Some sweets and some fun

And it's Thursday, not Saturday OR Friday, beat that!  (Well, I'm scheduling this post to be published on Friday around 6pm, so you'll think I typed it up Friday night :D)  Mwahahaha~  Haha, just kidding-- I know for sure I won't be able to get to a computer tomorrow night, so I'm going to go ahead and post some randomness a day before ^^b  *so on top of things, right??*  Hehe~

So first off, I'd like to ask all of y'all to add replace the bookmark for my blog (And you ALL have my blog bookmarked, yes?? ;D  Hehe) to instead of  Or if you don't have it bookmarked, just remember that the URL is currently  I'm definitely switching the domain/.com address, and I might also change the address too, but more of that later!

Okay, so since I'm not allowed to post ten thousand food posts in a row and nothing crazy eventful happened this past week...  Well, someone accidentally shoved a table into me and I bruised a shin :(   and now some portions of my leg are green-- NOOOOOOOO!! :P


How's school, you ask?  Oh, why thanks for asking, so considerate of you!  The cafeteria food serves great stuff (love, love veggies!).


No.  Just kidding.

That's not from school!  Our school has a food court with a Burrito Jimmy's (burritos, tacos, and your typical Americanized Mexican food fare), Burger House, Big (?) Sal's (hand-tossed salads made with the items you point at and baked spuds, oh my!!  Thank goodness this is too expensive for me, otherwise I'd be eating potatoes every day :P), Subway (will never go there by choice, because I had it way often at WashU!), and some Chinese food place that looks soooo greasy and delicious but, sadly/fortunately, too expensive for this medical student.  It's peanut butter sandwiches for me :)  But I love them!  So delish :')  Om nom nom~

Anyways, the picture is from a Taiwanese restaurant called... Taiwan Cafe.  So original!  But Derek introduced the place and it's $6 for rice, 3 sides (meat or veggies, you call it), and unlimited complimentary soup.  Add bubble tea, and it's $6.50.  It's a good deal, and it was pretty good, but I was feeling sick that day, so I didn't eat much and couldn't enjoy the taste.  Plus, they didn't have any tofu dishes to choose from D:  I'll have to come back to give an actual opinion of Taiwan Cafe ^^  It's very popular too!  Lots of people were eating there, and it seems like they were expanding and building another room.

Okay, since I tricked you about a picture from school, here's an actual picture from school!


We have a parking garage that's 5 stories tall (above ground, unlike college!), and I usually get there early enough to nab a spot on the 3rd floor.  But the other day, I came in the middle of the day and drove up, up, and further up until I reached the top!  Omgahh, so scary up there!  Actually, it was really nice; the weather was getting slightly chilly, so the brisk wind swept away my hair when I got out of the car.  (More like... it made my hair go all crazy and I was left spitting my hair out of my mouth by myself in the empty parking lot, haha!)  But the view was nice :D  And when I got back out to go home, the sun was setting.  Definitely something I don't even appreciate when I'm on the 3rd floor.  ^^



 AHH Scary!!  D:  Okay, try to be a little cuter..

See?  Wendy with makeup isn't *that scary*

AM I?!?!?!  

Haha, I actually think I look super cheesy and weird with makeup and curled hair.  I think it's the eyebrows.  Or the fact that I have no idea what I'm doing :P  I'll put on less stuff there next time, but my eyebrows are a brownish color (like my hair), so if I use black eyeliner, it looks like I'm eyebrow-less!  Noooo, haha exaggeration, but slightly true ;)

But look at this!  *jump jump excited*

I have no idea how my hair turned into that bun, because I've been trying to learn how to do it for the *longest* time!  I was kind of sad when I took my hair out, because it'll be a while until that magically happens again, haha!


Anyhow, I went and checked out the famed Sprinkles cupcakery, and it was a happy evening for me!  Cupcakes for dinner-- om nom nom!~  ^o^

You can check out my review on Yelp, but basically I tried a limited edition cupcake promoting the 2 Broke Girls TV show, and it was more of a muffin than a cupcake (uber delish that way too!).  Graham cracker crust, vanilla chocolate chip cake, milk chocolate frosting with a sprinkle of sea salt.  Mm.  Mmm. Mmmmmmm........

After you order the cupcake, they don't just pack one up and give it to you.  Instead, you wait at the corner like you would at Starbucks while they prepare and box the cupcake(s) and call your name and all that fancy jazz.  Derek thinks it's to make it "higher-class."  Haha~!  Definitely not fitting in when I squealed and crammed myself into the cute chairs by the kiddy table.  They had a super small table with chairs for kids, and I was adamant about enjoying my cupcake there until Derek sat down in another kiddy chair and looked extremely uncomfortable XD

I got forks and a knife, because I thought I would be all dainty and use them like a lady

And then I opened the box

Look at my cupcake!  It would've looked better without the text, in my opinion =.=

But the frosting is smooth (classic Sprinkles frosting style)

Oh, and here's Derek's dark chocolate cupcake, but mine's cooler, ya know~

SO COOL THAT IT'S SNOWING.  Hahaha!  Okay, I added that in-- it wasn't actually snowing inside the shop, in case you thought so, haha!

