I miss baking :)

Huh?  What's this about?

Well, from the picture, it's obviously about... ME.

Hehe, well here's the bigger picture:

With the help of a decorator tool (my summer birthday present from Elaine!), I made my first cookie cake during winter break!  My mom's coworkers loved it so much that I was requested to make another batch the following week :P

The decorations turned out cute, but I better figure out how to make frosting better... Definitely added too much butter! ^_^''  Ahh, looking at this picture reminded me of how much I miss playing around in the kitchen... definitely will be some baked goodies popping up around here sometime this month :D

Don't you love short posts?  They're so much easier to read than my winding, rambling ravings by a lunatic ;)

Elaine.Xu said...

heh I also miss your baking ;D

Wendy said...

:D Yay! I made bread pudding and ate almost half of it for dinner =o='' It's waiting for you in the kitchen when you get back from work~ Hope you're not too tired! ^^