School's out-- Kampai!

Friday, Friday, uhhhmm.. something something, wake up and eat cereal, get into the car, and uhm.. something like that, Friday~  Friday!~  :D:D

Yep yep, so Elaine took Debra and I to Kampai Sushi.  Anna had this super hard take-home final, so she couldn't join us >_o''  

Kampai was a good pick for the occasion.  "Kampai" means "Cheers!" in Japanese, so I guess it's like celebrating the last day of school for the semester!

We arrived after snack shopping for the get together later that night and found ourselves in a beautifully decorated, cozy little place in Central West End.  There are Christmas lights everywhere!  But I think they have it even when it's not the holiday season. ^^

There were Japanese tables where it looks like you are kneeling on a platform area to eat, but they had holes beneath the table for leg space so you could actually sit and eat at the same time.  No one was eating there, so I'm guessing they're for special parties!  The waitress ushered the three of us to a cute little table, and I stole the seat near the wall so I could take pictures of the scene :3

*stalking stalking stalking*  I spy a sushi boat!!

Eeep, guy caught me stalking >_>

The waitress was a middle aged woman, and she was very nice and friendly, offering us free salads and miso soup because we were "pretty girls." Haha, Debra and I both tried telling her that our meals already came with free salads and miso soup :P  But Elaine got hers for free for real, because she is a pretty girl! :)

One of the other waitresses was super cute!  She reminded me of someone in my Chinese class my freshman year.  Korean, maybe?  Like a wittle bunny <3  She didn't *look* like a bunny, but just had a bunny aura?  That probably didn't make any sense at all .-.''

Anyways, I drank all my water before we even finished ordering, so she filled up my cup.  We were trying to see if she was Japanese or Korean, and Elaine didn't see her face, so I joked with Elaine, telling her that I'd drink more water so the waitress would come into sight.  :P  Not to torture her or anything though!  I was really thirsty, so she only came to our table like 29389238 times.  >_o''  

We concluded she was probably Korean!  I want to be cute like that!  ^_^  

See the guy in the plaid shirt behind Elaine?  

... Uhm..  He's tall!  :D  The end.  Haha!  XD

Elaine and Debra~

While Elaine and I were pointing and shooting at everything, Debra wanted to join too, so she borrowed my camera and started snapping away at me.  After 29329 pictures of very unattractive me, she told me that the camera was too slow at capturing the emotion or facial expression I had.  I asked her to pick the ones that looked the best, so here's this one:

Mmm.. need more water, eh he he :P

I have this strange idea in my head where after I get a haircut, 40% of my problems will disappear in a magical puff of smoke.  *poof!*  Hopefully it'll work.  We'll find out in 7 days!  SEVEN DAYYYYYYS  *which movie reference?* :)

When the soup and salad came, Elaine and I were being crazy like Asian tourists *click click*, while Debra logically began eating.  The miso soup was delicious!  But Elaine didn't finish hers, so maybe I was just craving miso? :O

Debra and I laughed at Elaine too, because Elaine was super concentrated on taking food pictures!  Adjusting to this angel, now to that one, moving the distractions from the background, and best of all: swirling the miso soup a bit before taking the picture!  XD  Tee hee hee!

Debra's Udon Noodle Soup + Tempura on the side

Like a G.  (haha, taking a phone call)


Dynamite roll (tuna in the middle, more sashimi on the top, topped with scallions)

Grilled salmon with rich butter sauce + seasonal veggies + rice

According to Debra, her tempura was *amazing*.  So amazing!  Then she said, "They taste like Hardee's fried chicken nuggets."  HAHAHA  Elaine and I burst out laughing.  :)  Don't know why that is so funny.  She said it tasted cleaner and not as oily.

