Pears and Hairs

First off, I want to give you guys a pear!

Yes, thanks for not hounding me, because I didn't realize I skipped last week's Friday post @_@  Did time really pass that quickly?!

With the months that passed, my hair has gotten pretty long.. probably need to trim those bangs a bit-- I'm starting to use hairclips to keep them out of my face!  They're in that awkward too-short-to-put-behind-the-ears, but too-long-and-I-look-like-the-girl-from-the-Grudge phase.  ^^'' 

Peek-a-boo~  My left eye can finally SEE, haha!  It's usually covered with hair~

So my anatomy tank buddies decided that Asian girls look mean when they're not smiling.  Is that true?

Speaking of anatomy, today was our last day of lecture!  (That also means our exams are coming soon D:)  But I received this photo from two lovely ladies during the lecture :)

Happy Holidays everyone! :D

Josh said...

LOLOL great title.

good luck with em future anatomy exams.