day, I'm trying to stay updated with somewhat timely/relevant posts (hehe, finding that I'm posting things 2 months after they happen now!).  Let's see the goodies!~~  ^^

You know how in elementary school, we all passed around those pre-printed V-Day cards with cute little messages and cartoon characters on them?  I miss those!  I almost bought a box to give out to my friends but decided on something else :P  My friends are so cute too-- I got some veryyyy cute Valentine's gifts :D 

Hehe, love the message *heart*  :D  "Thankyu" Elainey-pooh ^^
Anna's such a pro-confectionary-concoctionist!  Who would've thought of a coffee filter? @_@!

These are from Daniel ^^  Haven't gotten roses in a while~  These are "passion roses!"

And for the flip-side! :D

What are these?  Homemade chocolate truffles!

I gave them to my apartment girls *heart*!

Each bag with dark cacao and a choice of coconut, white chocolate chip and butterscotch chip :)

They were really messy and fun to make-- totally thought I messed up, and they turned out much softer than intended... but I'm glad that they held up!

And this box!  :D  I thought the X and O looked out of place, but I tried D;

Us girls weren't the only ones sharing the love :)  Josh had a mission for a special someone, and I was honored with the prospect of "teaching" him how to make chocolate-dipped fruit.  (In quotations, because it's literally just... wash the fruit, melt the chocolate, dip, DONE! :P)

Can you see what it says?  ^^  I think it's so pretty~

Awesome job, Hyung!  Mission accomplished!

V-Day 2013-- Happy! :D

Signing out ^o^

Elaine.Xu said...

awww so much love going around :)
haha I was also thinking about kiddie valentines! I was working on valentine's day and lots of kiddies came in as part of their v-day celebrations. it got me thinking of how v-day used to be just buying cute cards and giving your friends and classmates candy heh so much simpler then!

Wendy said...

:D It's still the same.. ish, just that the candies got fancier :P and I guess now they, uh, also get froyo? hahaha~