One bite of the cupcake, and I was like..

This is so yummy.

(That's Crush!  My sister's doggie!)

Omgahh!  Thank goodness Sprinkle's is also semi-far away, because I would be eating these for dinner every day, hehe!  I love how there's not too much frosting, and it's not too sweet.  But you can't take that from me; I ate a Jilly's cupcake back in STL and loved it, while my friends were dying from sugar overdose :P

Anyhow, Sprinkle's has so many flavors to choose from, and they rotate daily!  Seasonal offers too~  I need to take a picture of the inside, because that really helps make the nice experience.  Even the music was the music from those high class bars (imagine the ones in skyscrapers and fancy fancy)!  Again, didn't fit in, because instead of enjoying it neatly and being all posh-posh, I was smooshing the cupcake into my face.  YUM!

I told Aurelia that I'd go here with her, so definitely will be visiting again ^^  Can't wait!  There's also a cupcake ATM (yesss, that thing I saw on Yahoo way back when!), and Sprinkles' sister shop that serves ice cream~  :D

Sprinkles Cupcakes
4020 Villanova Dr
DallasTX 75334

And in case you think that I'm not eating well (cupcakes and froyo for dinner?), here's a glimpse of my *ultra fancy* cooking:

So those three piles of goop (haha!) are actually probably 3 of my favorite comfort foods on one plate!  I absolutely love scrambled eggs, sauteed onions, and mashed sweet potato.  But I was too lazy to make mashed sweet potatoes, so I pulled out a convenient can of pumpkin puree from the pantry and made it taste like pumpkin pie.  Mmm.. lovely.  My dad looked at this photo and texted me that my cooking skills were improving.  Haha!  Really?  I think they're going downhill:  from rice and chewable foods to mush that I can just swallow without chewing ^^'  Okay, I actually had to chew the onions (Darn.) because I didn't cook them until they were super soggy :P


Okay, now for some fun!

So you were probably wondering why on earth I was putting on makeup and curling my hair.  Or maybe not, since most girls do that anyways?  But I pretty much comb my hair and put on lotion for my morning routine, haha ^^'' 

Anyways, I've been having some fun with some fellow photographers!  Jason was learning how to photograph in natural lighting, so here's one of the photos from that shoot:

I recently stumbled upon a photo of well-known models with and without makeup, and I would just like to say that it's kind of shocking.  So in case you think that's what I look like with the curly hair (that I totally messed up on and need to learn how to do, durrr..), let me show you otherwise.  I also think my face looks really big in that photo, but I'm sure that's just the self-centered part of me going nyah nyah blah blah, haha~

After doing my daily exercises (if I can even call them that, haha!) and before I go take a shower, this is what I look like:

Uh.. I forgot to comb my hair =o=

Kitty says, "Can you do this and try to look cute?"

Oh, like this?

Cat says, "Now be all angsty and look like you wanna punch someone in the face."

Easy.  Mwahaha

Makeup really makes a difference, no?  (okay, granted, I was actually sweaty and my hair was a mess!)

I feel like a lot of girls are insecure without makeup.

Just remember that models have a lot of tricks and tips that help them.  Photoshop and makeup-- so don't feel insecure!  That's actually one of my biggest problems (not just on physical appearances), and I'm trying to overcome it by building up my confidence too.  It's working, slowly ^^

Watch, instant prettier-ness (well, hopefully anyways):

See?  I just turned off the lights

and if I tilt my head a bit, my face looks different.

Same thing with photoshop and lighting equipment-- all helps!

My mom will probably be like, "Wendy-ah!  Why are you posting all these not attractive pictures of yourself?!!  Boys will see!!"  Haha ;)  Just kidding (sort of)~  But I hope that if there's one girl (or guy) out there that feels a little better about their natural selves by reading this, that would make me happy.  Because back in college when people commented on my lack of fashion (which I have to admit, I don't really have a sense of still, hehe!), or saw pictures of my sister's Facebook page and said "Dannng!  She's a hottie!  You guys look totally different!," that didn't really help with my confidence problem.  I once commented on how pretty a Kpop star looked and that I wished I was as pretty as her, and someone told me I would never be because I don't use makeup.  Well, now.  Haha =o=  I may not ever be as pretty as that star, but I hope makeup isn't the solution to everything!  I'm curious what most people think though.  Makeup does work wonders, but I also think it can make people feel even more insecure.

One of my classmates saw me go to Anatomy from something, and I had some makeup (faint eyeliner and mascara) on.  He later texted me that he thinks I look better in my usual day-to-day makeup.  When I told him that I don't wear makeup when I go to class usually, he totally didn't believe me.  Not every girl wear makeup, man!  And they don't have to!  *grumble grumble*  I know he didn't mean anything like that, but it still kind of annoys me how society kind of expects girls to use that stuff.  Anyhow, I'm done ranting.  Have a good weekend!

Real me exposed!  Harsh bathroom lights, greasy sweat, and messy hair.

Keep smiling ^^