Hyung's 22nd!

Who's tharrr?

It's Josh's 22nd birthday!  And my post is almost a month late :P

Josh had class until late, so we had a late night cake celebration on his birthday~ ^^

Debra and Elaine ordered a crazy awesome ice cream cake from Maggie Moo's @_@

Why dinosaurs?  Apparently hyung wanted to be a paleontologist when he was younger (me too!).  And the gummy bears are because he likes gummy bears.  Which I don't think match with ice cream because they get super hard, and I get too lazy to chew them :P  The inside is strawberry ice cream!  I personally don't like fruit dairy products, but it's Josh's favorite ice cream :D

^ That's the only picture I took with my DSLR camera, and the rest are with a phone camera... can you tell?!

Yay!  Yay!  Make a wish~

And blowwww~

Cake cutting :D

All of us cheering him on (cutting ice cream cake is apparently a workout)

But what's a birthday without a birthday dinner?? :O 

Debra searched all of Saint Louis for a ramen place, and apparently there is only one.  ONE.  ... how is that even possible??!  And it's not even a ramen specialized shop.  It's a Japanese restaurant called Finn.  We headed on over during the weekend, with Debra and Elaine tricking Josh and saying they were taking him to a massage place that was right next door instead XD

Debra and Josh always match in plaid!  Too bad Elaine's not wearing it too ;)

Side salad with ginger orange dressing

A bunch of sushi rolls for the boys

And yet another!  They're so pretty and over-sauced :D

RAMEN!  My second bowl of Japanese ramen ever O_O

This was the miso-based ramen.  I waited too long to eat it, so the egg yolk became quite cooked, phooey~ But other than that, I loved it!  It was definitely on the salty side; eating the mushrooms was like a constant reminder that my liver was going to explode, but despite that, I finished everything!  Sluuuuurp!~ ^^

This is the udon soup, and it comes with shrimp tempura.

For dessert, Debra ordered their house specialty: crepe-wrapped banana with ice cream and caramel sauce

And to sweeten the deal, Book enjoyed some green tea ice cream with adzuki topping!

I think the ice cream looks more appetizing than the banana, but I don't like caramel sauce, so... I'm biased.  :P  Josh thought his soy-sauced ramen wasn't spectacular, but he's been to Japan and had *legit* ramen before.  Whoo!  Hyung's 22, oh my~~  Big brother indeed :)   Hope this year will be the best ever for you!!

Finn Japanese Cuisine
1682 Clarkson Rd
Chesterfield, MO 63017

Josh said...

Yayayay! thanks for the post dedee =]
Food looks soo good. im hungry now...

Wendy said...

Hehe, I was a wee bit late >_>'' Ramen reminds me of the place we went to LA! So good!... except the food poisoning and all that good stuff ;)