Christmas hot pot

Ta-daaaa~~  It's Connie!

Where are we?  At a restaurant of course, where all the food is.  It was Christmas day, and I went to pick her up, but we ended up stopping for a "snack" (lunch) before heading home to our Christmas dinner.  Cafe 101 was our restaurant of choice, its younger and hipper atmosphere (as well as the teeny bit more expensive prices) scare away my dad, so we took this chance to eat here! ^_^

Connie ordered the calamari and fried tofu <3  so gooooood!  I love fried tofu :D  The squid was pretty good too!  I liked dipping the tofu into the sauce that came with the squid, because the tofu's sauce was super...  flavorful?  But it was super garlic-y and it felt like the taste... and smell... was staying in my mouth.  Yummy? :p  

I was amazed at how many tofu pieces they gave us.  Such a large portion!  *happy happy*

Close up of calamari and fried tofu

Hurr hurr, food picture takers = sisters fo sho

It was a bit chilly outside, so Connie ordered Strawberry Green Tea.  It came in a beautiful pyrex-like pitcher, that seemed more fit for a chemistry lab than a cafe.  The color was strikingly red, and it tasted nothing like green tea.  Or maybe I am just bad at tasting tea?  It reminded me a lot of strawberry jam, and I wouldn't be surprised if the drink's recipe went something like microwaving strawberry jam in a bit of green tea!

It came with little white tea cups... that I almost dropped with my clumsy fingers, so it was nice to sip on ^^

Strawberry green tea

And lastly, she ordered a Kimchi Chinese Omelette.  It was a green onion pancake wrapped around egg and kimchi, and it came lined with two different types of sauces.  :)  It was so pretty!!  and delicious to boot :3

Looks like a rocket ready for launch?  Shyooo~

Cafe 101
9889 Bellaire Blvd
HoustonTX 77036


We went back home and sat down to a Christmas hot pot dinner!  My parents had hot pot that afternoon at temple, so we didn't go all out or anything, but we still had a lot of yummies like shrimp, tofu, homemade shrimp/pork meatballs, noodles, taro, lamb, beef, and veggies.  It was fun fishing out the pieces with our little hot pot netted spoons, and we (everyone else) talked while we (I) ate everything.

Dad and I bought the doggies a frozen doggie treat pack by Purina at Walmart last week, so the doggies got to lick on that after they finished their own dinner.  Connie and I were curious how this one was different from regular ice cream, so we both licked on the treats for a bit before giving them to Balto and Bacardi.  They taste like a popsicle made of milk powder.  @_@''  but the doggies really loved it!  Still have 2 left in the freezer... maybe for New Years? ^^

Everyone's looking at the camera, even Bacardi and Balto!  tee hee~

Haha, Connie's so silly!  :)

Mommy, Connie, and me!

Haha, post dinner dancing! :P

After hanging out for a bit, Connie needed to head back home for another party with her friends!  So  packed her stuff, Bacardi, and Daddy into the backseat of the car, and we drove her back to her place.  Bacardi was so obedient and quiet as she slept by my dad, what a good little doggie!

Yep, so that was my Christmas day!  For real, since I slept 11 hours and woke up at 11:35am before heading to downtown to pick up Connie.  Nice day of seeing family :3

Bacardi and her mommy are so cute together ^^