Winter in sixty-seven degrees

Welcome back to Houston, where Vietnamese food is very legit!  There's a pretty big Vietnamese population here, so that means a lot of Vietnamese restaurants.  We even have a Vietnamese town :o  Anyways, there was a restaurant my parents wanted to take me to when I got home, so it was my first meal off the plane, after being welcomed by 67F weather!  

It's called Givral Hoang... such a weird name.  But their prices are super low, and their menu is so extensive!! We only ordered whatever was on the big board of pictures, so we knew exactly what we were going to get. Apparently their banh mi is very yummy and so is their pho, but I really craved a rice dish!

Vietnamese food for my parents and me :3

A fried egg is hiding shredded pork, roasted pork, and this interesting egg meatloaf thing!

Mmmm, rice was so delicious off the plane!  My dad got the rice vermicilli, and my mom got a shrimp noodle soup.  We sat in the area lit up by natural sunlight and talked for more than an hour after finishing.  By the time we finished lunch, went grocery shopping, and went home, it was time for dinner!  @_@  My parents prepared homemade Zha Jiang noodles (炸酱面), my favorite!  <3  Om nom nom~

Givral Hoang
9308 A Bellaire Blvd
HoustonTX 77036

The next morning before going the temple with my parents, my dad prepared homemade soy milk for us.  Apparently soy is good for females.  o_o  Yay?

Homemade soymilk ^^

During our stay at the temple, Steven and I snuck out, because I wanted to go look at the cows I saw on near the temple.  So we walked on the side of the road, kicking empty soda cans and Taco Bell wrappers by the barb wired fences, looking like hobos.  Yay?  @_@ 

Steven walking along.  It's super sunny

The cows ended up walking further from the fence, so  I didn't get to see their cute faces D:  Nyuuuu!  So we walked back and stopped by a very random cactus.

Cows!  .. but so far away :(

Super fobby! ^_^b

Temple guard doggies-- cute, but ferocious.  The smallest one attacked a few people in the past!

While we waited for the parents to finish something that is the equivalent of bible study, Steven and I played games on his iPhone 4S, including Cooking Mama.  It was so funny watching him make meatballs!  Hurr hurr~  :P

Cooking Mama!   Ooh, Steven's nails are shorter than mine! :D  haha

Then we snickered over a voice distorter that made us sound like T-Bone.  Er, I think that's what it's called?  But it was pretty funny!  When my parents were done, we all said bye-bye and headed home.  The drive to the temple is pretty far for us, around 45 minutes, so I just slept in the back of the car as I usually do.  Yayyy!  Love sleeping at home ^^

Debra said...

You went all the way to the temple to play iphone games? Blasphemy! But woooow homemade soy milk looks so legit, so jealous! I think I only saw soymilk being made once, in Taiwan!

Wendy said...

Yep, my dad doesn't add sugar, but it's surprisingly delish still! Hope you're having a great time back at home ^^ I got your story about the strawberry stem remover thing, haha! I'll be texting back, but it might take a while! ^^''

Merry Christmas eve, Debwaaaa! ^__^