Last week of school for Fall 2011

Yes.  This is a lovely picture, no?  ;)  Haha, so I signed up with the Hollister mailing list (omg?).  Many years late for that, but I saw Ryan wearing a really cute jacket today, so I was looking into their online shop.  Anyways, I clicked on the message subject: "Thank you for registering at" and out pops a half-naked guy with a cute doggie!  Tee hee, such a cute doggie!  ^__^  But err, yeah, the guy's okay too, I guess >_>  :P

What a nice way to end the last week of school!  Nice looking guys Cute doggie in the emails I check first thing in the morning!~  This last week I also tried eating turkey necks :O  My sister really likes duck necks, so I bought a package of turkey necks, not knowing how to cook it.  After I baked them, they tasted yummy!  ^__^  But they're impossible to eat with a fork and a knife *gnaw gnaw gnaw*  The picture's a bit unappetizing-looking, since it's night time... and the neck of a turkey haha!  It was like I was either Edward sucking a turkey's neck for blood or Jacob chewing it to pieces.  Hmm.. I like Jacob's abs Jacob.

Turkey neck and cauliflower

I also bought a bag of catfish nuggets for three bucks.  Super cheap!  David told me they looked disgusting, but after pan-frying them and adding salt and pepper, they tasted like the ones I eat at Chinatown restaurants <3  Mmm oil... :P  I don't think my family at home ever eats catfish, so that's pretty cool!

Catfish <(=^o^=)>

Since it was the last week of school, I decided to go walk to the DUC for lunch every day to eat lunch there!!  On Monday, I was running a little late, so I got the food in a box.  On Tuesday, though, I met up with Elaine and Josh!  Josh and I ate stuff from the WashU Wok, and Elaine nibbled on an orange and a BBQ bun from the "street snacks" station :D  It looked super yum!

I enjoyed eating at the DUC with them.  Tisch Commons is really busy during lunch time, and it was like eating with the gang back at home in Clear Lake's lunch room.  Like we owned the place.  Haha, just kidding!  But I like eating in busy places with friends; it's like eating at the mall's food court or in a bustling restaurant-- it makes the food taste better :)

I asked if I could take a picture of the guy manning the "streets snacks" station, and he posed for me, haha!  The little side dishes are really pretty.  Their steamed dumplings (水饺 type) looked drool-worthy!  And they had kimchi, rice noodles, salad with ginger dressing, some Asian-y soup, edemame, spicy tofu, and later in the week, they even had chicken feet @_@

Josh later told me the guy's name was "Kevin" "Nick."  I've seen him before at the old rotisserie section last year.  I just realized how I haven't interacted with anyone on campus since leaving it to live off campus.  The people at the stir-fry place on the S40 used to know me as the girl who piled on the broccoli like crazy, and I knew several of the servers by name...  One even showed me a picture of herself in her college years and invited me to eat Christmas dinner with them if I was staying on campus!  The housekeeper for my freshman year showed me her two little girls using her cell phone ^^  *sigh*  *so anti-social now*

But the next day, I did talk to Kevin Nick about chicken feet.  I told him my mom loved the stuff, but the nails freaked me out a little.  I asked him if he had ever tried it, and he said he liked it!  :)  "I'm very good at what I do," he said proudly ^^

Bratwurst with cheesy mashed potatoes... and lots of broccoli!! <3

Korean pork with some random noodles, rice, and an eggroll

Josh nom nomming~

Nick manning the Street Snacks!


Why does this little girl look so happy? :O

Debra's happy because she's finally on the Magic Train!!  We rode the Magic Train together on Thursday.  It was decorated in all its glory, and seeing Debra all smiley like that just made my morning awesome.  :3

All we need is Christmas music!

I'll post up what I did the last day of school very soon! ^^  It includes things that taste like Hardee's chicken nuggets, haha :D

Josh said...

hihi dedee,
i saw the naked dude, i was like oh daayum, iono if its safe to keep reading this. LOL
oh and the guy name is Nick! not kevin hahaha. =P
oo, the holiday magic train looks super spiff.
keee, deebra looks happy.

Wendy said...

hi hi hyung, :)

He's not naked! He's only *half* naked :P Oh.. durr. let me change that! Kevin is the name of the mailman on the south 40! ^^ Yep yep, little girl debbie supah kyute. (Wai me talkingz lyke yuuu?!