Elaine said her sushi roll was pretty good, and I thought my salmon was pretty good too.  Not like Omgawwwd, so good, but a very substantial meal (the veggies help!).  The salmon was on the dry side, super unlike the juicy deliciousness I had at Sushi Ai.  The dinner was also a lot more expensive.  This one's $16.50 on the menu.  Sushi Ai's salmon bento was $15ish including the tip!  Elaine agreed that the food here wasn't amazing, but the decorations and atmosphere made it worth visiting. :D


Haha, they're watching the television above my head!  Some show about finding housing in Korea.  Then Elaine tried pointing out how the translator guy on the show was kind of cute, but every time I would look up, it wouldn't be him. :P

Yep yep, so "kampai" to a semester of school done, and a great experience living off campus with these girls :)  Whoo!

4949 West Pine Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63108


I just finished a phone call with my mom at midnight, and I told her about one of the essays I turned in for Exposition.  I wrote it about my cat, Lucky, who was euthanized when I was in 10th grade because she had cancer.  Ahh..  I thought I was totally over it, but after writing the essay, I remembered things I haven't thought about before.  Her last month was pretty miserable, and my mom and I both blame ourselves for not having tried harder to make them better.  But Lucky's ashes are buried and fenced off in our backyard, where both Balto and Bacardi play without knowing that they once had a sister cat.  :'(  

I was talking under my covers on the bed so as to not annoy everyone in the apartment with my blubbering, and now my eyes are extremely poofy =_____=''  *sigh*  at least I have no school this week until Friday, so hopefully no one will see me, haha!  

Then we talked about family relationships, sister-sister, parent-child, etc, and I told her, "Your words sound very inspirational, Mommy."

"Oh..." I hear the voice on the receiver say, "What does that mean?"  :P  He he, silly.  I told her how I felt all tingly inside when I talked to her, and then my mind abruptly did one of those change in subject somersaults.

"This is going to sound really random, okay?  But.."  then I struggled to control my laughter to not bother everyone at midnight with my donkey-like laughs for about a minute while my mom asked me what I was trying to do ("Gosh, Wendy, just say it!").  haha~

"Okay," I began, "While I was talking to you, I was using a napkin to wipe my face, and then when my battery died, I had to plug it in.  So now I'm on the floor and playing and rolling with the napkin with my fingers."  


"It.."  *uncontrollable laughter*  "It.."

Haha, okay, let me tell you a random story.  I have this problem where sometimes I can't stop laughing.  Hye-in knows from freshman year!  :P  And once before I knew how to swim, my sister was carrying me in the deep end at the community pool, and then she told me to swim towards her.  But then I started laughing so much, that I kept drowning.  >_<''  Ahh, bad memories.  My sister was laughing, so I was laughing, but I kept choking on water.  It's a memory my sister fondly brings up and laughs about.  ^^''

Okay, back to talking with my mom.  She gives me more of those, "Gosh, Wendy, what are you doing?" and then I say, "Okay!  It looks like... a turkey drumstick."  Haha!  My mom starts laughing like crazy on the other side of the receiver, and after we both calm down, she goes, "It's always about food!"

Oh yeah, I told her about how since we were eating sushi the day after my essay was due, I wrote about unagi (Japanese eel) in my essay about Lucky.  (And yes, it works!  er.. well, according to my logic, so that's not very trustworthy >_>)  I also attempted to tell her about an article I read about a restaurant in South Korea, but she cut me off, joking that she wanted to hear *real* stories and not about food.

So talking to my mom really lifted my mood tonight, even if I look like all the blood vessels in my eyes exploded and I look like I have excess fluid beneath my eyes... which I probably do.  Ahhhh!  Nyuuuu!

I remember the last time someone commented about my eyes after I cried was my freshman year in college.  I got back to the dorm, and I saw him in the hallway.  When I got back to my room, I just changed into my pajamas and went straight into my bed, but I heard a a knock on my door.  When I opened the door, he sort of awkwardly pointed out that my eyes were super poofy and asked me if I was crying and why, sounding genuinely worried for me.  I don't know why, but that really touched me.  Either that or his British accent and ponytail.  haha, just kidding~ *sigh*  but now he's in the army and I'll never see him again.  Didn't give him a proper good bye either.  I was late to class and didn't think it would really be the last time I saw him.  Oh well!~

Okay, everyone!  It's finals week.  We can do it!  >:O  *battle cry!*