Taiwan 2012: Day 9 (Yilan- Orchid garden and more gardens)

I've gotten really insecure recently.

I prefer a simple life.

On other news, TAIWAN!  It's been a while since a post from my Summer trip to Taiwan last summer, and it's almost (not really, haha!) summer again, so best to post up another! ^^


Welcome again to Yilan!  We woke up and found our way to breakfast, which was a little breakfast shop selling sandwiches, soup dumplings, potstickers, baked flatbreads, soymilk, and a bunch of other goodies.  Mmm, getting hungry just thinking about it!~ :)

Dumplings steaming and almost ready for consumption!

My hungry cousins deciding what to eat for breakfast

Afterwards, we drove around for a while until we reached a greenhouse.  It's a orchid orchard (looks so weird, try saying it 3 times fast! Or-kid-or-card-or-kid-or-card... okay, failing.. XD)!  Anyways, they are known for making really nice floral and vanilla products.

It's a greenhouse, but white :P

Lots of windows helped brightly light everything up

Sashes made things look purdy too :3

We could walk around the whole greenhouse-- here's from the second floor!

Sleepy Michael... poor guy, driving us everywhere~

The interior smelled of fragrant flowers, and groups of people began piling in near noontime.  They had a bakery that made fresh bread and a little cafe that sold tea and sandwiches.

Pretty bread!

They cut the bread up for your before bagging it up

* Stars mean my uncle took these pictures!

* Do my mom and I look alike? :D

* Everyone says I look more like my dad.

* Is that TRUE?!

* I mean, I guess both of our faces are abnormally shiny because we're sweating and all.. ;)

After our visit, we made our way to lunch!  It was in a nice place that reminded me of a hotel.  While we ate in one of the side rooms, the main level was preparing for some big festivities!  I'm guessing it was for a wedding~

Across from us was Turtle Island!  Do you see the turtle?  The big mountain is the shell :D

Our dining area!  What a view!

And here comes the food-- appetizers!

Soup... noodle things?

Ooh!  I know what this is XD  Sushi with sashimi~

Huge prawns and fried ice cream

Well we *thought* was fried ice cream, but Connie opened hers and it was fried green tea mochi with red bean in the middle O_O
Spareribs with taro

Steamed fish

Mushrooms and veggies dish

A soup

And dessert!  Sago with red bean pudding

* Yerrrr out!  Haha, I don't know what this was for :P

* My oldest aunt and uncle.  I think my uncles and my dad look really similar @_@

* Which two are sisters?  The girl in the middle is a friend I met last time I came to Taiwan!  She lives in Yilan.

After lunch, what do old people like to do?  Visit gardens!  Haha, the kiddos were joking around that the trip was nice for sightseeing, but we literally just look at plants the whole time :P

I came here last time too!

Nearby was a stream where my uncle and cousin cooled down in.  It's SUPER chilly and felt really good ^^

And all the men join in, haha!  Whoo-whee, feels good!

So that concludes our trip to Yilan!  We headed back to Taoyuan and stopped by a bustling rest stop first.  Even the rest stops in Taiwan have delicious looking bread!

Bread as big as my head! :3

Michael also gave me coins to try making cotton candy for the first time :)

I failed XD  Look at Michael's stick-- that's the one I made, hahaha ^^''

Once we got back, we were all tired from running around Taiwan.  But Michael took Connie and I to a hair salon where his friend worked, and we both got hair cuts!

What's Connie looking at? :O

Don't you think hair stylists always have interesting / nice hair themselves? :P

I got my hair cut too!  But I didn't ask for it short enough, so I got another cut when I got back home in the United States, hahaha~

Okay!  Hope that was a nice break into Taiwan :)  I have one more short, tiny post from the trip before the series finishes :D  Hopefully it'll be posted before long, haha~  Stay tuned!