Just keep on swimming~

Thanks to David, I've been motivated to go swimming once a week for the past month or so :)  So last Tuesday, we met up with Sharron, Alan, and a new friend I met called Hong-bo (?).  It was fun swimming small sets with them!  And I was the oldest one there D:  Nyuuu!~  But when I swim with other people, it makes swimming feel a bit more meaningful / less boring! ^^  And I always get this happy-high but am very tired and wanting to sleep afterwards *yawn*  -o-

David and I hadn't eaten dinner, so we went to the Loop for some Chinese food, mainly going for some beef noodle soup at Wong's Wok, but they closed at 9pm!  So we later found ourselves at the Chinese Noodle Cafe hoping to find the same fare.

The interior of the cafe is so cute and small!  They have tiny tables with itty bitty chairs.  The store owner lady asked us if we knew how to speak Chinese, and when we said yes, she immediately starting speaking at 23982938 miles per hour.  David and I were like o_o''  ...  haha~

She was really nice, but aggressively so-- the ideal Chinese store owner lady, but I think it's kind of intimidating!  She plucked off a candy cane from the side decorations and gave it to us when she found out we were WashU students, and handed us a menu, telling us to take it to work / school with us.  ^^''  While we were waiting for our take-out order, she served us hot tea.  It was nice to warm up my hands, but I gave David the drink when we to leave.  I don't drink tea!  :P  I think her name is "Peggy," since there's a little bit of info about the store and its beginnings on the side walls.

The Chinese Noodle Cafe + store lady Peggy

Hot tea and peppermint candy canes-- holiday season!

David ordered Mongolian Beef ($13 including tax) and included fried rice, while I got the Beef Noodle Soup ($9 including tax).  We drove to the DUC and ate there.  The Mongolian beef looked so good, and it was a heaping portion too!  Notice the random dessert cherry in the middle? @_@''  The beef noodle soup came with noodles and a container of soup, but the dish was not like the style of dish I'm used to having for beef noodle soup.  Very interesting.  It was like a much healthier version, but sadly, less tasty :(  But I finished it in 20 minutes before walking up the stairs of the DUC to dance practice *food dancing in my tummy too!*~ D:

Mongolian Beef


Beef Noodle Soup (without the soup yet!)

On Wednesday, I took food from the DUC to go for lunch.  It was so delicious!  Mediterranean meatloaf, roasted potatoes, and green beans <3  Mmmm..

Josh and Debra left this surprise for me in my room!  Josh had taken me to Target five times before to look for these, but they were always out of stock >_<  Really glad that they helped bring them back for me :)

Compiled together, they make a... BIG MIRROR!!  I was spoiled by the big mirrors on the closet doors in Umrath and S40 House dorms, so it felt really weird no having a huge mirror this year and for the summer :o  The beveled sides make little ripples, so it's not seamless, but close enough!

Pj's ^^''  I love my bed!  *Zzzzzz*  -o-

I rode a MetroLink train that was decorated inside with garlands, ornaments, and Christmas lights.  Snowflake window stickers too!  The next day Debra pointed out the sign informing passengers to be on the look out for the "Holiday Magic Train," a single holiday-decorated train serving passengers of St. Louis.  :)

Holiday Magic Train! ^^