New year, new me!

I'm still alive!  :)  It feels like it's been a while since I've visited the blog!

Anyhow, last weekend was the Lunar New Year Festival show!  I was in the Asian Pop group, and all the other dances looked amazing @____@!!  Everyone is so talented... it's scary!  ^^''

Asian Pop-- performing Infinite's "Be Mine!"

Our three lovely choreographers :3

Right after LNYF, Josh's birthday came on the 31st!  So we had a birthday dinner at CZ, complete with a tilapia fish that Book and Elaine chose to meet its death at the nearby supermarket just prior for our get together.  They asked CZ's chefs to cook it for us :D  It was pretty good~

Book went ahead and ordered, while Anna picked up Sean, Josh, and me.  Really good choices, Book!  There were some special dishes I've never even heard of before, like the taro duck, where the taro flavor was super intense :)  I liked the tofu and napa leaves inside the lamb stew!  Nom nom nom~

Since I opted for a small bowl, Book filled it up with a crazy mountain of rice... which ended up to be two bowls... which I finished x_x''   We packed a box for Debra, since she couldn't make dinner!

Meat + lamb stew

Taro duck

Tofuuuuuu (on the left!)

Haha, super attractive~~

Fresh fishie, fishie

And completed with vegetables!

Panoramic attempt!

Birthday boy in the middle!

Afterwards, Anna and I went on an impulse trip to Schnuck's!  I was so proud of myself; I left without buying *any* cereal, and I only bought $15 worth of food instead of the usual $50 or $60 I spend on a trip ^_^b  It was fun browsing though!

This is what will happen in 50 years :P

When Debra was done with her stuff at midnight, she brought Josh to our apartment where a Strawberry Passion ice cream cake awaited him!  It was customized with sprinkles and gummy bears with a nice little message :P  I personally don't like gummy bears in ice cream, because they get uber hard D:  But the cake was nice~  I ate a large slice and went straight to bed afterwards.  Hooray?


A few of my new year's resolutions that are coming to fruition:  be more spontaneous, be more social and meet new people, brush my teeth with the "Bass Method," and work on getting a defined tummy! :)  There's still a few more that I need to start on!

Apparently I need to run to burn away any fat I have on my abs region.  Blahhhh >_<''  Okay, when the weather gets slightly better, I'm running to Smoothie King!  XD

Josh said...

daayum, new post! haha yes, i was wondering if dedee was still alive..o_O
food looks so good, im getting hungry looking at ur pixorz.
thanks for the bday yo yo! =]
lol maybe we shud compare this foto when we're actually 50 years older =P
defined abz go!

Kasidis said...

fish was sea bass yo!

Wendy said...

Oooh sea bass! I can't even tell what I'm eating ^_^''

Yayyy, if you guys looked like the picture in 50 years, I'd say you two are studs :P