Burgers and BBQ

This seems like it will become an on-going theme: posting my Friday posts on Saturday :P

But to recap on the week (it's going to be a food post, sorry!), we went to In-N-Out for Jean and Chris' first time experience with the California-based fast food chain.  We ordered everything "animal-style," which is basically added grilled onions and thousand island sauce and deliciousness at no cost :)  I also tried one of their super thick milk shakes!  Aurelia kept telling Chris how awesome In-N-Out was, and Chris would give a comeback about how awesome Whataburger (a Texas chain) was, haha~

During the last spring break, my venture to Los Angeles brought me to In-and-Out, and I didn't think the burger was *amazing*, but their milkshake looked mad yummy.  At this Dallas location (not just a drive through like the one I visited in Cali), the burgers tasted really good, and the milkshake didn't perform up to my expectations... maybe because it was yellow-ish/cream colored instead of white... kind of like the reason why I like vanilla bean flavor more than french vanilla ice cream, haha!

Chris even said it was better than Whataburger!

Animal style cheeseburger (2x2) and animal style fries

Okay, I also thought In-N-Out's burgers were itty bitty... and here was a hefty-sized mouth-watering-inducing tower of calories perched innocently in front of me, next to the vanilla milkshake that I ordered.  Goodness gracious, I have to apologize to my thighs and my butt XD

And in case you think I'm exaggerating, here's a more in-your-face picture:

The bun is actually THICK o_o

Oh yeah!  I was reading the paper wrapping around the burger, and apparently they use their original "sponge dough" recipe.  I have no idea what that implies, but I'm guessing that's a factor in their poofy buns.  The LA location I went to didn't have this fancy packaging either.. I'm starting to think I walked up to a impostor franchise!

Aurelia spreading her Californian love for In-N-Out with Michelle!

Jean also approved, and Dana always approves ;)

7940 N Central Expy
DallasTX 75206


Friday was Michelle's birthday!  We wandered to Carrollton and found ourselves at Gui-Rock Korean BBQ.  This time, it was Aurelia and Dana's first time having Korean BBQ from the grill!  Our table had so much food, that I hope Michelle got her Korean food-fix :D

Hmm, first time I was served a (complimentary) salad at a Korean BBQ place..  interesting ^^

We had a tough time fitting all the dishes at the table @_@

This was the most not blurry phone pic of the bunch-- Happy Birthday, young Michelle! :D

Gui-Rock Korean BBQ
2625 Old Denton Rd
Ste 700

CarrolltonTX 75007

Ah!  Okay, something about my life and not just food, food, food:  (Well, okay, I lied, it's related to food, haha ^^")  I think I have a bad reaction to mussels, because I've eaten mussels twice in the past several years.  And both times, I have gotten sick afterwards!  I'm recovering from yesterday's seafood tofu soup (which had a crazy amount of mussels inside), and I feel gross =o=  I actually passed out before 10pm last night and slept until my alarm at 7:30am @.@  

That might also be jumping to conclusions, so my alternative guess is that I just ate way too much the past week and my gluttony has made me ill, blahhhh.  When lunch time came, I wasn't that hungry, so I decided to eat something super simple: a peanut butter sandwich.  

Spread the peanut butter, close the sandwich, move plate to table, sit down.  And then I notice... what's that slightly gray-green spot on the bread?  Hmmmm... could it be mold??  *further inspection*  Ahh, yeah, it's mold.  *sigh*  What to do?  I don't want to eat anything else (all my food is heavy food, haha)!

*rip rip rip*  *toss moldy bits into the trash*

Okie dokie!  Lunch is ready!  Nom nom nom ^^

Haha, omgahh... so the scientific/clean side of me was like, "When mold grows on food, you can't just cut out a piece, because the mold has hyphae that makes this network of mycelium that you can't see.  So you're just doing what Mom does when she cuts some moldy bit off of a peach or strawberry and gives you the rest (haha!)."  But the who-gives-a-care/lazy side of me took over, "This would be such a waste if I threw it away.  Plus, cheese is basically mold so I won't get sick... or too sick anyways."  This reminded me of that tilapia sandwich story I had from sophomore year at college... but you can look that one up in the archives ;)  Haha, the germaphobe I once was in middle school is slowly disappearing~  Not sure if that's a good or bad thing!

All right, have a good weekend everyone ^^